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Ragtime or Rocky?

Many of us begin thinking about the upcoming weekend on Monday.  Sometimes you have to.  Today I am thinking about Saturday night, because I had plans but got another offer.

My plan was to participate in Ritz and Ragtime at Rutger Park, a fundraiser for the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica. I will join other members of LiFT, Little Falls’ community theatre, dressing in 1920’s costumes and interacting with guests in a Prohibition Era setting. There will be music and drinks in a magnificent setting.  I have participated in this event before; it’s great.

Then I found out that the Capitol Theatre in Rome, NY is showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show!   An interactive screening in a magnificent setting!   I have only seen Rocky Horror on home video and, more recently DVD.  Friends have told me about the audience participation, but I have never witnessed it.  Additionally,  a couple of long time friends (no, they are not old!) are going.

I still plan to go to the fundraiser.  I think people are counting on me.  Full disclosure: I also have a fabulous new dress I am dying to wear.  However, if things were to change unexpectedly,  it’s nice to know I have options.  Also, if I really want to see Rocky Horror,  there will be another showing Oct. 13.  I would just have to find different friends to go with.

At any rate, if anybody says there is nothing to do around here, I fear they are just not paying attention.  Here are two great pieces of entertainment for one Saturday night!

Ritz and Ragtime at Rutger Park runs from 7 to 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 available through Eventbrite.  Rocky Horror Picture Show will be playing at the Capitol Theatre, 230 W. Dominick St., Rome, NY, at 10:30 p.m.   Tickets are available through

And for anybody who looked at the times of the events and is about to suggest I fly from Utica to Rome and take in both… Well, let’s just say that is probably not going to happen.


Much Ado on Bad Attituesday

In lieu of the Bad Attituesday post  I was gearing up to write, I will share more information about Much Ado at the Herkimer Elks Lodge this Friday, Sept. 2.  A spaghetti dinner at 5:30 is followed by the show at 6:45 p.m. (do I really have to specify pm?  Can you imagine Shakespeare at 6:45 a.m.?  It sounds like a weapon in an old timey duel, “Shakespeare at dawn!”) (now I’m thinking that that’s a title of a play I ought to write…).

Where was I?  Ah yes, on Tuesday, looking forward to Friday.  And to rehearsal on Thursday.  I have been practicing my lines in my head.  I think I still know them.

My summer Shakespeare experience has been a great ride.  From hesitating about doing it to taking two parts to performing on four — soon to be five — different stages, I have learned a lot and laughed a lot.  I have made some wonderful theatre friends that I hope to work with again.  I have been inspired with several new writing ideas as well as a couple of directing thoughts.  And while vowing to never do another play in the summer, I am nevertheless intrigued by the possibility of stage combat in 2017.

That will be in the more distant future.  For the immediate future, I will be delighted to begin my three day weekend Friday with one last performance of Much Ado About Nothing.   Local readers are encouraged to attend. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.  The Herkimer Elks Lodge is located at 124 Mary St., phone number 315-866-1439. The Facebook event for the show is at


Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Hamlet Anymore

To post or not to post, that is the question.

See what I did there?  See, I’m in a Shakespeare play, and I took a well-known Shakespeare quote and modified it to fit the situation at hand.  And if you say, “But you’re not in Hamlet,” I shall say, “Don’t be so didactic.”

I guess the question is not so much “to post or not to post?” as “to post now or later?”  Obviously I am GOING to post.  I post every day.  It’s in my nature, it’s what I do (that’s a family quote; long story and possibly not as cute as we think it is).  I am sitting here in the increasing warmth and humidity, waiting for time to pass till my ride picks me up for the closing performance of Much Ado About Nothing.  I have a few things I must do before that happens, but not many and I’m stalling.

So do something useful, I can see you gearing up to suggest.  Who, me?  Be useful?  Excuse me, have we met?  In fact I did one marginally useful thing:  I ironed Hawaiian shirts for Steven and me to wear to the cast party later today.  I do love a nicely pressed Hawaiian shirt, and I  only recently obtained an ironing board to replace the one that perished in the flood of 2013. I’ve been making do with a towel on the table.  As you may imagine, under those circumstances I only iron what I absolutely must.

