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A Blog to No Where

Can my readers bear yet another post about How I Can’t Write a Post Today.  I can’t write ANYTHING today!  And it has been that way for a very long time.

OK, that is an exaggeration.  I can write something.  Here I am, typing in nonsense I intend to pass off as a blog post.  Sunday I wrote two articles to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I wonder if they were any good.  I can’t worry about that now.  Where was I?  Nowhere, it seems.

Now I am sitting here staring at the word “nowhere.”  My computer is not underlining it, but it looks wrong.  Like it really says “now here.”  These are the things that keep me from moving on to the next paragraph.

The next project I am dithering about is the murder mystery for Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion, NY, planned for Saturday, April 28.  I think I have a situation, and the names of some of the characters.  I have a victim but not yet a murderer.  This is not uncommon.  Sometimes I write the whole script before I decide whodunnit.  You can do that with a ten-page script.  I wouldn’t try it with a 300-page novel.  No, I have not written a 300-page novel, but I have written 300 pages on a novel.  At least a couple of times.

And now I have written a 200 word blog post.  It looks kind of sad without any pictures of monsters.  Maybe I could include just one.

“Where have you been all my life?”

There you go:  a monster and a beautiful girl.  What’s not to like?  Oh, I’m sure somebody could find something. Once again, I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow.


I Love a Large Lizard

Two of my favorite things: birthdays and monsters!

I was checking Facebook prior to making this week’s Friday Lame Post, and what did I see but Happy Birthday, Godzilla!  For all my love of movie monsters, I have not written about that many Godzilla movies.  There was one, and I’m afraid I was not in love with that movie.  Still, a monster, a birthday, Lame Post Friday, I’m going with it.

Full disclosure:  I did not research whether or not this is actually but big guy’s birthday.  I just downloaded the meme and ran with it.  I quickly searched for more pictures and came up with a few.

Stars: they’re just like us! They take the subway!

I gotta love a monster that utilizes public transportation.  It’s so much more down to earth than, say taking a limo.  I personally never take a limo.  At least, I suppose I might take a limo for a very special occasion, for example, me being able to afford a limo.  I imagine it is the same for Godzilla.  It is pretty much expected for stars to take a limo to movie premieres and such.

Like John Barrymore: “the famous profeel.”

Here is a more glamorous shot.  I’m sure stars like their fans to see them at their best.  As do many of us.

“Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody!”

I shall close with a nice smiling shot.  I quickly went to another tab and typed “godzilla’s birthday” into the space where you put in the url.  I discovered that on Nov. 3, 1954, Gojira was first screened in Japan, making this, indeed, Godzilla’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, big guy!