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The Flooded Basement Blues

Well, I WAS writing a post all about a cheesy movie I saw, but I’ve been a little distracted.

It has been raining in a ridiculous fashion in the Mohawk Valley. Today, we flooded.

It was one thing when my street looked like a river. A little scary, but I could just stay in the house. It was a little more worrisome when the basement flooded. Well, I’ve been meaning to throw away a lot of that junk anyways. Now I’ll jolly well have to.

But it was a completely different animal when I started to hear a buzzing noise down in the basement.

“What’s that noise?” In a loud voice. “What do I do?” Even more agitated.

I did not, nor even consider for a moment, sloshing through the water for a closer listen. For one thing, the water is over knee deep. I can swim, but still. I have since been told that I was absolutely correct for such restraint.

As usual for a woman with my age, experience and sophistication, I called Mom and Dad. I suppose I am both a Mama’s and a Daddy’s Girl, but it cannot be denied that my parents know many things. I don’t think their basement ever flooded, but they probably know somebody who’s had it happen to them. My sister, for example (oh, wait a minute, I know her, too).

Mom said call Niagara Mohawk, they would send somebody.

“Steven! Get me the number to Niagara Mohawk!”

Of course we meant National Grid. For you younger readers (if any), National Grid used to be called Niagara Mohawk, in my opinion a far superior name. I mean, you can say NiMo, but are you likely to say NaGri? I, for one, am not.

So I called. They are sending someone. I later found out that we are also number 251 on the list for the Herkimer Fire Department (Steven called when I wasn’t looking).

So now I am waiting on my front porch for the NationalNiMo person. To relieve my feelings a little, I write a blog post about it. I don’t mean to treat my readers as unpaid therapists, but I must confess, I do feel a little better.

So that is my Friday Lame Post for the week. I hope you have enjoyed.

Briefly, About the Bread

I was going to have the nerve to write Yet Another Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post Today. Then I realized I didn’t have anything to say but the first sentence about having some nerve. Instead, I will give yet another shout out to some of the best bread in the world.

I am, as usual, at my mom and dad’s house for the holiday (Easter) (for any wise-ass who just said “Duh!” I put it in case somebody reads the post at a later day and wonders. Sheesh!). My mom always cooks a veritable feast, and it is hard to know what I can contribute. Ever since I moved to Herkimer, NY, it is no problem. I just drive out to the Heidelberg Bakery and get some awesome bread.

I drove out Rt 28 shortly after 7 a.m., when they open on Saturday. I wanted to beat the crowd. I guess I should have beaten the crowd another day, because they were out of my favorite, Sourdough. However, I chose Pumpernickel, 100% Whole Wheat and Multi-Grain (they were having a three-for special) and was happy with that. Then I turned my attention to the baked goodies.

I guess I don’t want to say too much about the baked goodies, though, because Steven and I have already eaten those. In case anybody who is at Mom and Dad’s for dinner reads this, they might be jealous. Then again, anybody who reads this who is not at Mom and Dad’s might be jealous not to have any of Mom’s good dinner. Sorry; I can’t please everybody.

I can, however, keep my post short, because today is Easter. I’m going to enjoy the holiday. I hope you are, too.