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Shall We Blame My Attitude?

I have long maintained that it was useless to try to get anything done on a Sunday.  Once again, I have proven myself right.

Oh, I know all about self-fulfilling prophecies.  And please do not say, “Well, you never will with that attitude.”  For heaven’s sake, by that reasoning everybody can do anything they want if they only want it bad enough.  But let me not digress into these philosophical arguments with imaginary opponents.

I went for a long run this morning up a fairly challenging hill.  My first intent was to go for a slow, leisurely run, maybe even not very long, but I changed my mind as I went.  I told myself I could just run up the hill very slowly. Not that I ever at any time run very fast.

After a shower and breakfast, I made a tossed salad for the week.  I realized once again that my weight loss goals are more like daydreams, so once again I will renew my efforts at healthy eating.  Then I went to T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables for more tomatoes to make a macaroni salad,  which eventually I did.  More calories than the tossed salad, but so yummy and seasonal!

In the afternoon, I went with my friend Kim to the End Zone Pub and Grub.  We drank wine and I ordered the hamburger I had been craving for days.  I had French fries too, especially since Kim wanted to share those.  What was I saying about weight loss daydreams?  Oh well, as they say, tomorrow is another day.

Speaking of daydreams, you may have noticed that at no time did I mention writing.  I tried but failed.  I wrote a few paragraphs in the TV Journal and that was it.  But I mean to persevere.  At least I have managed a 300 word blog post.  An entertaining blog post?  Let’s not ask for miracles, not with my attitude.


Macaroni Salad on Scattered Saturday

It’s that moment in an every day blogger’s life, when you’re waiting for the macaroni salad to chill and you want to get your blog post published and you realize your brain is working no better than it was earlier today (that is, not at all).  I’ve done a few things, so perhaps I could manage a Scattered Saturday post.  We’ll see.

We slept in till almost 6:30.  It was a late night (for us), opening night of Steel Magnolias at Ilion Little Theatre.  So we got a slow start.  Eventually we made our way to Mona’s Diner in Mohawk, NY for breakfast.  The last time we ate there it was called The Family Fun Center.  It’s still a pretty good place to eat.  We don’t get to eat breakfast out together as often as we used to, so we enjoyed it.

Next we went to Basloe Library in Herkimer.  Ah, libraries, how they can save your life.  I had the character sheets from He Laughed Himself to Death I wanted to print out.  That is the murder mystery Ilion Little Theatre is putting on as a dinner theatre at Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion on April 1.   It may be a scramble to put it together, but I think it will be highly entertaining.

Around one o’clock, I took a nap.  I will have another late night tonight.  As I type this, I am drinking coffee in anticipation.  I do love coffee.

After getting up from the nap, I made a macaroni salad for dinner (remember, I mentioned that in the first paragraph?).   I enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of chopping vegetables.  I will enjoy even more eating the salad with the kielbasa we got to go with it.  Yum!

Now all I have to do is wait to go to the theatre for tonight’s performance.  I don’t feel as nervous as I did yesterday, but I am far from calm, cool and collected.  That was to be expected.  However, I am glad I have at least composed a blog post.  I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Chopping for the Blog on Tasty Tuesday

Just because I no longer have a lot of rehearsals to go to does not mean I have had any blog-worthy Mohawk Valley adventures to write about.  So my difficulties continue.  I could not think of anything to write about while on breaks at work today, but I remembered that I once instituted a feature called Tasty Tuesday or some such nonsense.  Since I did plan to do some, well, fixing not cooking (still too hot to slave over the stove), I thought I might be able to get a blog post out of that.

A few factors were at play here.  My lovely friend, Kim, gave me some cucumbers from her garden.  I had neufchatel (that is a fancy word for light cream cheese, I think) and flat bread.  I could make cucumber sandwiches, a recipe I stole from my sister Diane (in my defense, it was not a secret recipe, especially since she recruited me to make said sandwiches before one wine-tasting tour).  Additionally, I have had a craving for real, old-fashioned macaroni salad, with tomatoes and lots of mayonnaise.  MMmmmmmm….

I stopped at Hannaford on the way home yesterday.  The main thing I wanted was hot dog buns (that’s a whole other delicious story), but why just buy one thing when you have a whole grocery store?  I went to the cart labeled Local Produce and got some tomatoes and green peppers from Juliano’s Produce in Schuyler. I also got some envelopes of Italian salad dressing mix, which I needed for the sandwiches.

I had no energy for any chopping and mixing last night, but I was determined to do some tonight.  For one reason, I needed a blog post.  For another reason, I needed some low fat, diet type stuff to eat.  I have not completely given up hope of reaching my weight-loss goals.  Accordingly, the first thing I wanted to do was to chop some radishes to put in my lunch.  Steven had nicely gotten the radishes for me when he picked up groceries last week.  You see how prompt I am about these things.  Judge me if you’d like.

Before I actually started chopping, I put some water on to boil for the macaroni (shells) (which were not easy to find, because the new canisters I got at a rummage sale are opaque) and put out the neufchatel to soften.  The box on the cheese said it was so easy to soften, just 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave.  I decided to use patience instead.

To make the cucumber sandwiches, I mixed an envelope of the Italian salad dressing into the neufchatel and spread the mixture on two pieces flat bread.  Then I put slices of cucumber on one piece of bread, topped it with the other and cut it into pieces. It makes a very delicious sandwich.  I already ate about four pieces.

I remembered I wanted to put chives in my macaroni salad so went out to my backyard and got some.  Chives are a most excellent thing to plant in your yard.  They come up every year with no further effort on your part beyond planting them the first time, and you can put them in all kinds of things.  I washed the chives and as they dried, I chopped a tomato and a cucumber, and put them in the bowl with the macaroni.  After adding the chives, I added mayonnaise and stirred.  Then I tasted.  Yum!

So that is my story of chopping and mixing.  I’m wondering if my readers find it better or worse than my more foolish posts.  No matter.  I can only write what comes out of my fingers at the time and hope somebody likes to read it.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Not Tired, Tasty

I just remembered that last Tuesday I noticed a rarely used category of Tasty Tuesday.  That was handy since I was sitting down to write about tonight’s supper.

Steven and I have rehearsal tonight for Roxy, the play we are in at Ilion Little Theatre (being presented by the Herkimer County Historical Society, in case anybody forgot or never knew).   One must have fuel to rehearse, of course, but one does not wish to be weighted down with too heavy a meal.  Additionally, while the temperatures have not been overly high today, the humidity has made things a little oppressive.

Luckily for me, Steven had a good idea.  Sunday I had made a yummy macaroni salad.  Today he went to the grocery store and purchased some deli meat and cheese.  His idea was to have not sandwiches but roll-ups.

The salad was one of my better efforts, if I do say so.  Medium shells, tomatoes, zucchini, red onion and radishes.  I only used mayonnaise for the dressing, but to add flavor I cut up some Horseradish and Garlic Pickles purchased at The Locavore in Frankfort, NY (just to add a little local, Mohawk Valley flair).  When I chopped up the tomatoes, I scraped all the seeds, juice and innards into the salad, so the whole thing is kind of pink.

I’m feeling exactly the right amount of full.  On to worrying about rehearsal!  I hope I know my lines.