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Joan Crawford Had Nothing To Do With It

I feel that I have a good excuse for making my Non-Sequitur Thursday post on Friday morning, and it’s not just, you know, non-sequitur.  I was late getting home, because I made three stops, then I had two rehearsals starting at 5 p.m.  So here is a Non-Sequitur Shout-Out post, because, as regular readers know, Mohawk Valley Girl loves local businesses.

First I had to pick up a prescription at the Medicine Shoppe in Ilion.  They are so nice there, and it is the sort of place where they recognize regular customers.  That stop did not take long.  Right across from the parking lot are Ilion Wine and Spirits.  I like to support them, because, in addition to being nice and a good liquor store, they support Ilion Little Theatre (where both my rehearsals were, incidentally).  Unfortunately, I did not have anything particular in mind so spent a few minutes wandering around before settling on a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Noir, a favorite of mine.  Then I stopped into Honey Brook Hobbies to get a treat for my husband.  I easily picked out a brownie with mini chocolate chips on top. I did NOT purchase one for myself, nor yet did I ask Steve for a bite.  Weight-loss goals, here I come!

I should perhaps mention that this will be another hasty post, because I have to sit, drink coffee, watch the news, and play solitaire before I have to get ready for work.  Otherwise I shall feel too flustered and be a danger to myself an others (that last was a self-dramatizing exaggeration, so don’t shake your finger at me) (you know who you are) (don’t shake your head either, although you may feel free to shake your bootie, I don’t mind that on a Friday) (oops, I just pointed out again that I am making my Thursday post late) (once again, I’d better quit while I’m ahead, if in fact I am).



Power to Puzzles!

I bid you welcome.  I say it in a Count Dracula voice, since this is the night before my Halloweddinganniversaweenary Party (did you notice I didn’t say “wait for it”?).   Last night somebody remarked that it was a Halloween party NOT on Halloween, even though the holiday conveniently falls on Saturday this year.  Somebody else said, “It’s Orthodox Halloween.”  Gee, I wish I’d have said that.

That’s all by the way.  I guess I’m veering a little into Non-Sequitur Thursday territory on Lame Post Friday, but I feel sure my readers will forgive me.  The fact is, I once again did not write a post while at work today.  I was working on anacrostic puzzles in a puzzle book I just happened to have with me (why, no, officer, I don’t know HOW that puzzle book got into the bag of stuff I take to work with me) (that’s what I say to the Blog Police who would like to write me a ticket for three foolish posts in a row) (I say, put it on my tab, because it is sure to happen again).

Where was I?  Ah yes, Lame Post Friday. I thought this week I would indulge in a little table-top psychology instead of my usual half-baked philosophy.  The puzzle-book fits right in with today’s psychological observation (to make a break from random observations) (as you see, I am taking NO break from parenthetical comments).

Many years ago, a roommate of mine LOVED to do jigsaw puzzles, and she was very good at them.  One day she wondered why she loved them so much.

“It’s bringing order out of chaos,” I said, as if it were obvious.  She laughed at my table-top psychology.  At least, she did not accuse me of table-top psychology in so many words, but I got the expression from stories about her mother.  Her mother, a wise and witty woman taken from us much too soon, apparently indulged in a great deal of table-top psychology, always using that self-deprecating term to excuse herself.

I thought about this little exchange when I began to wonder why I love to do cryptogram puzzles.  The answer came to me right away:  looking for meaning in gibberish.  That works for anacrostic puzzles too.  I was so pleased with my insight that I posted it on my friend’s Facebook page (as regular readers know, Facebook is an important part of my life; I don’t know why I haven’t created a Facebook page for the blog yet).  She commented that I was right and that jigsaw puzzles were also a form of meditation for her.

I say this is cool.  And I just thought of my title for today’s post.  I am especially pleased that, even though this is a foolish post, I did not whine about not being able to write one.  I hope you are all having a lovely Friday.


(Too Many Parentheses?)

I knew I would not have Saturday Running Commentary when I ran yesterday (I’m not up to running every day yet, nor even doing much after I go running) (oh yeah, I went wine tasting and to get my hair cut after running yesterday; well, that was a major effort) (and my blog post later on was not very good) (and I suppose I’m overdoing it with the parenthetical comments on this one).

