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Stop Whining and Blog!

First, the answer to yesterday’s trivia question is, “Nobody’s perfect.”  Didactic sorts (you know who you are) will point out that these word are not being spoken at the exact moment of that photo, but those are the words that are most apropos to me.  That being said, what about today’s blog post?  Oh dear.

I am having the most dreadful time lately.  I feel as if I am dragging myself through each day.  As soon as I typed that, I said to myself, “Don’t put that! That’s just whining!  Stop whining!”  It cannot be denied that I almost always have enough energy to whine about something.  That fact should prove to me that I have enough energy for other things, if only I would consent to exert it.  So here I am typing, and while I am not exactly dragging each word out of my recalcitrant brain, things are not flowing freely.  What, I ask, is a blogger to do?  No, really, I’m asking.  What should I do?  Anybody?  Bueller?

When in doubt, look for a picture.  After some moments of indecision, I decided on this one:

Pretty cool old building, isn’t it?

This is the old Frankfort Town Hall, in Frankfort, NY, which, for non-local readers, is close to Herkimer.  In fact, when Steven and I were looking for a house, we looked at several in Frankfort.  It is a nice little village, home of the Friendly Bake Shop, the Locavore, the Knight Spot, and other local businesses well worthy of Mohawk Valley Girl’s notice.  Alas, this building stands empty now.

I got the picture from The Mohawk Valley Through the Lens, a Facebook page I follow.   There are lot of swell pictures there.  I picked this one, because I have actually seen the building.  Looking through other photos on the page, I found another of a place I’ve been:

They’ll probably have some swell bands here this summer.

This is the Herkimer Marina near Gems Along the Mohawk and the Waterfront Grille, two of my favorite places.  I hope to go on an Erie Canal Cruise this summer.  I will write a blog post about it if I do.

I see now that I am over 300 words, a quite respectable number for a Wednesday, Wuss-out or not.  Additionally, I have to leave soon for rehearsal for Who Shot JS? my latest murder mystery (which I believe I have mentioned once or twice).  I hope to see you all on Thursday, which may or may not be of the Non-Sequitur variety.



Not a Good Week, But a Not Bad Run

It has not been a good week for running.  Monday I was melancholy, Tuesday I had rehearsal, Wednesday we got our taxes done (more melancholy there, too, but never mind that), and that bring us to Non-Sequitur Thursday.  I am training for the Boilermaker 15K.  I was determined to run.

The weather report said we might be getting freezing rain or snow or some such stuff tonight, but nothing had started when I got home from work shortly after 3 p.m.  My thermostat said it was 45 degrees out.  That is my cut-off temperature for shorts and short sleeves.  I hesitated, though, because I can’t say I’m really back in shape yet, and it is just getting to 45 degrees.  I would have felt better at 46 degrees.  I compromised on leggings that came just below the knee and a short-sleeved t-shirt. A wide headband could cover my ears.  I put my sweatshirt and a bottle of water on the deck for my cool-down walk and set out.

A lot of the snow that Stella dumped on us has gone; the sidewalks were mostly bare and dry.  I could rock this.  I turned left onto German Street, to do my usual down Caroline, up Margaret, down Henry, up Bellinger route.  I was moving pretty slowly, but you’ll definitely have that after three days off.  The temperature was not bad at all.

Until the wind picked up, which it soon did.  No matter, I would just keep running till it warmed me up.  I find that works better for legs than for arms and hands, especially hands.  It was still no matter, because I was determined to keep running.  I concentrated on how much I appreciate bare, dry sidewalks.  I made nothing of the few puddles.  I ran through or around some remaining snow.

At one point, two little kids were playing in front of a house while their mother sat on the steps.  The little boy was drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.  The little girl was moving shovelfuls of show, annoying the boy by dropping some on his picture.

“I’ll try to step around your art,” I said.  I also had to dodge the little girl, who stepped right in front of me.  Luckily we did not collide and I ran on.

A little later, I passed a man and said hello.  He said, “Boilermaker?”

“I hope so,” I answered.

“Good for you!”

I ran on before I had time to say thanks.  I wondered why I said I hoped so instead of “Damn skippy” or “You bet!”  After all, I am pretty damn sure I will run the 15K and make it through the whole thing.  On the other hand, it cannot be denied that shit happens, and those who are too sure of themselves sometimes come to grief.   I kept running, realizing that this would help keep me from coming to grief on the Boilermaker.  This is me, getting into shape, I told myself.

It was quite pleasant when the wind was still, which was not often.  However, I managed to run for 29 minutes, equal to my last longest time.  And I see now that I have over 500 words, a longer blog post than I have managed lately.   I say not bad for Thursday of a melancholy week.


Non-Sequitur Spunky

I wrote while on breaks at work today, but not a blog post.  Feeling quite bereft of ideas, I did what I usually do these days and skimmed through our downloaded photos.  The first one that caught my eye was a sweet shot of our dear, late dog, Spunky.

