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It’s Scattered, It’s Lame, It’s Late

What’s wrong with making my Friday Lame Post on Saturday morning?  Maybe a few things, but here we are.  It is prior to 6 a.m., although my timestamp may disagree.  I can’t worry about these things.

This is a really awesome place.

I drove to Richfield Springs, NY to check out the Food Co-op.  I loved it!  I will write more about it soon.  I took went a different way out of town and drove over a scenic route to Little Falls.  Unfortunately,  I did not stop and take any pictures. Maybe next time.

In Little Falls I went to the Little Falls Public Library’s book sale.  I did not have as good luck as I did at last year’s sale, but I found a couple of books and DVDs (including a Bela Lugosi movie, yes!).  Once again, I do not have a photo to share.  What’s that all about, me?

It looks longer and less steep in this shot, I think. 

Here is a picture of my Friday I can share!  Earlier in the morning I ran up the hill to Herkimer College (H-trip-C to locals).  I ran all the way up onto campus, around the stadium, past the Veterans Memorial, down Reservoir Road, and THEN into the residential area behind Valley Health and up the kick-buttest hill!  I guess I should have made a Running Commentary Post and bragged about it.

So it was kind of a Scattered Friday.  In case anyone was wondering: no, I did not have to work.  I took my last discretionary day off, just to get rid of it in case my place of employment abruptly shuts the door.  And if they do not shut the doors and I have to work the rest of the year with no extra days off, I have promised to do a happy dance each day.  Won’t that brighten up the workplace?


Preview of Tired Attractions

Full Disclosure: I have no real excuse to have a Tired Tuesday post this week. I am off work (Further Disclosure: this was dictated by my place of employment, it was not my idea). I have been sleeping Not Too Badly.

On the other hand, it is dreadfully hot and humid today. I tend to melt in the heat. Just go ahead and hate on me, all you summer lovers and sun worshipers. On second thought, don’t hate on me, I’m in a very delicate mood today and I might cry.

Ahem, be that as it may, I will give a brief overview of my activities for today, some of which I may write full blog posts about at some future date.

I made a bowl of macaroni salad. It could be worth a post; after all, I used chives from my own garden. I went to Little Falls, NY. In the past, that has been good for a post about me driving around confused by the one-way streets, but today I drove right where I wanted to go. Score!

I had a lovely visit at the Little Falls Historical Society. I definitely plan to write about that. From there I went to the Little Falls Library. I ended up not staying there long enough to write about it, but I may return at a future date.

From there, I drove to Frankfort, NY, where I patronized the Friendly Bakeshop and Melrose Market. Both of these fine establishments deserve a post as well.

Anyone who is exclaiming in an annoyed tone of voice, “Write about it NOW!” will be doomed to disappointment. I have no brain available for such activities. But I hope what I have written so far will suffice for today. Happy Tuesday, everyone.