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Lovely Lame Friday

I started writing a real post earlier today, about an authentic Mohawk Valley adventure I had on Thursday. Then for some reason I got hung up and started working on my novel instead. On the brighter side, I enjoyed writing what I wrote. On the duller side, I am pressed for time and am now reduced to making an extra lame Friday Lame Post.

The reason I am pressed for time is that another Mohawk Valley adventure beckons. In the interests of Preview of Coming Attractions, I will just mention that yesterday’s adventure was a CD Release Party for The Rick Short Band and today’s is the Ilion Little Theatre production of Wait Until Dark. Local music and theatre! I am the most fortunate blogger on the internet!

I was about to say “the luckiest,” and to help pad out my post, I’ll tell you why. A long time ago this really cool old lady told me to not say “good luck,” because luck comes from the devil. Instead, we should wish each other “good fortune.” I have to say, “most fortunate” does not sound as… well as good as “luckiest.” But what are you going to do? In Mrs. Virgilito’s memory, I say “fortunate.”

I may have misspelled her name, but since I don’t have permission to use her name, and she is in heaven now anyways, I’ll let it stand.

I hope you’re all having as lovely a Friday as I’m having.