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A Trivial Post for Wuss-Out Wednesday

I thought I could avoid a Wuss-out Wednesday post, but it seems I was over-optimistic.  Right now, I am lucky I can remember it is Wednesday, and I am thankful it is not Monday or Tuesday.  What, you may ask, is my problem?  Well, you may ask it, but I do not have an answer.  I am just going to keep typing till dinner time and hit Publish.

OK, after I typed in that paragraph, I just sat here and couldn’t think of what else to say.  I know, what a surprise.  I wanted to go to my Media Library and find some monster pictures, but how many times a week can I get away with that?  Maybe two?

I’m not familiar with this artist, but I think he is reminiscent of Hirschfeld.

This picture reminded me of something that happened at work today.  A co-worker said to me, “Hey, know-it all!”  I was sorry to be called this, because I do not think I act like a know-it-all.  I told him that I know many things (well, I do) but am not a know-it-all.  After a little more back and forth about this, he came to his question, “What is the Munster’s address?”

“1313 Mockingbird Lane.”  It was the damnedest thing. I didn’t think I knew that! Then I remembered, “Oh yeah, Mockingbird Lane,” and when I opened my mouth to say that, I remembered 1313.

Maybe I should go to a trivia night somewhere sometime.  Then again, there is no guarantee they would ask something I would magically remember.  As I often say, all of my knowledge is quite trivial, but I don’t usually do well at trivia.

And now I am over 250 words.  What a stupid post this has been! I repeat, what is my problem?

Here is Nosferatu, trying to remember where the Munsters live.

I’ll just throw in another picture of two for good measure.

This one’s Hirschfeld!

Bonus points: see if you can find “NINA” in the above picture.  And I hope to see you all on Non-Sequitur Thursday.


Non-Sequitur Nosferatu

I just this minute thought of that headline and now I am going to write the post about it.  But first, a picture.

Waaaait a minute! Is he stepping out into the sunlight?

This is the first picture of Nosferatu, the man of the hour, that I came across in my Media Library.  I’m not sure I can explain my obsession with this guy, but I hope my readers enjoy it.  I mean, who doesn’t love a vampire?  Oh, I know, YOU probably don’t (you know who you are).

Who took the panes out of the window! You’ll let all the vampires in!

There is really no excuse for me to have a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I went for a run so could have done a Running Commentary.  I went to a wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor that would have (and may still) make a dandy post.  Or I could have done a Preview of Coming Attractions on this weekend (including some of the great stuff I am probably going to miss!).  Then again, if I offered an excuse, it would probably be a lame excuse.  We can’t have that; it’s not Lame Post Friday till tomorrow!

A profile. Perhaps not as distinguished as John Barrymore’s, but you can’t have everything.

The beauty part about writing a personal blog is that I don’t really have to answer to anybody.  Of course I hope to entertain my readers, and I think sometimes I do.  But ultimately it is my blog that I do for me, by me, by my rules, which I make up pretty much as I go along.  I forgot where I was going with the paragraph.

I love his coat. I wonder if I could find that in my size.

I think I have one more picture of the undead guy in my Media Library.

Who? Me?

I think this one is my favorite.  He just looks so surprised.  Apparently he was not expecting company for dinner.


Tired Monsters on Bad Attituesday

Sorry, folks, it’s another Tired Tuesday post, and I can’t even find any new monster pictures to pep things up a little.  Maybe I could find something old but fun and not overdone in my Media Library.

“You play a mean guitar, Big Boy!”

I scrolled and scrolled, not liking any of the monster pictures I saw.  That is the kind of mood I am in today.  We’ll call this a Bad Attituesday as well.  Then the above caught my eye, because today the weather is quite summery.  I would like to get one of those grass skirt and dance around barefoot while a creature plays guitar, although I do not know the hula.

It’s not exactly a self-portrait…

I include the above for the words:  not an apology but perhaps an explanation for my foolish posts.  Further note:  I think some of the stitches are coming loose.

Remember the dolls of your childhood?

Under the heading Sometimes People Are Monsters, here is a seriously creepy depiction of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  I confess to not liking the movie, but I love the story of how it was made, and of course I adore both Davis and Crawford.

Full disclosure: I had beer yesterday, wine today.

I close with a picture of what I want to do now:  just chill with a beverage. Obviously, sometimes monsters have bad days too (cue jokes on what I happen to be).


