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At 3:37 (l)a(me).m.

Does that headline make sense? Should I have put “At 3:37 Lame M?” Discuss among yourselves.

Once again, I am late in making my Lame Post Friday post. Sufficiently lame, I trust. In my defense, I have no defense. In a possibly mitigating circumstance, it is 3:37 a.m. according to my laptop, which many consider the middle of the night. I think they are right. It is not my insomnia: I have overtime 5 to 11 a.m. today. Team player, I tell myself. I am a team player. Anyways, the money is nice.

Where was I? Nowhere in particular, I suppose. Here is a new thing: sometimes lately when I say, “Good morning,” I note the expression of the person I am talking to and add, “It is a wish, not an observation.” I thought it was funny.

Last night, Steven and I enjoyed a dinner of appetizers at Jamo’s in Herkimer, NY. We have been a little profligate about dining out lately. It is a combination of still being so happy we are able to and the desire to spend a little time in air conditioning. Oh, the humidity! (You know, like “Oh, the humanity!” Does anybody even remember that? I personally was not a witness, but I’ve heard about it.)

OK, it is pretty obvious I am only typing in words in order to post something, anything. I consider this legitimate, since I am still trying to be a daily blogger. As always, thank you for tuning in.

What Do Those Crickets Know?

I’m afraid the blog will be veering into All DARE 5K All The Time as I begin to obsess over the event in a most unbecoming fashion. The good thing is that I don’t just obsess, I also run. And I do like to write about my runs.

Steven had to get up at four this morning. I had one cup of coffee with him then got on the road about a quarter till five. I put on my reflective vest and LED light, because it was still completely dark. I remembered there were streetlights up the hill to Herkimer County Community College (HCCC), so I planned on running up that hill yet again. There was no traffic to speak of and the temperature was just right. This was going to be great.

The road to HCCC is still in the village of Herkimer, but it feels like it’s leading right out of town. The houses grow sparser and there is no sidewalk. Still, there are streetlights. That makes it civilization. There are some wooded areas. I suppose people who live in the real wilderness are laughing at me: “That’s not a wooded area, those are just some trees!” Well, I know deer live in the trees. How do I know what else lives in them? What could live in them? Badgers? I’m not even sure what a badger is. I probably would not meet a badger. I probably would have heard if there was anything real dangerous. Wouldn’t I?

Those streetlights did not throw as much light as the streetlights in the village proper do. What was that shadow up there in the distance? Probably just an overhanging branch. Or, you know, just a shadow. Was that an ELEPHANT? No, just a minivan. Now I was being silly. I heard a bunch of crickets in the woods, I mean bunch of trees next to me. Yeah, I guess the elephant joke was pretty bad, I told myself (you know, how when a stand-up comedian lays an egg, all you hear is crickets? That’s what I was going for just there).

So I continued up the hill, thinking of all the funny lines I could but only hearing crickets. I got pretty amused over thinking how not funny I was being. I wish I could remember some of the jokes, but no doubt some wise-ass reader would have commented with, “Crickets,” or the overused, “Don’t quit your day job.”

After I got to the top of the hill I just turned around and ran back down the way I came. I don’t think college is in session yet and I didn’t care to run around a dark, deserted college campus at five in the morning. I didn’t think there were streetlights on the back way down from campus and that is a more heavily wooded area.

When I made it to the bottom of the hill I felt pretty good, which was fortunate because I was not quite halfway to my goal time of at least 45 minutes. I forgot to mention that halfway up the hill I had made myself a promise: after the DARE 5K I would not run up a hill for at least a week. I amended that to add “unless I felt like it.” The vision of a long run on all or mostly level ground seemed very appealing.

So I finished my run on lovely, mostly level ground. The sun had been coming up since I was at the top of the hill. I watched the gradually lightening sky with gratitude. Dawn and dusk are my favorite times of day. I love to be outdoors and watch it get dark or light. Oh, running is the best thing in the world!

I was feeling WONDERFUL! I LOVE running! I asked myself, could this be those endorphins I hear so much about? Or was it just that frisson of accomplishment? Or the anticipation of fulfilling that promise to myself next week? Perhaps just joy of a Saturday morning when I do not have to go to work. Oh, who cares why, just enjoy the feeling!

I made it 47 minutes. I’m not worrying about increasing my time by a strict 10 percent these days. If I’m running over 40 minutes I know I’m in great shape for a 5k. I’m just happy my run time is up to where it is now. And I don’t even care if the crickets are not amused by my jokes.

Prior to Six in the Morning

Here’s one good side effect of writing my blog: I open my notebook and flip through pages and pages of writing. I must be a writer! Look how much I write!

That said, I’m experiencing a little resistance lately and not a little Writer’s Blank. Oh, sure, I’ve got pages of notes from Finger Lakes wineries (we visited a few last Saturday). Yet I am not moved to write about them. Now, let’s not get into that discussion about Never Mind Mood and Motivation Follows Action. It’s boring.

Instead, I offer another Pedestrian Post. This one has something a little different, because I walked Tabby (our schnoodle, for anyone who didn’t know) prior to six this morning.

When we first got Tabby I would roll out of bed, into sweats and take her out on a leash for her first business meeting of the day. At first around the backyard, then down the sidewalk. Eventually, Steven tried just letting her out the back door. She is a good dog who stays where she should, and first thing in the morning she generally wants to do her business quickly and get back inside to hang out. Funny how dogs can’t wait to get up in the morning but very shortly after that are napping on the couch.

This morning we got up a little earlier than we have been, because Steven pulled a rare early shift. Hate getting out of bed, love the extra time. Soon it occurred to me to use a little of the extra time to take Tabby on a short perambulation (like many dog owners, we avoid using the actual word “walk”).

I’ve read in dog books that it is a good idea to take your dogs for a walk before you leave them. They might get a little tired and just nap while you are gone. In any case, it is always good to spend quality time with your pet. I try to take Tabby for many walks (and not just when I need a blog post), especially if I am going to take off for parts unknown (at least to her, sometimes to me). After my delightful walk this morning, I shall make even more of an effort to do so prior to the work day.

Part of the reason the walk was so delightful is that it has AT LAST gotten warm out. Fifty-two degrees, according to my thermostat. It felt like heaven. The sun was not completely up, so the world had that half light I so enjoy at dusk but rarely see at down (oh, I’m usually up at dawn, but it’s more a matter of noticing it’s gotten light out than watching it get that way).

I like seeing the tree branches outlined against the grey sky, although I am really looking forward to buds and leaves. I saw some daffodils in one yard. I planted some daffodil bulbs, but they haven’t done much so far. Now I can’t remember where I put them.

Prior to six is a nice quiet time to walk. I heard an empty can blow down the road, then the softer tinkle of wind chines. A sign for some law offices swayed in the breeze but didn’t creak. In the far distance we could hear some traffic but did not see any.

We only went around two blocks, because I didn’t have a whole lot of time, but it was very pleasant. We were headed back towards home when Tabby did her business. Tuesday is trash day, and I thought about how some people do not scruple to put their dogs’ poo in other people’s trash. I decided against such an action. It was not that much further to my own trash can in any case.

So I finished our excursion thinking that walking in the early morning is the Way to Go. I hope to have my act together enough to do it again soon.