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A Few Wrinkles and No Promises

Check out the hair! Check out the glasses!

I wanted to make a Throw-back Thursday post.  Since I am on the laptop instead of the Tablet (yay ten-fingered typing!), I was able to look through our Downloads (I don’t know how to download stuff on the Tablet; I can only share photos I’ve taken on the Tablet or things previously published in the blog).   I couldn’t find a thing, till I came across this lovely shot of me and Steve in the 1990’s.  Oh dear, it may even have been the late 1980’s.  I don’t want to ask Steve at this point, in case he says, “Oh, don’t put THAT picture in!”

He was and is a handsome dude!

Here’s another oldie of us both.  I don’t know who the cute little boy is.  Goodness gracious, what was I thinking of with that hairdo!  The glasses I just didn’t think at all about, but I remember paying a lot of money for perms back in the day.  Oh well, live and learn.

Here we are looking a little more grown up. No promises about how we act.

Here is a more recent shot, although this may have been a year or two ago.  I like my hair better short, and I don’t mind my face a little wrinkly.

I see I am over 200 words. That makes this an OK post, by my rules for me.  Maybe I could think of an off-the-wall title and this can be a Non-Sequitur Thursday as well.



Definitely Not a Perfect Blog Post

I thought I would have a Wordless Wednesday post and use a lot of pictures, but I don’t think that is going to work out for me.  For one reason, I have a hard time not using words.  I talk and talk, or in this case type and type.  Additionally, I don’t have any new pictures. I can’t use old pictures, can I? There is no such thing as a Throwback Wednesday.  That’s not even alliterative! I think I may be on the way to a Witless Wednesday post.

Look how cute we are! Or do I flatter myself?

How about a Way Back Wednesday?  This is my wedding day in October of 1990.  I prefer to drink champagne from a flute, not those wide mouthed glasses.  A flute helps the champagne keep its bubbles longer.  Then again, I do not usually nurse a glass of champagne long enough for bubble loss to be much of a problem.  Just saying.

He’s a good dog!

This is not nearly as far back, but here is our sweet, sadly missed Spunky.  I think it is time we had another dog to share our love and brighten our days.  It might be a good idea to clean the house first, but let us not dwell on such unpleasant subjects.

I could probably do my hair like that if I let it grow a little longer.

Speaking of me not having my act together — obviously I do not yet — here is one of my favorite photos and sayings.  Remember, we do not have to be perfect to be beautiful!  Perhaps I am not exactly beautiful, but, well, I hope I’m not bad.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.