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Porch Sitting Preview

The Mohawk Valley really warmed up today, with highs close to 70!  Steven and I actually sat on our front porch for a while.  I took a few pictures.

I LOVE grey skies!

We did not know how long we would be able to sit out, because ominous storm clouds were moving in.

These are even better!

As I moved off the porch to get this shot, I reassured a couple of kids playing soccer that I was photographing the sky, not them.  They were not too worried about it.  Then Steven said, “Take a picture of the soccer players!”  I asked them, and they said OK.

They had some pretty good moves, but I was unable to capture any.

We enjoyed sitting watching the clouds move in and the kids play soccer.

The porch roof kind of blocks this one.


The clouds moved in further…


And further!

Eventually it started raining.  We kept sitting on the porch, even when the rain blew in on us.  We did not get too wet. Then it stopped raining, and we felt vindicated.  When the wind started to feel a little chilly, we came back inside.

It was wonderful to sit on the porch in warm temperatures.  The weekend is supposed to be cold, but we know the overall trend will be warm.  Come on, spring!



Local Monsters!

Here is a Monstrous Monday post with a twist:  I took a few pictures of Halloween decorations in my neighborhood.  I hope they came out nicely.  I did not check them before starting the post.  We can be surprised together!

My porch from a rakish angle.

My inspiration for taking pictures was that my husband Steven had added a few pieces to the decorating we did on Saturday.  Unfortunately,  Frankentree blocks me from getting a good straight-on shot.

Here’s the other side.

As long as I was taking pictures, I went one street over to the next street, where one house has an awesome display.  Once again, I had to take a couple of shots.

My favorite is the skeleton and his dog.

The big skull is pretty awesome, too.

I took a couple pictures  of other houses, but these are the best of what I took today.  Perhaps I could try again at other times of day.  In the meantime,  I am under 200 words, my usual minimum for a blog post.  I know what: I’ll look for a picture of one of pur past porches.

Look how much smaller Frankentree is!

This is from October 2016.  The light-up ghost is in the upstairs window this year.  I’ll have to get a picture of it later, because I am in my slippers now.  Additionally,  I am over 200 words. Score!  I hope your Monday was monstrous or marvelous, according to your taste. And I hope to see you all (figuratively speaking, of course) on Tired Tuesday.


Oh, Just Write It!

Is cooking conducive to writing? Discuss amongst yourselves.

I am not exactly cooking as I write this (by hand in a notebook, standing at my kitchen counter). I am popping popcorn (on the stove in oil, as God intended) (it’s JUST an EXPRESSION! Sheesh!).

I wrote that much and got stuck. Still, I got the urge to open the notebook and start writing as soon as I got the oil in the pot. I thought that was interesting.

You know, I think Wrist to Forehead Sunday is becoming even more deeply ingrained into my schedule than Lame Post Friday. Actually, this morning, I am more inclined to put the palm of my hand or my cold fingers on my forehead, because I have a dreadful headache. Partying too heartily on Saturday night, you ask? Well, I don’t know about that, but I did stay up later than normal.

Be all that as it may, what is a blogger to do when a post must be written (according to my rules, anyways) but her head is aching and she wants nothing better than to retreat into the TV watching and crocheting portion of the day (I got some new yarn especially for the purpose)? What I did do was eat the popcorn and think about it (Steven was hogging the computer anyways), then pour myself some blue Gatorade (for some reason good for headaches) and get onto the computer to Write The Damn Thing Anyways.

We did go for a most enjoyable walk with Tabby earlier (before the headache had kicked in). It was still cool out, not too sunny, which was good since I had forgotten my Crazy Old Lady hat. We stopped and chatted with some neighbors who were having a garage sale (didn’t buy anything for once). We discussed our respective flood experiences, what we’d heard about who lost what, and had anybody gotten any money from insurance or the government yet. We concluded that we had been more fortunate than some others.

Well, look at that, word count over 300. I call that respectable. Don’t worry (if you even were), I won’t be too lame in the coming days. We saw an awesomely cheesy movie last night (when I may or may not have been partying too heartily), and I hope to do some bloggable cooking today. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.