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And Then Another Left…

Regular readers know my usual sphere of activities is Herkimer, Ilion, Mohawk and Frankfort, with an occasional foray into Little Falls.  However, I used to spend quite a bit of time in New Hartford.  It is my old stomping ground.  No, really, I used to stomp around a lot when I had to go to work there.  Today I had reason to drive from Ilion, where I work, to Slocum-Dixon in New Hartford, where I had a doctor’s appointment.  It was an adventure.

Let me interject here that I was not having a good day today, for reasons which I will not air in this space (more air wouldn’t help anyways).  But I thought, a nice drive on a nice day might cheer me up.  It was a nice day, hazy sunshine, not too hot. I drove down 5s, a little surprised at the amount of traffic.

Now, when I was driving to New Hartford five days a week, I worked at the mall.  There are a couple of different ways to get to the mall, and I knew that one of them takes you right by the turn for Slocum-Dixon.  This would be no problem.

And it would have been no problem, if I had taken the right way.  I was buzzing down Commercial Drive (or was it Oriskany Boulevard?) (I knew where I was; I just don’t remember the street names) when I realized:  This wasn’t the way I wanted!  Damn!  Now what would I do?  Oh, I know, I’ll go into Whitesboro and from there… someplace.  Here was the turn.

Did you already guess that it wasn’t the turn?  There I was driving down a residential street with NO idea where I was!  At least before I knew where I was, even if I didn’t know how to get where I was going.  I cursed my stupidity.  Then, while stopped at a stoplight, I saw what looked like a busy street to the left.  A busy street was surely more likely to get me where I was going.  I turned left.

And found myself right where I would have been if I hadn’t tried to go through Whitesboro.  At least I knew where I was.  I kept driving.   I seemed to remember my father telling me a turn I could take along this road to get to Slocum-Dixon.  But was it a right or a left?  Hmmm…

When I got to the road, I saw an H sign with an arrow pointing left.  Yes!  Slocum-Dixon is right near the hospital.  This must be the right way (left way?)!

Or was it?  The road seemed to go on for a while with no other H signs.  Oh dear.  Then I could see the highway in the distance.  That was the highway I was supposed to be on.  Ooh, maybe everything would be all right.  The highway did not seem to be getting any closer. In fact, if anything, it was getting further away.  Oh dear.  Was that a turn I should take?  Why wasn’t there another H sign???

Getting a little further up the road, I saw… IHOP!  I knew there is an IHOP near where I wanted to go!  Yay!  I wasn’t lost!  Um, I wasn’t lost ANY MORE.

I was on time for my appointment.  It was not the thrill I was hoping for, but it would be tiresome to go on about my health problems.  I can’t say my day got a whole lot better, but, you know, now that I got my blog post done, things are beginning to look up.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


There’s the Bridge!

Yesterday (Saturday) I set out with my friend, Phyllis, intent on having a Mohawk Valley adventure. I guess you could say we had one.

We headed to Little Falls, intending to visit the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. For one thing, I knew I could purchase post cards there. I don’t often drive to Little Falls, but how hard could it be? Then again, this is me we’re dealing with.

We drove out State Route 5, which goes right into Little Falls. Perfectly familiar. And then it didn’t look so right.

“I think I’ve driven past my turn,” I said. “Oh, wait, no I didn’t.” And then I did. Oops. Well, at least I knew where it was now.

Little Falls seems to be all one way streets, but I found a place to make a left turn, went up a hill and waited at a stop light to make another left going back towards my turn. That was a steep hill. My SUV acted like it was going to roll backwards as I moved my foot from the brake to the gas, and I don’t drive a standard. Just to give me another challenge, the guy turning right from the opposite direction stopped directly in front of me to pick up a passenger. The guy couldn’t have gotten in at the light, I suppose.

No matter, we were headed towards the bridge I wanted.

“Go right where that blue car went,” Phyllis said. I couldn’t see exactly where the blue car was going because of a big truck in the way. From where I was sitting, it did not look like the turn. I was past it when I realized it was so the turn.

“Can I make a U turn here?” I asked, fully intending to do so anyways. However no signs forbid it, so I guess I was legal. I almost got in the wrong lane and missed the turn again, but Phyllis was watching and directed me.

Once I got on that bridge, everything was easy.

“I’m going to write my blog post just about the drive here,” I told Phyllis. So I did.

Lovely Lame Friday

I started writing a real post earlier today, about an authentic Mohawk Valley adventure I had on Thursday. Then for some reason I got hung up and started working on my novel instead. On the brighter side, I enjoyed writing what I wrote. On the duller side, I am pressed for time and am now reduced to making an extra lame Friday Lame Post.

The reason I am pressed for time is that another Mohawk Valley adventure beckons. In the interests of Preview of Coming Attractions, I will just mention that yesterday’s adventure was a CD Release Party for The Rick Short Band and today’s is the Ilion Little Theatre production of Wait Until Dark. Local music and theatre! I am the most fortunate blogger on the internet!

I was about to say “the luckiest,” and to help pad out my post, I’ll tell you why. A long time ago this really cool old lady told me to not say “good luck,” because luck comes from the devil. Instead, we should wish each other “good fortune.” I have to say, “most fortunate” does not sound as… well as good as “luckiest.” But what are you going to do? In Mrs. Virgilito’s memory, I say “fortunate.”

I may have misspelled her name, but since I don’t have permission to use her name, and she is in heaven now anyways, I’ll let it stand.

I hope you’re all having as lovely a Friday as I’m having.

Did I Mention I Have a Headache?

I started to write a post about a wonderful Mohawk Valley adventure Steven and I had last night. I was writing it at the laundromat, not exactly an adventure, but in the Mohawk Valley so I technically could have written about that. The writing was not going well, because I have one of those debilitating headaches I get sometimes.

I thought no problem, I have all day. A nap will probably fix me right up. It did not. Steven came home from work at 2:30. A cup of coffee would no doubt help. It did not. We went to the Ilion Farmer’s Market anyways, yes, something else I could write a post about. But I still have a headache.

We came home. I fixed supper, which I suppose I could write about, but it was a mere recombination of leftovers in a not especially innovative way. Still, when has that stopped me? Unfortunately, you see, there’s this headache.

So I guess it’s a blogger’s sick day, because I’m not even up to writing about how I can’t seem to write, another subject I have often gotten a post out of.

Many years ago I wrote a paper for a Shakespeare class in which I kept saying things I could have gotten into, but the paper was not long enough. The professor wrote a note that he found it frustrating that all I kept talking about what I wasn’t going to talk about. He still gave me an A on the paper, so you see, I have a long history of being rewarded for folly. I hope to see you again on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.