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Lighthearted Musings

Oh dear.

It is Monday. I only need to do a Middle-aged Musings Monday. How hard can it be? I’m middle-aged. Almost any thought can masquerade as a muse. Um, this is “muse” the verb, as in to think about or ponder, not “Muse” the mythical creature who inspires art. I don’t know if I’ve ever made that clear.

Be that as it may, I did have some rather important thoughts today. I feel they are too important to write about off the cuff, as I am doing. I must think some more, write, think, edit, etc. Or leave it right alone. After all, this is a lighthearted blog.

Ah, here’s a thought I can muse about: just because I write a lighthearted blog, am I a lighthearted person? Or am I merely masquerading as one, because it’s fun to write a lighthearted blog? Is it better to be lighthearted than serious? Am I straying into half-baked philosophy, which more properly belongs on Lame Post Friday?

Because I’ve read that in writing you should answer any questions you ask, I will attempt to reply to the above paragraph. No, yes, yes, yes. Just kidding; the answers are more complicated than that.

I am not always a lighthearted person. I suffer from depression, which is a heavy hearted malady. However, I have lighthearted moments and I appreciate lightheartedness. Therefore, I am not masquerading necessarily but merely emphasizing one aspect of my personality more than another. Whether it is better to be lighthearted than serious depends upon the situation.

OK, the last question is not complicated: yes, half-baked philosophy belongs on Lame Post Friday. It often intrudes on other days, because it is my favorite kind.

And now I have written over 250 words and I call that respectable for a Monday. Let’s get on with the week.

Where’s That Wisdom?

Middle-aged Musings Monday is supposed to be easy. My idea was to have another day where I could write any old thing and kind of let myself off the hook. Ease into the week, I believe I said in the premier Middle-aged Musings post. After all, sometimes it is enough effort to get through Monday at all, let alone entertain and inform. Ahem, I hoped to still entertain.

Can I just say, IT’S NOT WORKING!!! I have no musings, middle-aged or otherwise. And I have the worst case of Writer’s Blank I have suffered in a long time. I am also suffering from the related malady, Cross Out Or Erase Everything As Soon As I Write It. And I am composing at the computer, so no wide X’s I can just read around later and say, “Oh, that isn’t so bad.” When I erase it, it’s gone.

I had thought I could go running and blog about that (I won’t say “write about it,” because I cannot so dignify my meanderings today). I figured it would combine running commentary with middle-aged musings. I even had a title, “Musings on the Move.” I may have used that title before. I believe I have observed more than once: I am not above repeating myself.

I did run. The weather was nice and cool, although the sun came out near the end of the run and that was a little hot. It was no problem, really, since I did not run very far and I certainly did not run very fast. I thought if I wrote a blog post about it I could call it “Go Play in Traffic,” because there were a lot of cars on the road. I did not cross any busy streets.

I tried to muse as I ran, but I didn’t come up with anything. You know, I thought I was getting pretty old. Shouldn’t that wisdom thing have kicked in by now? There’s a musing for you, although I didn’t think of that while I was running; I thought of it just now as I was reflecting on how I couldn’t think of anything.

I see that I am over 300 words for today. A respectable post if only I would have thought of something intelligent to say. It seems I am always craving my readers’ indulgence as I write yet another stupid post. Oh well, they say no life is wasted because you can always stand as a bad example to others. If nothing else, you can look at this and say, “Huh. At least I didn’t write THAT!” Happy Monday.