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A Little Bitter on a Totally Fun Blog

I had been going to make a post today and call it “Mid-Week Movies.”  For one reason, it seemed like a good day to sit, watch cheesy movies and crochet. I put on the first cheesy movie,  The Black Scorpion, which I had DVRd a couple of days before Halloween.  It was so boring, I paused it and did the dishes.  The first giant scorpion showed up just a minute or two after I un-paused it.  It did not get a whole lot less boring.  I might just interject here that before doing the dishes I had eaten something and taken my pain medicine. The lightheadedness (as well as the pain relief) takes a bit to kick in.

Anyways,  I picked up my laptop.  For one reason, I have a message out to my sister and hoped she had answered it.  Then I thought, oh, maybe I’ll check my email and look at WordPress.  Maybe another blog will inspire me.  And it kind of did.  I am a big fan of “Ben’s Bitter Blog.”  I enjoyed today’s post and made the following comment on it.

I am extremely bitter because I can’t have a damn drink. And I can’t have solid food. How the hell can I self medicate when I can’t eat or drink? I did take some actual medicine, the prescribed kind, and now I feel too lightheaded and tired to make my own blog post, another source of bitterness. Oh, AND I have been off solid food long enough now that my body has adapted and I stopped losing weight! Thank you, I feel much better now. You know what? I think I’ll copy and paste this minor diatribe and use it for my own blog post. Does the lessening of bitterness I feel mean you are absorbing it? No matter, I will manufacture more. Totally fun blog aside (that’s what mine says it is), it is what I do. Rock on.

So this is my blog post today. I MUST get off this pain medication!  I go to the doctor again tomorrow.  I hope to return to this planet shortly after that.  Happy Wednesday, though.


At Least I Voted

I thought I would make my blog post now, before the movie-watching portion of the day but after the sweats on, bra off portion of the day.   Yes, there was a sweats off, bra on portion of my day, because I went to vote.  Regular readers may recall that I am still at home, trying to recover from what I thought was an extremely minor medical procedure.  I guess it was minor, and I am not nearly as tough as I thought I was.   Today, however, I knew I must be tough enough to make it to the polls.

In my favor is that Herkimer, where I live, is a small village.  My polling place is a mere two blocks from my house.  I have never encountered a line, whatever time of day I have gone to vote. I contrasted this, as I do every year, to a story I heard back when Iraq held its first elections after the fall of Saddam Hussein.  A grandmother was pushed in a wheelbarrow some large number of miles (I wish I could remember the number), so she could vote.  Pushed in a wheelbarrow! And you know they do not have good roads over there, if they had roads at all.

So there should be no problem for me, I knew.  I thought I also had to go to a doctor appointment, but they called and re-scheduled that this morning.  Something about emergency surgery.  You know how it is with doctors.

I originally had some wild thoughts of walking to vote.  I really, truly must begin getting exercise again.  I was advised not to directly after my procedure, and I certainly did not feel like moving at first.  But one can only spend so much time lying around, taking naps and wishing the pain medication worked better.  Oh dear, now it sounds like I’m whining again.  I suppose I am.

Anyways, Steven drove us the short distance, although we did not get the closest parking space possible, so I got a little more of a walk at least.  We greeted the poll workers we usually see there, including one nice man who always Steven “Doc,” because he remembers Steven playing Dr. Chumley in Ilion Little Theatre’s production of Harvey some years ago.  As usual there was no line.  We completed our civic duty and received our stickers.

Then I came home and wrote a blog post about it.  Not a brilliant blog post, I’m afraid, but I’m going to call it OK for a Tired Tuesday.


Movies on Monday

I just took another dose of pain medication and said, “I’d better make my blog post, in case I fall asleep.”

“Write about the wonderful day you had with your husband,” suggested my husband.

“I was going to,” I told him.  “I was going to call it, ‘Movies on Monday.'” And so I will, unless I think of something better before it’s time to hit Publish.  I don’t really expect to, because, you know, pain medication.

We started with a rather obscure title we purchased at New York Connection in Utica recently, Rehearsal for Murder.  Two of our favorite things: theatre and murder.  It featured Robert Preston, Lynn Redgraves, Patrick Macnee, Jeff Goldblum and William Daniels.  However, what really sold us was that it was written by Richard Levinson and William Link, the geniuses behind Columbo.

It turns out it was Made For TV.  Nowhere on the package does it admit this, but one can tell, if noway else by how it fades to black at the end of certain scenes, the better to head off to a commercial break.  On the other hand, Columbo was a television show, and we love that.  Rehearsal for Murder is worth a watch.  I won’t tell you any of the plot, in case it ever comes your way.  I didn’t include a spoiler alert.

The next movie I put in was Isle of the Dead, on a Horror Double Feature DVD that was sent to me some time ago by my friend Rachel.  Boris Karloff, there could be no possible objection.  I may have written about it before (too lazy and/or doped up to check).  After it was over, I put the cable back on and looked at Snapped (what else?) while Steven took Spunky for a walk.

Now we are watching Malice, an old favorite of ours with plenty of twists and turns.  Steven had given me a choice between that one and A Perfect Murder with Gwyneth Paltrow, but I thought it had been longer since we had seen Malice.  It was partway into the movie that we remembered that Paltrow has a small part in it.  We both thought that was kind of cool.  And the night is young; we may get to another murder — uh, I mean movie — before we’re done.  Happy Monday, everyone.