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These Things Happen

It wasn’t that I am a bad blogger this time (although I may be a bad blogger; let us leave that discussion for another time). Yesterday was really, truly a Blogger’s Sick Day. After having a marvelous evening and getting home a little before midnight (an unprecedentedly late bedtime for me) (at least in recent memory; never mind my misspent youth), I woke with a truly dreadful headache.

I had not overindulged in the wine at our after theatre dinner and hoped the headache would respond to treatment.  After all, it was Saturday!  I wanted adventures! I tried hydration, aspirin, my heated face thing, naps, a hot shower, and an ice pack (I did not use heat and ice at the same time. I wonder if that would work).

I thought the second nap had helped, so we went out to get some food.  Partway through our late lunch (which really tasted good), it became clear that I was not better, and nothing was going to help.  I guess it was a migraine.  Sometimes putting a label on something can help you bear the pain.

Back home, I could not even watch a movie through the nausea.  In my defense, it was a tense, disturbing movie, which can be wildly entertaining, but my stomach couldn’t take it.

So here I am, up before 6 on a Sunday, typing in a whiny excuse about why I didn’t make a Saturday post.  These things happen.  I hope later on to blog abput a better Sunday.


Post Migraine Lame, with Monsters

Am I ever glad it’s Lame Post Friday!  And not just in a TGIF sort of way.  I had a perfectly dreadful migraine today. It’s still not quite gone but is much better.  I apologize for complaining about my ills.  I fear I am turning into one of those kvetches who is always pissing and moaning about something.  People will stop believing anything really hurts, if they even believe me now.  And if they do believe me, they will get tired of hearing it.

OK, new paragraph, new line of thought.

I typed that sentence in then sat here and stared at it.  This will never do.  In desperation, I turn to my Media Library and look for a monster picture.

He looks about as miserable as I felt trying to sleep earlier.

Vincent Price in The Tingler, one of my favorites (both the actor and the movie).  “Scream!  Scream for your lives!”  That is appropriate for today, since I thought to myself at one point, “I am in screaming pain.”  Only I did not scream.  Would it have helped?  Too late to find out now.  I am only in whining pain.  Oh, dammit, I’m talking about my ills again.  Quick, look for another monster.

Perhaps a few hundred years’ sleep is what I need, too.

That actor is all wrapped up in his part.  One thing about sleeping in a coffin, you would be unlikely to toss and turn.

Look at her give him the side-eye!

Maybe I should do the opposite of what the did in The Brain that Wouldn’t Die.  He saved his girlfriend’s head and looked for a new body to put it on.  I could cut off my aching head and replace it with one that doesn’t hurt.  Maybe a smarter one, too.  And with better hair while we’re at it.  Come to think of it, my body isn’t so great either, so why would I want to be keeping that?  Waaaait a minute!  I can’t get a whole new me!  Can I?  That’s getting too philosophical for me. Then again,  I do like to indulge in half-baked philosophy on Lame Post Friday.

His eyes look a little droopy.

I shall close this nonsense with The Brain from Planet Arous, since I am obviously making very little use of my brain today.  I hope you are all having an enjoyable Friday evening.


Please Excuse Mohawk Valley Girl…

Sorry, kids, it’s a blogger’s sick day.  I’ve had a migraine most of the day.  It’s a little better now, but you know how these things can take it out of you.  Or maybe you don’t know, in which case, lucky you.  Or maybe you do know, yet you manage to drive on and get stuff done nevertheless, in which case, how motivated of you.  In fact, I did get stuff done today:  I worked a fairly productive 10-hour day at my place of employment.  So there.

Really, I feel a little silly whining about my headaches when my pain is obviously much less than other migraine sufferers.  Other people hide in darkened rooms, unable to move or even open their eyes.  This has only happened to me on rare occasions.  Mostly I can get through a day of work, but it sure isn’t fun.  And there was no chance I was going to the YMCA or running afterward.

In the meantime, I cannot bear for today to be the day I do not make a blog post.  So this is another whiny post about I Can’t Make a Blog Post Because I Have a Headache.  I find that appropriate on a Wuss-out Wednesday, although I am quite disappointed in myself.  However, my head is starting to hurt again, so boo hoo me.  Feel free to shake your head and play a miniature violin or otherwise make fun of me.  I’m going into one of them there darkened rooms.


A Side Effect of Wuss-out Wednesday

So remember last week when Wuss-out Wednesday was really a thing?  At least I posted ON Wednesday!  It is Thursday early morning (by my watch and calendar if not by the timestamp on my WordPress account), and this is Wednesday’s post.  I’m thinking my mysterious malady is nothing more than very odd migraines, manifesting more as dizziness than pain.  I don’t think there is much I can do about it, though, since the side effects of most medications (which I often experience) is dizziness.  And please don’t tell me I experience side effects because I EXPECT to; I’ve been feeling light-headed and/or falling asleep on pills since before I ever heard of side-effects.