Still Blogging, But I’m No Blob

I am approaching my seventh anniversary of writing this blog (I may use “blogging” as a verb, but I shall not use the word “blogiversary”) (except, perhaps, parenthetically), and I am beginning to wonder if I am just not coming to the end.  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!  The fact is, I have been sitting here with the laptop on my lap for some time now, and I have no idea what to write a blog post about.  I just hate to have a Wuss-out Wednesday after a Bad Attituesday after a Monstrous Monday after a Wrist to Forehead Sunday after a, oh crap, what was Saturday?

“What do you mean another silly post?”

When in doubt, throw in a picture of a monster.  A natural monster this time, the great white shark from JAWS.  At least, I think this is the mechanical shark, Bruce, making it a depiction of a natural monster (I add in the interests of accuracy).

As usual, I meant to write a blog post while on breaks at work.  As usual, I did not.  My obsession with solving puzzles once again got the better of me.  I managed to write a little on a letter to my sister.  And I wrote entries in my food and headache journal (I’m documenting and looking for patterns) (no luck so far).  I do not know what is wrong with me.  However, as Scarlett O’Hara used to say, tomorrow is another day.  I’ll throw in a couple more monster pictures and call it a day.

It creeps, and leaps…

I would say this is me: a blob, but in fact it is not.  The Blob oozed around quite actively, causing all kinds of trouble.  All I want to do is sit on the couch and knit.

I forgot I had this one.

I thought I would close with a picture of my favorite, Nosferatu.  I love that guy.  Happy Wednesday, everybody.


Lame Headache, Monster Pictures

If this was not Lame Post Friday, I might be tempted to have another Blogger’s Sick Day.  I left work early with a migraine.  It’s better now, but I still have a naggy little headache.  So much for my health woes.  Let’s post some monster pictures.

“You think YOU have a headache!”

Earlier today, I observed that my hair has grown out to the point where I either have to cut it or spend more time growing it before I will like it again.  I also thought it made kind of a square shape on the top of my head.  So I thought I probably looked like Frankenstein, and that made me feel happier about it.  My work friend, Karen, said my hair has been looking nice lately and pointed out that hair does need to be cut on a regular basis.  I personally want to do another St. Baldrick’s event and be bald.  Maybe in 2019.

Maybe Dr. Frankenstein should have put this brain in his monster.

This is a shot from The Brain From Planet Arous (1957).  I seem to remember it is a very silly movie, but since my brain is kind of throbbing, I thought it was appropriate.

One more picture and I’ll sign off.  Hmmm…

Everybody needs a little help sometimes.

I think if somebody would have offered that monster a nice cup of tea, a good many rampages could have been avoided.  Perhaps I shall have a cup of tea myself, although I do not feel inclined to go on a rampage at this time. Happy Friday, everyone!


Various Movies on Monstrous Monday

I’m sure nobody expected me to get my act together overnight.  If you did, well, you realize you were setting yourself up for disappointment, do you not?  No matter.  We all have foolish expectations from time to time.

All this by way of introduction to another Monstrous Monday.  My only decision now is whether to use repeat monsters or search for new pictures to share.  I think I’ll look for old and try to think of new things to say about them.

Here’s a double bill I never thought of.

I do not remember why I downloaded this shot or when I used it.  Trog, for the uninitiated, is Joan Crawford’s last movie.  It is not my favorite cheesy horror movie featuring Crawford.  And before anybody hazards a guess, neither is Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.  I don’t think I have ever seen Taste the Blood of Dracula, although I have seen a few Hammer Dracula movies starring Christopher Lee.  I understand he kept saying each one was his last, but the studio would talk him into the next, often by pointing out how many people would get work thereby.  If that is true, it gives me quite a good opinion of Lee, even outside of his acting prowess.

“Did you think I would not pop in?”

What’s a Monstrous Monday without my favorite guy, Nosferatu?

He only looks harmless.

I end with a monster of the human variety, Robert Walker as Bruno in Strangers on a Train, on the right.  The other guy, looking a little apprehensive (and no idea yet how right he is to be so!) is Farley Granger as Guy Haines.  Good movie.  I’ll have to give it another watch soon.  But not on a double bill with Trog.


No, I Do Not Have My Act Together

It is Wrist to Forehead Sunday indeed.  I have been alternately looking at my blank “Add New Post” page and scrolling down Facebook.  I can’t say I was looking for inspiration.  For one reason, I can write a blog post with inspiration (so those of you gearing up to give me a lecture on the hollowness of waiting for inspiration can just stand down).