Where was I? Oh yes, trying to write a blog post before Steven gets home from work and we go adventuring. One might suggest that I write the post after we’ve gone adventuring so I will have something to write about, but I might be too tired then. Full disclosure: I might also have had a drink or two (don’t judge).

Earlier today I took a walk with my schnoodle Tabby to the post office. I only wrote four postcards this week. I pulled out a letter I’ve been working on to my sister but didn’t feel up to finishing it. I guess I could have just written “Love, Cindy” and stuck in an envelope, but I was at the top of a page and I didn’t want to waste the blank space. Anyways, it was a pleasant walk to the post office, although it could have been a little warmer. And it would be nice if more people cleaned up after their dogs.

Just before logging onto WordPress, I washed my hair for the first time since my haircut. When I got the cut I confess to being a little dithery. I thought I wanted to go longer on top. Then when Claire, my fabulous stylist at the Hot Spot Salon and Spa, was finished, I wondered if we shouldn’t go shorter. Claire liked the way my hair looked and, after all, she is the professional. She said if I still wanted to go shorter after a day or two to call her, she’d fit me in.

I felt bad being ambivalent about my hair like that. After all, everybody likes to have their work admired. I told Claire that if I decided I really liked it I would Facebook her (I think “Facebook” is a fun verb) (unlike “blog,” which I find a little silly). Claire and I are Facebook friends. Also I Liked her professional Facebook page of Claire Does Hair.

So I’ve washed my hair and put product on it and I’m still thinking. I don’t know why I’m so conflicted about this. After all, it’s only hair. It grows out. I’ll get it cut again in another month or two. What’s my stinking problem anyways?

Just the ongoing malaise, I suppose. Another symptom of the disease that has rendered my blog posts less than wonderful for the past few weeks (although I may not be the best judge of that). No matter. One can only do the best one can and drive on. So this is my Scattered Saturday post. Hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Or perhaps it will be Sunday Running Commentary. A little uncertainly about Sunday will add spice to my Saturday night.

A Little Sunday Cooking

I decided to do a cooking post today. As regular readers know, this is far from a cooking blog, but sometimes I like to share my culinary adventures. For one reason, the joys of chopping and stirring are not to be denied. And for me the joy of anything is increased by writing about it.

I had some stew beef in the refrigerator I had meant to put in the crock pot. I decided to do something different and cook it in the oven, so I preheated that to 350 degrees, which I think is the most common cooking temperature. I peeled and crushed several cloves of garlic, setting the timer for 15 minutes (so it could “breathe” and reach its full health benefits).

While the garlic breathed I chopped an onion. I’m not sure of the cooking term for what I did (I did mention this is not a real cooking blog). It was more than sliced, less than diced. The pieces ended up looking like parentheses (how appropriate for me). I’m sure you know what I mean.

My next ingredient was a can of cream of mushroom soup. Real chefs (and authors of real cooking blogs) are shaking their heads in disapproval. Oh well, that little frisson of virtue you feel is my Christmas present to you. It was store brand, if that makes it any better or worse.

I added a little sweet-hot mustard. Full disclosure: it was one of those itty-bitty jars you get with a gift set and I wanted to use it up. Condiments last a long time, don’t they? There wasn’t a whole lot of that, but I put in a good splashing of Worcestershire sauce and a teeny titch of Tabasco (note to self: buy more Tabasco). I sprinkled a little cumin over that, largely because I accidentally bought an extra jar of it.

Whenever I use cream of mushroom soup I like to add a can of mushrooms, which I luckily had. That is something I try to always keep on hand but because I use a lot of it often run out. As I added the stew beef the timer for the garlic went off. I stirred everything in thoroughly and put it in the oven.

It is there now. When I stirred it earlier it smelled delicious. I suppose I ought to wait till we actually eat it to hit Publish, in case it sucks, but I think we can trust that everything will turn out fine. For one reason, I want to hit Publish and go back to enjoying my Sunday. Happy four days before Christmas, everybody!