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Will I Plant Flowers?

Time for a quick Throwback Thursday Post, if my Tablet will cooperate. It is beginning to move as slowly as my brain sometimes does. Yikes!


Here is a picture from June 2020 and my last container garden. I could not get it together in 2021 (why does that goddam autocorrect always lop off the 2? It even did it just now when I was going to finish that question with “at the beginning of numbers”). It brings to mind one of my favorite New Year’s cartoons, which features this dialogue :

First guy: What do you think the new year will bring?

Seccond guy: Flowers.

First guy: Why do you think that?

Second guy: Because I am planting flowers.

I still wear the same leggings, socks, and sneakers.

This is another shot from 2020 (again witth the disappearing 2!) (Twice!). Perhaps it would have been better to continue with the flower theme, but the image of leisure rather appealed to me. I may not have much lounging time in the foreseeable future. However, in a few months I hope to find time to plant a few flowers.

Pre-Lame Post

Lame Post Friday is not till tomorrow. Yet here I sit with NOTHING to write about.

I’ve been thinking lately that I want to do more posts about bad movies. They are fun to write, and people seem to like them. Then I thought, will people think I do nothing but watch bad movies? Then I thought, what do I care what people think? Then I stopped arguing with myself and tried to finish writing this post.

I seem to watch a lot of television. In my defense, I usually crochet or knit while I watch, so I get projects done. Sometimes I write in the TV Journal, which is fun to do and fun to read later. I’d like to think that it is my legacy to future generations, but I rather doubt that future generations will bother to decipher my handwriting.

I often run into people who sniff, “I don’t have time to watch television.” Some of these people can still tell you the last couple of people to get voted off Survivor and which husband Kim Kardashian is on (I don’t know these things myself; what does that tell you, if anything?). Or maybe they truly do not watch television, but spend hours working on their fantasy football team or playing Farmville. To each his own, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow.

My point being, don’t sniff at how I spend my leisure time; we are none of us as productive as we could be. Oh, all right, I suppose some people are. I’m sure many, many people are at least more productive than I am. Don’t brag about it to me, though, or I will lampoon you in this blog as a thoroughly obnoxious person (ooh, scary threat).

Where was I? Nowhere, really. The real reason I’m at a loss today is that I have not been doing much this week. I actually have a topic I would like to write about, but I think that needs to wait till tomorrow at least. So I guess that’s a preview of coming attractions. Here’s a teaser: I’ll tell you my tentative title: “Dirty Break for Dirty Works.” Intrigued? Stay tuned!