The murder mystery last night went pretty well.  The audience enjoyed themselves and the actors had fun, too.  Now I plan to take a long break from theatre.  It is time to get my act together, clean my house, and write, write, write.  I mean more than silly blog posts and murder mysteries.

I confess, today was not the first day of Getting My Act Together.  Then again, I have never been able to accomplish much on a Sunday.  That is one reason I started having Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  The feeling that I ought to be getting something done but yet am not getting anything done is very distressing.

Wow, I am not even having an easy time writing a silly blog post.  Can I save the day with a monster picture?

“You say I look like whom?”

I downloaded this beauty a couple of days ago in case of just such an emergency.  It is Alec Guinness in The Lady Killers.  I have never seen the movie, although I hope to catch it sometime.  I love the picture, because I think he looks

like Nosferatu.  Regular readers know of my affection for Nosferatu.  I’ll have to watch that movie again soon.  I have it on two different DVD collections.

I guess that isn’t really a monster picture, so I’ll finish with a repeat.

“Just popped up to say hello!”

I have no idea who this handsome fellow is.  I must have downloaded him one day when I was trolling the internet for monster pictures. Get it?  Trolling?  Because a troll is a kind of a monster.  I know, you aren’t supposed to explain puns.  Cut me a break on Wrist to Forehead Sunday!


Add more Monster Pictures and Keep Typing!

“You called?”

I am having a Nosferatu kind of a day.  By that I mean that I just feel like opening my blog with a picture of my favorite guy (uh, I mean my second favorite guy.  Obviously Steven is my FAVORITE guy).  And since it is Lame Post Friday, I shall. Oh who am I kidding?  When I feel like putting in a picture of a vampire, I do.  That is one of the things that makes blogging such a fun hobby.

I have had quite a day.  Work was stressful, but that was mostly my fault.  Fortunately, this is not a blog about work.  After work, I went and worked out.  It did not go as well as I could have hoped, but you’ll have that.  I feel certain that my body derived some benefit from it.  After coming home, having my usual recovery beverage of chocolate milk, and showering, I went out on a mission.

My mission was to find artificial tulips for props for Spring Into Murder.  I went to every dollar store in the area and then to Wal-Mart (I know, these are not the kinds of stores I normally plug, but in the interests of accuracy, I mention them).  I met success at my last stop.  If I have success in constructing the props, perhaps I will write a blog post titled Adventures in Tulips.

In the meantime, this is my Friday Lame Post.  Unfortunately, I see now that my picture of Nosferatu is completely unrelated to my post.  What to do?  Add more monster pictures and keep typing!

But the full moon is not until Sunday!

In fact, I do not intend to howl tonight.  I am sitting on my couch, chatting with my husband, and watching Dateline.  I believe another episode will follow, or at least one will be available on another channel.  I would like to crochet.  I think one more monster picture and I will be on my merry way.

Next Friday, I think I’ll go dancing!


A Monster and a Mermaid on Non-Sequitur Thursday

I am in a blogging slump, as you may have noticed.  I managed a real post yesterday, but all I want to do today is share monster pictures and type nonsense.

Actually, that is not quite true.  What I REALLY want to do is  sit on my couch, crochet an afghan, and watch 20/20 on OWN.  Maybe drink a little wine.  Hang out with my husband.  Vegetate.  But I am determined to continue this silly blog as long as possible.  There may come a day when I no longer write a daily blog, but THIS!   IS!   NOT!  THAT!   DAY!

As you can see, I feel strongly about it.

Me, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Obviously, this is not me.  I will never stay on the South Beach Diet long enough to reach this level of skinniness.  But you understand my metaphor:  waiting for inspiration is a long, dry wait.  I don’t really wait for inspiration to strike, anyways, so don’t start in on the lectures about Just Write, Don’t Wait for Mood, and other truisms of writing advice.  And yes, I KNOW that part of the word “truism” is “true.”  Things often become a cliche for a reason, etc., etc.

Incidentally, the above picture is from the Old Barn Marketplace on Route 5 in Little Falls.  I was there last fall and took that picture.

Where was I?  Ah yes, trying to come up with a blog post for Non-Sequitur Thursday, so I can stay in the blogging game for yet another day.  I did say something about monster pictures…

“Where did you come from, Tall, Dark and Gruesome?”

Ah, here is a monster and a mermaid (that might be a good title), and a mention of what day it is.  Thirsty Thursday, huh?  I did say something about wine earlier.  And I am up to 300 words.  I call that respectable.  I hope to see you all on Lame Post Friday.