As I ironed the shirts, I pondered the appropriateness of it.  After all, Hawaiian shirts are synonymous with leisure, relaxing and parties.  Is it appropriate to labor over them with a  hot steam iron?  But the question was not “To iron or not to iron” (see what I did there?).  The shirts needed ironing.  They will now look awesome at the cast party.

I see that I have babbled on for over 300 words.  I call that quite respectable for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Then again, is a Wrist to Forehead Sunday ever quite respectable?  I must leave these questions to ponder another time.  Right now I’m going to look over my lines and check if my costume needs ironing as well.  Happy Sunday, everyone.

Oh and once again, Much Ado About Nothing, Sterzinar Park, Canal Place, Little Falls, 3 p.m.  Be there, aloha!



Much Ado Before the Deluge

This afternoon was the penultimate performance of LiFT’s production of Much Ado About Nothing (as you see, I take every opportunity to use the word “penultimate” in a sentence).  The weather was even hotter than on Thursday, and thunderstorms threatened.  However, as they say, the show must go on!

I had heard some thunder as I took Spunky out for a business meeting before leaving for Little Falls, but the skies were blue with fluffy white clouds.  What was that all about?  The heat and humidity were formidable, but my friend Kim, who was picking me up, has a good A/C in her vehicle.  We arrived in Little Falls early so were able to walk around Chicks on the Canal, a vendor fair that is part of the Canal Days festivities.

A delightful band was playing on the stage that we were to occupy in about an hour (I stupidly did not find out who they were).  They get the best musical acts for Little Falls events.  I couldn’t help dancing.  I figured, I was already sweating, how much worse could it get?  Additionally, dancing would pep me up, loosen me up and cheer me up.  It did all three, but the sweat did get rather bothersome.  I found a spot in the shade to sit and study my lines while I waited for my entrance.

At last the play began!  And I still had to wait for two acts and two scenes of a third before my entrance.  We had a pretty good audience, about 60 somebody said.  We could hear appreciative applause and laughter.  Yes!  Let’s hear it for live theatre!  I was happy to finally get on stage and even happier when the scenes I was in got laughs, too.

It was not until Act IV that the sky began to darken.  Our energy level was still high and we did not flag through Act V.  After curtain call it was downright dark and the wind started to whip.

“Where’s my Bible?” I asked (I’m the Friar, remember?).  “Where’s my green bag?”  A couple of cast members had gathered things up and put them inside as the rain threatened.

Then it hit.  It was a deluge!  I helped carry the last of the stuff into the building, pausing to do a Shawshank Redemption pose in the rain, because it felt damn good on my sweaty body.  I was laughing heartily, as I usually do at inclement weather.  I also helped carry stuff out to our director’s car.  We took a slower drive home than usual, trying to avoid hydroplaning.  We were so happy we had gotten through the whole performance before the storm.

We have one more performance, tomorrow at Sterzinar Park, Canal Place, Little Falls at 3 p.m.  I hope we get another good audience and the weather once gain cooperates!


We’ll Always Have Lame Post Friday

I really did try to write while I was at work today (YES, on a break, don’t go speed-dialing my boss!).  For one reason, I ran out of cryptogram puzzles from the newspaper and I didn’t bring a book or magazine nor yet my script to study (that last would have been a good idea; missed a bet).  Well, the brain dead thing continues, I guess. Anyways, it’s Lame Post Friday.  I can’t get too exercised on Lame Post Friday (exercise!  That would be another good idea!  Oh well).

It isn’t even a “real” Friday for me, because I work tomorrow.  Oh, don’t sneer at me, all you non-Monday-to-Friday people.  I know, you all work harder and longer than me at more challenging, important jobs.  Blah, blah, blah.  I wasn’t complaining.  Much.

My plan had been to write about LiFT’s performance of Much Ado About Nothing last night at Benton’s Landing in Little Falls.  It went very well.  Actors and audience both endured high temperatures and humidity.  We were rewarded with a live Shakespeare experience.  Oh, I do love theatre.  I love writing too; I just don’t seem to be capable of doing much of that lately.  As I often say, one must persevere.

Tomorrow afternoon we have another performance, this one on the stage where we have rehearsed the most, Sterzinar Park, Canal Place, Little Falls.  Saturday’s show is at 4 p.m., then Sunday we have one at 3.  For more information, you can visit LiFT’s Facebook page.  You can also see some fun pictures of our other performances.

