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Middle-aged Me

I can’t help how many foolish posts I have in a row. Some Mondays I can only manage a Middle-aged Musing Monday.

You know, I go around calling myself middle-aged or an old lady, but I don’t think I have really internalized what that means. For example, yesterday I went running, walked my dog, mowed the lawn with a non-power mower, did some work around the house, ran around to four different stores and did a few other less overtly physical chores. Then I got up at 3:30 this morning. And I’m surprised that I’m tired.

Other people seem to have plenty of energy to do everything they want to do. Or do they? Perhaps they just spend less time complaining about how tired they are. Perhaps they are too tired to complain and I misinterpret their silence. How much energy does complaining take anyways? I’m thinking not much, because I can almost always manage a great deal.

In order to stop complaining, I will muse about something positive. I absolutely LOVE tea. I am sipping a cup of hot oolong now and it is improving my quality of life by leaps and bounds. It is not giving me enough energy to, for example, finish my container garden or even finish the blog post I started to write about it. For heavens’ sake, it’s a cup of tea, not a miracle.

I end this post with a question, perhaps of the half-baked philosophical type: is “by leaps and bounds” a cliche or an idiomatic expression?

I Should Have Run in my Head

Holy Crap, it’s only Tuesday.

That isn’t what I had been going to lead with, but it popped into my head and I thought it was so catchy I wanted to use it. This is, in fact, running commentary. I came home from work and ran. Now I’m going to write about it.

It was perfect running temperature, not too warm not too cold. Spandex shorts and a loose t-shirt, my favorite running outfit. I put on a headband but did not feel I really needed it to cover my ears. Still, the wind could pick up. I was on my way.

And right away it wasn’t much fun. I wasn’t too worried. I probably just needed to warm up. I ran toward German Street and debated right or left. Right the sun would be in my eyes. Left often has more traffic. Right I could go to Caroline, then down Caroline, up Margaret, down Henry. Very straightforward. That suited me.

The sun wasn’t too bad; it was high enough in the sky to not be right in my eyes. I sure do love May and June. As I ran, I contemplated the names of the streets. I may write a book and name the main characters Caroline, Margaret and Henry. I had previously thought of using town names for a book. Vernon and Hamilton have always been favorites of mine. As I ran, I thought I would amuse myself by thinking of what other towns to use.

Of course I couldn’t think of any. Silly me. I kept running and waited for it to get easier. When I was at work, I had thought about the evening’s run, psyching myself up so I wouldn’t talk myself out of it. I thought about how in my head I am loping along like a gazelle while in reality I am shuffling along like a middle-aged fat lady. I realized that was not happening today. In my head, I was shuffling along like a middle-aged fat lady. I thought, oh no! If I look that bad in my head, how ridiculous I must look to other people! I comforted myself with the thought that people are notoriously unobservant. They have problems of their own to think about. I ran on.

And it continued to suck. I persevered as best I could and managed 22 minutes. Less than my previous times, but still over 20 minutes. With a walk around the block for a cool down, I got in over a half hour of exercise. My weight loss goals may be within reach.

Incidentally, toward the end of my run, I suddenly thought, Kirkland! You know, a town that could be used as a name? I actually met a Kirkland once. Then the next time I saw him, I could only remember that his name was the name of a town near Utica. He wasn’t best pleased when I called him Washington Mills.

Ooh, and I just now remembered Clinton.