He was cold, so Steven covered him up.

I put it in the blog but could not find further pictures of Spunky that I haven’t already used.  The pictures does not go with the other ones I selected, but I just can’t bring myself to delete the photo.

It’s nice to see a family enjoying the fresh air together.

This was the next picture I noticed.  It is one Steven downloaded.  At first I thought it was Hirschfeld, but on closer inspection I see it is not.  I confess, back in the day when we watched all the good re-runs, I preferred The Addams Family to The Munsters.  I have not seen either show in years so have no idea how I’d feel now.  However, with that in mind, I append a nice shot of Gomez.

The house actually looks less creepy than I remember it in the show.

I was still thinking I could bring myself to not use the picture of Spunky, so I clicked on another Halloween-y picture Steven must have downloaded.

He’s a charming fellow, and I love the skeleton on the left.

That makes this a rather disjointed post, but I think I’ll let it stand.  After all, we’re only one day off from Non-Sequitur Thursday.


Cold Run, Dusty Blog Post

I had already started writing this post when Steven put on a Dusty Springfield CD.  Oh, this was JUST what I needed!  “I Only Want to Be with You”!  It’s peppy, it’s happy, it’s about me and Steve!  I love it!  I’ve been feeling vaguely down most of the day and ill with the cold I’ve been fighting (I’m losing).  I sometimes forget the healing properties of music.

Oh dear.  I started a post.  I got distracted by the CD and wrote a fun headline of “Sing it, Dusty!”  then realized I can only say so much about how nice it is to listen to good music with a nice husband.  Perhaps I should go back to the post I started to write.  What a distracting lead!  I guess this is Non-Sequitur Saturday (which has the charm of alliteration that Non-Sequitur Thursday lacks) (does alliteration make something more of a sequitur?  Discuss amongst yourselves).

This is what I started to write:

Usually I make my Saturday Running Commentary in the morning, shortly after my run.  It is fresh in my mind and it works out very well.  Today I did not do so.  However, rather than making another Scattered Saturday post (although those can be kind of fun), I think I will attempt a Running Commentary.

The sun was almost up when I realized it was either run or eat.  I picked run.  The temperature was in the low 30s, so I put on the warmest running pants I own, a gift from my sister Victoria and her daughter Gillian.  Technically, I believe they are yoga pants, but one must not allow a mere technicality to keep one from improving one’s health and reaching one’s weight-loss goals.

Dusty is now singing “Wishin’ and Hopin'”  which reminds us irresistibly of My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Ah, Julia Roberts.  What a woman.  I’ve been thinking of her a lot lately, since she was in the movie version of Steel Magnolias, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.

It was cold and not quite light out.  I had worn my reflective vest (road guard vest, to my army friends), as much for an extra layer and a pouch for tissues as for safety.  It turned out to be a pretty safe run, because the sidewalks were bare and I mostly stuck to them.  I went in the road for a while, though, out Main Street.  I went up part of a steep hill that ends in a dead end.  It didn’t used to be a dead end, but part of the road collapsed.  Pedestrians can still get by.  I got by and ran in the road part of the way down, um, Steuben Street?  I think that’s what it called.  Then I went down Dorf Street, part of which also has no sidewalks.

Now she is singing, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”  I know some man also sang this song.  I wanted to say Tom Jones at first but then I thought I had heard it on the radio many years ago not on a CD we own recently (YES, I listen to Tom Jones CDs!), so I thought Paul Anka, but that didn’t sound right either.  I may check that out before I hit publish.

My run was not bad, although my hands got quite stiff.  I made it to 26 minutes, only two less (fewer?) than I accomplished earlier in the week on the mini-tramp.  With a good hill in the freezing cold, I thought that was pretty good.  If I would have written the blog post right away, the blog post might have been as good as the run, but that is something we will never know.

I wonder what Steven will want to listen to after Dusty Springfield.  And by the way, according to YouTube, both Tom Jones and Elvis Presley sang “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”  Where did I get Paul Anka?


Looking a Little More Like Christmas

Steven spent his day off making our house look beautiful for Christmas.  I thought in lieu of a Non-Sequitur Thursday, I would share a few pictures.  First a few Santas.  We love Santa Claus.


There are stories behind each Santa on the stairs, but I’d like to tell you about our new Santa, or rather half Santa.  Recently when I was at the Herkimer County Historical Society to talk about a murder mystery, I noticed the top half of a plastic Santa.

“He’s yours,” said one of the ladies I was there to meet.  The Santa had been rescued from the middle of the street during a wind storm last winter.  They put his picture on Facebook, so the owner could claim him.  Steven commented that if nobody did, we could offer the Santa a home.  Since he lacks a bottom half, we put him behind our fireplace screen (a Christmas present from my parents a few years ago), so he could look as if he is emerging from the chimney.


