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And Then Another Left…

Regular readers know my usual sphere of activities is Herkimer, Ilion, Mohawk and Frankfort, with an occasional foray into Little Falls.  However, I used to spend quite a bit of time in New Hartford.  It is my old stomping ground.  No, really, I used to stomp around a lot when I had to go to work there.  Today I had reason to drive from Ilion, where I work, to Slocum-Dixon in New Hartford, where I had a doctor’s appointment.  It was an adventure.

Let me interject here that I was not having a good day today, for reasons which I will not air in this space (more air wouldn’t help anyways).  But I thought, a nice drive on a nice day might cheer me up.  It was a nice day, hazy sunshine, not too hot. I drove down 5s, a little surprised at the amount of traffic.

Now, when I was driving to New Hartford five days a week, I worked at the mall.  There are a couple of different ways to get to the mall, and I knew that one of them takes you right by the turn for Slocum-Dixon.  This would be no problem.

And it would have been no problem, if I had taken the right way.  I was buzzing down Commercial Drive (or was it Oriskany Boulevard?) (I knew where I was; I just don’t remember the street names) when I realized:  This wasn’t the way I wanted!  Damn!  Now what would I do?  Oh, I know, I’ll go into Whitesboro and from there… someplace.  Here was the turn.

Did you already guess that it wasn’t the turn?  There I was driving down a residential street with NO idea where I was!  At least before I knew where I was, even if I didn’t know how to get where I was going.  I cursed my stupidity.  Then, while stopped at a stoplight, I saw what looked like a busy street to the left.  A busy street was surely more likely to get me where I was going.  I turned left.

And found myself right where I would have been if I hadn’t tried to go through Whitesboro.  At least I knew where I was.  I kept driving.   I seemed to remember my father telling me a turn I could take along this road to get to Slocum-Dixon.  But was it a right or a left?  Hmmm…

When I got to the road, I saw an H sign with an arrow pointing left.  Yes!  Slocum-Dixon is right near the hospital.  This must be the right way (left way?)!

Or was it?  The road seemed to go on for a while with no other H signs.  Oh dear.  Then I could see the highway in the distance.  That was the highway I was supposed to be on.  Ooh, maybe everything would be all right.  The highway did not seem to be getting any closer. In fact, if anything, it was getting further away.  Oh dear.  Was that a turn I should take?  Why wasn’t there another H sign???

Getting a little further up the road, I saw… IHOP!  I knew there is an IHOP near where I wanted to go!  Yay!  I wasn’t lost!  Um, I wasn’t lost ANY MORE.

I was on time for my appointment.  It was not the thrill I was hoping for, but it would be tiresome to go on about my health problems.  I can’t say my day got a whole lot better, but, you know, now that I got my blog post done, things are beginning to look up.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


On Second Thought, It Was a Delightful Sunday

Sunday I woke up feeling down.  Regular readers may recall that I partied rather heartily (for my age) with friends on Saturday and may infer that I was hungover.  Since I did not spend Sunday in acute physical misery (or even moderate misery), I feel that I was merely tired and a little let down that I was no longer hanging out on my deck amidst laughter and love.

Fortunately for me, relieve was close at hand with members of my wonderful family, most particularly our newest member.  Steven and I drove into Chadwicks for church with my sister, Cheryl, her daughter Dana, Dana’s husband, Dan; and Dana and Dan’s delightful eight-month-old son, Shepherd.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a drive through the country.  We set out up Higby Road, admiring the scenery.  I could not help contrasting the drive with another time I went out Higby Road, and the weather was against me (I believe I wrote a blog post about it).  We found the church with no problem.  Being my usual dithery self, I first pulled into the parking lot then decided to park in the street (point and laugh if you must; it made sense at the time).  As I was walking back up the church’s driveway, a car almost ran me down.

“Get out of the way, old lady!” my sister yelled.

“Oh just run me over,” I said.  “Then you can go in there and pray for forgiveness.”

Dana and Dan were surprised to see Steven and me, because Cheryl had not told them we were coming.  As for Shepherd, he is almost always smiling.

Not surprisingly, Shepherd is a pretty popular guy.  The pastor came over to say hello before mass, confiding that he loves Shepherd to pieces.  I saw two young boys a few rows ahead of us turn around and smile at him, pointing him out to their mother.  As for Shepherd, he smiled at everyone, making unintelligible but friendly remarks.

Church almost always gives me a good feeling, especially when we sing one of my favorite hymns, which we did.  I didn’t know any of the other hymns, but since I vaguely remember how to read music, I managed to sing along.

After church we went to Salvatore’s Italian Bakery and Bagel Shoppe in New Hartford for breakfast.  They offer a wonderful pizza fritta (fried dough, if you are sadly unfamiliar with the delicious Mohawk Valley treat) on Sundays, but I opted for an everything bagel with cream cheese, which turned out to be just what my stomach needed.  Steven got egg, cheese and bacon on a French toast bagel.  I was impressed by the amount of bacon on the sandwich and fascinated by the idea of a French toast bagel, which I had never heard of before. Dana had a bagel with cream cheese while Dan and Cheryl enjoyed sandwiches with ham, egg and cheese.  Shepherd shared a little of the egg from Cheryl’s sandwich, although he did not seem particularly interested (I think he was still hoping to munch down on the beads I was wearing around my neck).

After breakfast (and an unsuccessful attempt to sneak Shepherd into our vehicle), Steven and I headed back over Higby Road.  The views are even better going back towards Frankfort.  When you are at the top of the hill coming down, you can see for miles: farmland, trees, mountains.  Steven was happy I was driving, so he could look his fill.  I managed to enjoy the scenery while still keeping us safe.

I arrived home in very good spirits, although as the day progressed I felt tired, hot and unable to write (see yesterday’s post).  However, it had been a wonderful morning, and I hope to have another one like it soon.

Salvatore’s Italian Bakery and Bagel Shoppe is located at 9270 Kellogg Road, New Hartford, NY, phone number 315-737-5757.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.