And in case anybody was wondering, Sunday will conclude All Much Ado All The Time and we return to our regularly scheduled blog posts (you know, a few “real” posts surrounded by foolishness about How I Can’t Write a Post Today).  I do hope you’ll stay tuned.




I Judge that it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday

I did not think I was having too much white wine last night, but perhaps I was.  Or I could blame it on spending a couple hours out in the bright sunlight yesterday enjoying Herkimer’s Village-wide Garage Sales.  Perhaps the combination of the two.  In any case, I am having a Wrist to Forehead Sunday that is even more wrist-to-foreheady (you don’t have to underline that, computer, I know it is not a word) than my usual.  I’ve had a dreadful headache all day that is only just now in abeyance, after copious amounts of water, Gatorade and rest.

Those of you who feel the white wine is to blame and are shaking our head (or your fingers or your booties) in superior condemnation, don’t judge.  At least, I suppose I ought not tell people what to do.  Who am I to judge people for judging me?  For all I know they are perfectly right to do so.  Just because everybody says, “Don’t judge” doesn’t mean nobody should ever judge anybody under any circumstances.  What about federal judge or the Supreme Court?  I feel this is too complicated a question to consider.  It might bring my headache back on.

In any case, I have another bear of a week to prepare for.  Tomorrow is the postponed Much Ado at the Zoo.  That’s 6 p.m. at the Utica Zoo, local readers.  Free with admission to the zoo.  Come see the show!  We have three more performances in Little Falls, in Benton Landing and at Canal Place as part of the Canal Days celebration.  I’ll tell more about those later.  If you want more information, you can consult LiFT’s Facebook page.  You can also Like the Little Falls Canal Celebration page, for information about the whole festival.


And It Is SO Pleasant Here out on the Deck

If I have another Pinot Grigio, I may be adding another feature called Sloshed Saturday.  There was one Saturday where I used the title, “Never Drink and Type Be Damned!”  Not a great post, but a rather profound title (or do I flatter myself?).  Be that as it may, I am sitting on my deck trying to get some semblance of a Scattered Saturday post together so I can get back to enjoying my  weekend.

I had to work this morning, rendering my weekend less of one, as you may imagine.  After that I enjoyed Village Wide Garage Sales in Herkimer with my friend Kim.  Later on I had dinner with my husband at the Belly Up Pub (now under New Management).  And in between I had a nap.  Don’t judge.

Last night I participated in a delightful performance of Much Ado About Nothing with LiFT Theatre Company in Caroga Lake, NY.  I must write much, much more about the performance and about LiFt.  However, I feel that right now I shall not be able to reach the profundity the  subject deserves.  Suffice it to say that I had a marvelous time. As with many plays, I have reached the point where I am alternating between “I am never doing another play again” and  “I want a bigger part next time!”

All of this is no matter.  I am over 200 words.  I shall have another glass if Pinot Grigio.  I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday as much as I am.


Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Yes, it is another Slacker Saturday post.  I decided this after I typed in four or eight possible leads (who was counting?) and immediately backspaced over them.  Don’t judge me.

Our dear little doggy, Spunky, got us up prior to 5:30 this morning.  That was at least later than our usual 4:30 rising time, so I counted my blessings and put on my running clothes.  After accompanying Spunkman (as Steven likes to call him) on his morning business meeting, I went for a run.  It was not as long a run as I have taken, but I petted two dogs, went up something of a hill, and reached the I Can Rock This stage, although briefly.

I had rehearsal for Much Ado About Nothing at 10 a.m. in Little Falls.  That’s always fun.  I just love community theatre.  You meet the nicest people.  Also, I am an incurable ham (get it?  Because ham is a cured meat?  Well, I thought it was a play on words).

After rehearsal, Steven and I had some discussion of what to do, but eventually we went out to lunch at Cucina Berto in Frankfort, and grocery shopping at Hannaford in Herkimer.  When we got home, we took our doggy for a walk around the block (that is usually about as far as our little friend wants to go). Now we are wondering what to watch on television, if anything.