Where was I?  Ah yes, nowhere in particular.  Just hoping to  type in a few words and pretend it is a blog post so I can still call myself a daily blogger.  Is it permissible to resort to monster pictures at 4:30 in the morning?  I think so.

He is probably drinking tea, but I feel this is an appropriate picture.

Caffeine will not solve all my problems, but at least I may stay awake to deal with them.  I am definitely enjoying my coffee this morning.

“One more thing…”

And look at me, over 200 words.  I call that respectable.  Back to coffee and hoping for a better day for myself and for my readers.  And perhaps a better blog post later, but no promises.


Posting After Midnight

I almost never get up in the middle of the night.  When I can’t sleep, I just lie quietly and keep trying.  Once in a while I read a book with a flashlight (so as not to disturb my husband, and also because too much light will wake you right up).  So here I am, having gotten all the way up, come downstairs, and gotten onto the laptop, knowing damn well that screens are not conducive to sleep (I read that somewhere, or I heard it on the health segment on the news, or maybe both).

Well, you see, I went to bed early with a migraine, having not made my blog post, largely due to having the headache most of the day.  I am still suffering from great pain in my head as well as nausea.  And I woke up, unable to get back to sleep, and fearing that too much sleep will only give me a worse headache.  So I thought, “I’ll go downstairs and make my blog post.”  Unfortunately, I feel to ill to do anything but complain.  I know, what a whiny baby.  I hate to be called whiny, but sometimes I just have to cop to it.

But here is one amusing thing:  how I remember how to spell “nausea.”  On an episode of The Flintstones, Fred and Barney got a boat.  One of them wanted to name it “Nautical Lady,” and the other wanted, “The Queen of the Sea.”  They took the first three letters of one and the last three letters of the other.  Betty said, “What a sickening name!”  I’m thinking it would be a good name for the boat of a person who often got seasick.

And now I am approaching 300 words.  I call that respectable for a Blogger’s Sick Day.  I’ll try for a better post tomorrow, when my headache goes away.


Saturday Sick Day

I’m taking a blogger’s sick day.  Of course, as regular readers know, that does not mean I will leave this page mercifully blank for a blessed 24 hours.  Good God no, I have to post every day, barring certain unforeseen circumstances such as electronic malfunctions.  It just means my post will be even more foolish than it sometimes is and I will apologize even less.

Here’s the funny thing about feeling so awful for most of today:  I had spent all day Friday planning how I was going to turn my life around and Get Stuff Done.  I was going to do X, Y and Z (no point in bothering you nice people with details) on Saturday, including looking ahead to the coming week and deciding specific things to do at specific times on specific days.  Oh, was I ever going to get my act together!

And I did manage to get a few things done today.  I woke up with a bit of a headache, discovered that I do not have any Immitrex (ooh, was that a HIPAA violation to mention the name of the drug?), decided not to worry about it, and set about my day.  I ended up having a rather nightmarish drive home around 11:30 with a raging migraine.  Then again, this is me:  I was still listening to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” on NPR and trying to guess the right answers (I got a few).  So I suppose I am self-dramatizing a little.  You had a headache, Cindy, get over it, you weren’t DYING!

After some ibuprofen,  a long nap and a hot shower, I was not feeling too awful.  I did the dishes, looked at Facebook, and started supper.  It’s actually a pretty good supper, although I’m guessing at that, because I haven’t finished cooking yet.  I could have done a cooking post, except that I was too anxious to whine about my migraine.

So, act still not together but blog post made.  I still have time to plan for the coming week.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


And Don’t Call Me Buttercup!

I’m taking a Blogger’s Sick Day.  Anybody who doesn’t care to here anybody else complain, STOP READING NOW!!!  Don’t tell me to suck it up, buttercup.  I sucked it up all day at work.  I am THROUGH sucking it up and I am going to whine if I feel like it!

Well, that made me feel a little better.  Now I’ll try to write some semblance of a blog post.

I have had a migraine for two days now.  It was worse today, especially the nausea.  But I tried to keep working. I succeeded somewhat.  I was kind of hoping it would magically vanish when my workday was done.  Sometimes headaches do. That is a phenomenon many people have noticed.  This one did not.  However, I managed to drive home without mishap, and now I am writing a boring blog post before taking a very hot shower and lying down.

One thing I am happy about is that I do not have  rehearsal tonight for Steel Magnolias (remember? the play I’m in at Ilion Little Theatre).  It is instead the night for the theatre group’s monthly dinner meeting.  I am sorry to miss the meeting, but I must confess, not too sorry. For one reason, everybody brings really good food and I always eat too much.  That is not good for my weight loss goals.

