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Please Excuse Mohawk Valley Girl…

Sorry, kids, it’s a blogger’s sick day.  I’ve had a migraine most of the day.  It’s a little better now, but you know how these things can take it out of you.  Or maybe you don’t know, in which case, lucky you.  Or maybe you do know, yet you manage to drive on and get stuff done nevertheless, in which case, how motivated of you.  In fact, I did get stuff done today:  I worked a fairly productive 10-hour day at my place of employment.  So there.

Really, I feel a little silly whining about my headaches when my pain is obviously much less than other migraine sufferers.  Other people hide in darkened rooms, unable to move or even open their eyes.  This has only happened to me on rare occasions.  Mostly I can get through a day of work, but it sure isn’t fun.  And there was no chance I was going to the YMCA or running afterward.

In the meantime, I cannot bear for today to be the day I do not make a blog post.  So this is another whiny post about I Can’t Make a Blog Post Because I Have a Headache.  I find that appropriate on a Wuss-out Wednesday, although I am quite disappointed in myself.  However, my head is starting to hurt again, so boo hoo me.  Feel free to shake your head and play a miniature violin or otherwise make fun of me.  I’m going into one of them there darkened rooms.


Four Days On, Three Days Off, What’s Next?

I am nobody’s good example when it comes to fitness.  I triumphantly ran four days in a row, culminating in my longest run on Sunday.  Then I went three days without running.  Go ahead and judge me.  On the brighter side, I ran today and it was not a bad run at all.

I had told myself all day that I would run, trying as usual to internalize the idea.  I even said I would run rain or shine.  Even if it poured rain!  After all, “Run in the Rain” is a good title for a blog post.  Except that I think I already used it.  No matter, it did not rain.  It was actually lovely weather for a run:  cooler temperature, cloudy and breezy.  This was going to be great!

I did my usual multi-task of putting a load of laundry in the washer before I set out.  I prepared myself to listen to my legs, feet, and possibly back complain. I would persevere!  Maybe I would make it a short run, but I would persevere for as long as possible.  Imagine my delight when my legs seemed perfectly content to move.  I turned left on German Street and prepared to enjoy myself.

Eight or nine minutes into the run, I got this weird cramp in my lower abdomen.  How annoying!  The entire rest of my body was having a perfectly enjoyable run, but one little part has to give me a pain.  What was that all about?  I kept running.  Maybe it would go away.  It did not.  I kept running anyways.

I saw a small flag on the sidewalk and picked it up.  I don’t like to see the American flag on the ground.  It was frayed on one side, as if it has come off its little stick.  I held it by the edge as I ran.  Now I was running with a flag.  I was thinking it could be a Veteran’s Day run when I remembered:  today is Flag Day!  I was right on time!  This was great!

Only the cramp continued.  It is so bothersome when you have a pain: it colors everything you do.  I continued to run, stopping occasionally to smell flowers:  lilacs once, peonies two or three times.  Of course I kept these stops very brief.  I considered making it a short run because of the cramp.  Then again, there was no guarantee that the cramp would stop if I was not running.  I did not think it involved any running muscles.  I kept going.  Every body part other than the cramp felt great!  What the hell, body?

As I neared the end of the run, it seemed that I could definitely keep it up for 29 minutes, the same length as my last, longest run.  I WOULD keep it up for 29 minutes, yes!  In order to do so, I ran around the apartment building at the end of my street, then around its front drive, then past my house and back.  I did it!

I felt happy as I walked my cool-down, and even happier as I drank my chocolate milk recovery beverage after my shower.  The cramp did not go away, so clearly I was right to keep running.  I’m wondering now if I will make this another four-day streak, running Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If so, I will strive NOT to take three days off after!


Not Even Time to Think of a Lame Headline

For today’s Friday Lame Post, I shall share what I wrote in my spiral notebook while on lunch at work earlier this week.  I shall add comments as I feel like it.  I think I will put the comments in italics, just to be precious (whatever that means) (I may address that use of “precious” in a future post).  And I just italicized what I just typed in, to be consistent.

My plan, for last week as well as this week, was to write blog posts ahead so I would only have to hit “publish” before heading out for rehearsal or performance.  So far it has not worked out very well.  Still, it’s only Tuesday.  I have hopes for this week.  Not high hopes. As you may guess, I was correct not to harbor high hopes.

Today I am testing a long-held theory of mine.  The theory is:  you can write when you’re in pain as long as it is not a headache.  My wrist is throbbing for unknown reasons.  And here I am writing.  True, it is my left wrist and I am right handed.

Oh!  It hurts like a son of a bitch!  My theory is wrong.

Come to think of it, I knew my theory was wrong years ago.  I had strep throat when I was in college, and it made me feel dreadfully ill.  My head throbbed in a most painful fashion.  But I had exams and I took them.  Well, let me tell you I wrote some of the best essays of my life with my head throbbing.  Maybe part of the reason was that I wanted to get finished and get the hell out of there and back to bed, but I felt as if my brain focused with laser precision and cut through all the crap.

