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A Dog? Oh Boy!

It’s that awkward moment when you are about to write your blog post about one thing, then you think you ought to start with something else, and then you want to go another way.  Oh!  I just remembered:  it is Non-Sequitur Thursday!  Perfect!

The main thing I wanted to write about was this great dog Steven and I just met.  I mean, I wanted to plug a fundraiser.  You see, I had volunteered to donate one of my afghans to a fundraiser I had heard of.  The main reason I heard about it was that music will be provided by The Posers, one of my favorite local bands.  I have been messaging with a lady on Facebook about where to drop it off.  Today Steven and I wanted to go to dinner (we were given a gift card — thanks,Mom and Dad!), so I messaged that we would stop by after that.   The lady messaged back that it would be OK, the band would be practicing around 7, and there was a very friendly dog.  A dog?  Oh boy!

We had a little trouble finding the house (we’re not good at Ilion).  As I was walking toward the house, the lady came out, to save me a few steps.

“We were hoping to meet the dog,” I said.

“That can be arranged,” she answered.

What a nice dog!  He is a Springer Spaniel named Bruce Springersteen.  How cool is that?  We petted him and told him what a good boy he was.  So we were happy we had dropped the afghan off today.

Oh yes, to plug the fundraiser:  Team Rebecca’s Annual Fundraiser, for American Heart Association’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk, Saturday, Feb. 10, 6 p.m., Crowley-Barnum American Legion Post 25, 43 W.  Main St., Mohawk, NY.

Well, that was only a couple of directions.  I was also going to talk about the dinner we had, as well as a couple of other dinners we’ve had recently.  However, you can only have so much blog on Non-Sequitur Thursday.



Party Like It’s 1980something!

So this Friday I am staying home and putting rollers in my hair (long story for another post), but last Friday, Steven and I and a couple of friends partied like it was the ’80s’s.  Yes, I said like it was the 1980’s, not like we were in our 80’s (although that it does feel like sometimes).  We went to the American Legion in Mohawk and danced to the sounds of The Posers.

We had never heard the band before, but we were interested because the bassist is our good friend, Rick DeJohn.  We got to the Legion shortly before they started.  I texted the  couple who planned to meet us that we had arrived.  They soon joined us, and we were enjoying the band.

It was not long before they played a song I remembered well from my days of watching Mtv, back when they actually played music most of the time.  I asked Steven to dance with me.  We bogeyed down!  Not many people had been dancing prior to this, but afterwards, the dance floor started to fill up.  We danced a lot, and I loved it.  They did not only play 1980’s music. We enjoyed it all.  It was easy to see the band was having fun, and I think everyone listening was having fun as well.

The Posers will be playing at the Team Rebecca Fundraiser at the Ilion Moose Lodge, on Barringer Road this Saturday, Feb. 18.  Donation for admission is $15.  For more information, go to For more information on The Posers, you can visit their Facebook page.