Oh dear, I feel I should make a concluding paragraph and I am quite blank.  And I really want to get to that hot shower.  Damn!  But anybody who wants to whine about it, please feel free.  I won’t tell you to suck it up.


No New Leaf

So Sunday I declared Monday would be New Leaf Monday, and it turned out to be the same damn leaf after all.  Then I had a Tired Tuesday but hoped for better.  Then today I had a migraine which at times reached nightmare proportions (but only at times, so I’ve got that going for me).  Is it a Wuss-out Wednesday?  I think instead I’ll call it a Blogger’s Sick Day.  Fellow migraine sufferers will understand.

I won’t give an hour by hour recap of my day’s suffering (although I enjoy doing that on occasion). I will share one frustration.  I finished an article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine yesterday, but I had two attractions to write about.  I managed to begin my second article while at word today.  I looked up a couple of things online just now, but I don’t think I can finish it.  This is what I get for waiting for deadline week to write these things.  What is my problem?  I guess I need to try for another New Leaf Monday.

So there I was, logged on to WordPress, wanting to make my blog post but feeling quite brain dead, and doing what I usually do in that case which is read other people’s blogs.  I came across a post titled “Writing A Post Before The End Of The Day” at, a pretty fun blog and I don’t just say it because it is written by a cousin of mine.  I thought, “Perfect!  This is just where I’m at.”

Hmmm…. Kind of an interesting post.  But I thought I’d better stop procrastinating and write my own.  So I did.  Such as it is.

Maybe I could go for New Leaf Thursday instead.


Non-Sequitur Sick Day

On the brighter side, I haven’t had a headache in a long time.  On the darker side, there’s Darth Vader.

I am attempting to write my blog post while on a break at work, so that I merely have to type it in later, when I will be pressed for time if not brain power.  I am a little pressed for brain power now, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Unable to come up with anything of substance, I fall back on trying to be funny.

I’ve always tried to be funny.  It’s fun, it sometimes gets you friends, and it can cover up a load of insecurities.  Of course there are those times when the humor falls flat or you get accused of trying too hard or being inappropriate. Nobody’s perfect.

My headache is getting worse.

That is when I stopped writing and went back to work.  I felt fairly bad-ass for powering through a migraine.  At least, I felt that I was bad-ass, which is not quite the same thing.  What I actually felt like was Westley in The Princess Bride after Count Ruger has sucked five years of his life out of him on that torture machine (I’m just going to assume we’ve all seen that movie numerous times and and quote all the best lines).

Full disclosure:  I am in fact NOT pressed for time right now as was earlier predicted, because I called the director of the play I am stage managing (Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre) and told her I was ill.  So it is a stage manager’s sick day as well as a blogger’s sick day.

It ought to be Non-Sequitur Thursday.  Unfortunately, except for that lame Darth Vader joke in the first paragraph, I’m afraid I’m kind of… sequential.  Not consequential, mind you.  However, as a consequence of my migraine, I’m going to go sit on the couch and relax.  Hope to see you on Lame Post Friday.  Have fun storming the castle!


Not About My Aches and Lame

People who complain about their aches and pains are tiresome. However, today is Lame Post Friday and I can do whatever I want.

I suppose that is not exactly true. If I want to be strictly accurate, I would say I can post whatever I want to post. Oh, all right, that much is true every day. Never mind, let’s get on with today’s post so I can get back to enjoying my Friday.

Hmm, does that make this an ironic post: I will complain about my aches and pains then get back to enjoying myself? That might call for some half-baked philosophy to answer. Can we truly enjoy ourselves through pain? Does overcoming pain enhance or detract from our enjoyment? In short, does pain make us better people or is that just a rationalization we use to help us feel better about the pain?

What brought all this on was that my day of enjoyment with my dear husband has been overshadowed by a migraine. It started out as a sinus twinge when I woke up. I had some coffee and hoped for the best. Breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Diner kind of sort of helped. Then we took Tabby for a walk in the cold wind and the pain got worse.

Undaunted, I picked up my notebook and the map I had printed off the computer, and we set out. Butternut Barn Primitives and Dyn’s Cider Mill. My headache felt a little worse. I got some hot cider at Dyn’s. Sipping it helped. Fly Creek Cider Mill, Rustic Ridge Winery. The headache returned as soon as I had finished the cider. I resolutely ignored it and managed to enjoy the Mill and the Winery.

As we drove home the headache got worse and turned into a full-blown migraine with light sensitivity and upset stomach. When we got home I aet a few corn chips, so as not to have an empty stomach, and took some Migraine Relief and a nap. Getting up from the nap and asking Steven to make some coffee (Pumpkin Spice!), my headache seems to be dissipating. Again, I hope for the best.

I intend to write blog posts about each stop on the trip as well as the trip itself. Right now, this is my post. Thank you for playing.