What did I learn from this?  I don’t know, but I think I won’t use this blog post, because I do not like it (oh, I do NOT remember writing that part.  Oh crap).

And I wish my wrist would stop hurting.

My wrist is feeling better, for any kind readers who were concerned.  Probably a stupid pulled muscle or something.  I feel a little silly for having made such a fuss about it, but as I wrote earlier, it did hurt like the proverbial son of a bitch.  I’m wondering if my original assessment of not liking and thus not publishing this post was not the right one.  However, for reasons I have been talking about for weeks (remember, Much Ado About Nothing?), I now only have time to hit “Publish.”  Happy Friday, everyone.

Under the heading, It Takes So Little To Please Some People, I like the way the title of the play is not italicized when it falls in a paragraph that is all italicized.


Oh, the Pain

On the brighter side, it’s been a while since my day off was ruined by a bad headache. On the dimmer side (calling it “the darker side” seems just too Oh-Get-Over-Yourself), I have been having a lot of Bear With Me posts (that’s my new expression for them, do you like it?). However, sometimes there is nothing to be done but to post what I can post and drive on.

I thought I would have a lovely Pedestrian Post when I walked Tabby to the post office this morning to mail my usual post cards (I do love writing post cards). I already had the headache by then, but I thought the fresh air and exercise would help. Unfortunately I reckoned without the effects of the sun on all the snow. You see, it was quite cloudy, so I did not put on my sunglasses. However with the mounds and mounds of white stuff reflecting back what light there was, I was soon in pain. Light sensitivity is a major headache symptom for me (YES, I’m whining about my headache! If you don’t like it, kindly move on to a different blog!).

Returning from the walk I ate a snack and took an over the counter migraine medicine. It did not seem to have much effect and after a while I retreated back to bed. Oh it felt good to lie down and close my eyes. I even slept a little. And woke up still having a headache. I got dressed again and tried the effects of a cup of tea. Tasty, at least.

When Steven came home for lunch we took turns complaining, he about work, me about my headache. That’s what makes a good marriage. Later on we’ll find some things to laugh about together. You know my motto: You can laugh or you can cry; you might as well laugh.

After Steven went back to work I headed to the drug store for a decongestant. The pain seemed to be settling in my sinuses and the stuff you have to go to the pharmacy country sometimes helps. On my way I stopped at T&J’s Fruits and Vegetables, where I found some eggplant, peppers and mushrooms I hope to do something yummy with later.

I am now waiting for the drug to kick in and thought I had better make my blog post before I get the lightheadedness that often occurs (why in the world is my computer underlining “lightheadedness”? Isn’t that a word? It is exactly what I mean). I do apologize for this whiny post. On the other hand, it may give some people that little frisson of superiority, “At least I don’t complain so much!” or “You think YOU’ve got headaches!”

As for me, I intend to drive on. Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I Held My Shoulders Still While I Typed

People who complain about their aches and pains all the time are tiresome. Then again, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I just got back from a nice walk with my beloved husband and dog so had thought to offer a Pedestrian Post. We’ll see how it goes.

We got some blessed relief from the frigid temperatures today with highs reaching 30. I know that is still below freezing, but it didn’t feel freezing. As these temperatures had been predicted earlier in the week, I had been looking forward to a walk the past three days (since Wednesday, the last day a walk was miraculously possible). That was before the pain, the pain.

I am susceptible to muscle spasms, also known as a crick in the neck (no, really, that is what a physician’s assistant told me once). For the past couple of days I have had an alarming stiffness in my neck and shoulders. It hurts to move! It hurts to lie still! The only thing that doesn’t seem to hurt is complaining about it.

Nevertheless, dogs like to go for walks. I was determined that at some point Tabby would get one. The other thing I was determined on was that Steven would not have to shovel the driveway alone. It snowed like the proverbial sonofabitch yesterday. We got out prior to 7 a.m. and had at it. I particularly enjoyed looking down the road at the bare trees against the white-grey sky. I felt somewhat badass as well. Middle age ain’t for sissies, and neither is living through a central New York winter.

Steven worked from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. When he returned home he heated us up some coffee for us, and I whined and cried about my painful shoulders. He said it was warm enough to be getting a little messy outside. Perhaps a walk was not the best idea. I couldn’t wimp out, though. It is supposed to get frigid again starting tomorrow. We must carpe diem, as the coffee cup says (I actually don’t have a coffee cup that says that).

Steven nicely agreed to accompany us. Tabby was beyond excited as he changed clothes and we got ready. We only took a two block jaunt, but it was very enjoyable. The most interesting aspect of it was the irregular patterns of cleared sidewalks. Fortunately, we stayed on quiet streets so could go out into the road in relative safety.

When we returned home my only chore before the relaxing part of the day was to make my blog post. So this is it. I didn’t spend too much time complaining, did I?