Another favorite feature of our holiday decorations is Steven’s nutcracker collection.  This isn’t the whole thing, but a nice selection to cover our buffet.


Oh, how I love Christmas.   Soon I must finish my Christmas shopping, start my Christmas baking, address my Christmas cards and commence my Christmas wrapping.  It is the time of year when I cease to be the Evil Woman CinCin and become… wait for it… Cindy Claus!


Waitin’ on a Friend

That is a really good song by the Rolling Stones, and I have been thinking about it since I got home from work because, well, we are.  Waiting on a friend, that is.  Our friend Tracy is coming to spend the night before going on to further adventures that do not include us (said with just a little bit of miff).  We hope she gets here soon.

So right off the bat I have blown Non-Sequitur Thursday, because my headline and lead paragraph totally agree.  Also, the rest of the post will probably be about waiting for Tracy, because, quite frankly, I got nuthin’ else.  If I was the intellectual powerhouse I like to imagine myself, I could write a real literary masterpiece invoking Waiting for Godot.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I don’t even imagine myself an intellectual powerhouse.  Most of the time.

We were hoping Tracy would make it here a little earlier, so we could go out for dinner.  We had several choices in mind.  In Herkimer we could have gone to PK’s Pub, which Tracy has enjoyed with us before.  She has never been to Jamo’s, another favorite destination of ours.  She went to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner when it was just the Empire Diner, under different management.  If she felt like taking a ride to Little Falls, we could have gone to the Copper Moose Ale House or the Happen Inn Sports Bar.  If she had been here earlier yet, we could have stopped at Fall Hill Bead and Gems, which I am sure Tracy would love.

Now I see I am over 250 words.  A reference to a Stones song, brief update on me (one of my favorite things to write about),  and a shout-out to a few local businesses.  If Tracy gets here soon and we do something fun, perhaps I can write about it for tomorrow’s post.  If not, I’ll have to have Lame Post Friday.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Who, Me, Multi-Task?

It is a well-known fact that I do not have my act together.  I don’t even pretend to have my act together.  Anybody who thinks I have now or have ever at any point in my life had my act together is deluded.  Anybody with half a brain who is paying the slightest bit of attention knows: I’m a mess.

This is not to say I have no hopes of ever getting my act together.  On the contrary, I keep thinking I might.  Some days I would settle for having the various parts of my act on the same continent — oh, hell, the same planet!  Where was I going with this?

I suppose it is an introduction to another Wuss-out Wednesday post.

I did some writing earlier today, while on breaks at work.  It was on the banana play.  I got a marvelous inspiration for the plot, but I dare not say a word about it.  If you talk too much about these things you lose all impetus to write them, although sometimes the urge to talk about them is overwhelming.  For one reason, I feel so clever and pleased with myself, I almost admire my ideas as a thing entirely separate from myself and my not inconsiderable ego (when it comes to writing anyways).  I generously desire to give others the opportunity to admire (yes, quite a large ego when it comes to writing).

OK, I’ll admit it, the other reason to refrain from telling people my brilliant ideas is the quite reasonable fear that other people will not find them, or by extension me, as brilliant.

Getting back to my day, I made not one, not two but THREE stops on my way home from work.  I picked up two pairs of shoes that had been repaired at Melfe’s in Ilion, also dropping off another pair for the same repair.  I had waited far too long since Melfe’s called to tell me the repairs were done, but the people at Melfe’s were very nice about it.  I also stopped at a big-box store to purchase some yarn and a couple of other items.  My third stop was by Curves, not to exercise but to drop off an afghan I am donating to a friend who has a team walking in the Sitrin’s Stars and Strips Run/Walk.  She intends to raffle it for fundraising purposes.

As I reached home I felt I did not want to — was not capable of — accomplishing all that I had wanted to.  I was impressed enough with myself that I had made my stops. Surely I could sit down for a while.  Long story short (I know, too late), I didn’t.  I walked our dog, Spunky (I was always going to do THAT, however tired and stupid I felt).  Then I changed into workout clothes and put a load of laundry into the washer.  While the washer ran, I ran in place on the mini-tramp.  Spunky stared at me for a while, apparently waiting to see if there was any point in my gyrations.  When he couldn’t figure it out, he went and laid down on the couch.

After a short run (so boring, even with the television on!), I put the laundry into the dryer, bringing the non-drierables upstairs to hang on the bars.  Then I took my shower, put on comfy clothes and went down to the kitchen to fix dinner.  It took a while to get stuff chopped and into the pot, but soon it was simmering and I could get on the computer to check my email and Facebook notifications.

The point of this long, dull post (I hope not too dull) is, I guess, that even though I did not write a good blog post during the course of the day, I got a few things done.  I thought of that headline earlier, before I got around to composing this post.  I’m not sure it really fits, but it will have to do.  We’ll consider it a little Non-Sequitur Thursday creeping in early.  I’m sure ready to move on to the end of the week.