As you can see, I have indulged in a number of bloggable activities today: run, rehearsal, lunch, shopping, walk.  I could even write about How I Can’t Write a Post Today, given the number of starts I erased before I started.  Instead, I offer… what I just wrote.  Happy Saturday, everyone.

P.S.  Steven suggested the title.


From Witch to Watch

Oh, I  tried to write a blog post this morning.  There I was, on a break at work, snack at my side, notebook open… and I did a cryptogram puzzle I cut out of the newspaper.  Then I felt properly ashamed of myself and began writing a post about a cheesy movie I watched recently.  I had been thinking about the movie while I was working (as I have mentioned many times, you can do that with my job).  First I couldn’t remember the title or the plot.  Then when I remembered the title, parts of the plot came back to me.  I even thought of a few witty things to say about it (or do I flatter myself?) (we can’t tell till I write the post).

I got a few sentences out, but it just was not working well.  It was kind of a relief when break ended.  I cravenly stuck with cryptograms  and crossword puzzles during lunch (how’s that for a nice bit of alliteration?  I may use that for the title, thus blowing any chance of this being a true Non-Sequitur Thursday).

You can disregard that last parenthetical comment; I’m sticking with my first headline.  However, since I intend to explain said headline, this may not count as Non-Sequitur Thursday after all.  No matter, because I want to tell you about the Watch.

I’ve mentioned that I am in Much Ado About Nothing with LiFT Theatre Company in Little Falls.  I am the Friar.  At rehearsal last night, the director asked me if I would mind taking another small part.  Of course I never turn these things down.  More stage time? Another character?  I’m in!  The part is Second Watch.  I’m this homespun, uneducated farmer-type who has been recruited to be on the watch.  I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s a pretty funny part, and there are not many lines for me to learn.

One reason I think it is so fun to be Second Watch is that some time ago, when I was in a scene from MacBeth, directed by the same fellow who is currently directing, I was the Third Witch (wouldn’t it have been so cool if I had been the Second?  You can’t have everything).  I wrote several blog posts about it.  Perhaps you read one or two of them.

I will write more about Second Watch and Much Ado About Nothing in days to come. I hope to also finish that post about the movie.  I shall also get back to that list I mentioned in an earlier post this week.  I’m thinking I’d better get a move on if I want to cross out any more items.  Happy Thursday, everyone.



Me and the Bard

Well, it has been  while since I made a flying post before hurrying off to a rehearsal, hasn’t it?  If I wasn’t such a theatre junky, it would be longer yet.  What the blankety-blank was I thinking, saying I would be in a play?  Oh yeah, I like to be in a play.  And it is so flattering to be asked.  And I really, truly have a difficult time saying no.

Be all that as it may, I am sitting in my living room, typing on the laptop and sipping iced coffee, and debating what best to do.  To update anybody just tuning in, or regular readers who have forgotten, I am to play the Friar in Little Falls Theatre Company’s production of Much Ado About Nothing.  The first rehearsal for my character is tonight.  I have been learning my lines from a Yale Shakespeare copy of the play.  I had been going to use my Complete Works of Shakespeare, but I foolishly misplaced it.  How does one misplace a large yellow book, you may ask.  What can I say, I have unusual talents.

Two friends came to my rescue when I lamented the loss on Facebook.  One sent me a link to the Complete Works online.  The other had a collection of the plays, each play its own little volume, that she no longer wanted.  While we made arrangements for me to get the books, I logged onto the link and got started.  I have been looking at the lines almost every day since.

As I feared, learning Shakespeare is not as easy as learning other lines.  For one reason, a couple of my speeches run a little long.  For another reason, well, you know, Shakespeare.  I love Shakespeare.  When I read a Shakespeare play, my brain (or is it my soul?) gives in a little sigh of contentment.  But memorizing it is just a trifle more difficult than regular old dialogue.  I say this not in a complaining spirit but in a little embarrassment that I do not yet know my lines.  I like to learn my lines right away.

It really is no matter though.  Also, it is no matter than I have been out in the sunshine all day having Mohawk Valley adventures.  Tired?  Ha!  No brain for learning lines?  Ha!  The show must go on!  Rehearsal will be fun!  And I have written a blog post.  I am not entirely satisfied with my title, but then again, this is Non-Sequitur Thursday.  It will have to do.