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Somewhat Lame Run

I had thought to make a Running Commentary post in lieu of my usual Lame Post Friday post.  I tried all day to psych myself up for a run.  As I worked, I pictured myself jogging down the sidewalk.  Of course when you run in your headp it always feels good, not thunky or breathless.  Then as it got closer to quitting time, lounging with a nice beverage on the deck seemed a better way to go.

Steven was even relaxing on the deck when I got home.  How churlish it would be of me not to join him!  Well, I was churlish enough to get myself into running gear and get going. A short run, I told myself, secretly hoping to end up doing a medium or even a long run once I got going.

It a actually did not feel too bad. I did not run Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday,  although I did mow the lawn on Tuesday (I seem to remember mentioning that in a blog post).  I went for a short run yesterday (which I also mentioned in my blog post). Running the second day usually does feel better, which was one reason I was able to talk myself into it.

It was a short run,  although slightly longer than yesterday’s.  I fully intend to run tomorrow,  which I expect will feel good, since I will run in the morning, not in the afternoon heat after working for eight hours.

I guess I didn’t say too much about the run itself, other than that I did it.  I am going to say that that’s OK for a Lame Post Friday.  I hope to see you all on Saturday.  Scattered?  Slacker?  Otherwise?  A little uncertainty adds interest to my blog.



Once Again, About to Break a Lame

The Mummers, minus me.

Hello and welcome to Lame Post Friday.   I have to get ready soon for our Mummers performance at the Great American Irish Festival in Frankfort NY.  I am, as usual before a performance, eager and nervous.  It is a combination not good for my stomach, but I just love it.  Drama is my life!

In the meantime,  blog posts must be made, at least my blog posts by me.  Other bloggers of course must follow their own rules.  Lucky for me it is, as I mentioned earlier,  Lame Post Friday.

I think blog posts are better with monsters.

I thought I would throw in a monster or two.  This fight is symbolic of the fight in my stomach between nerves and anticipation.  You can decide which is which.


Me and some theatrical friends.

I thought I would also include a picture of me being theatrical.  This is from a murder mystery we did a few years ago.  Of course a murder mystery is a different kind of performance from a Mummer’s play.  I like all kinds of theatrical endeavors.

And another monstrous picture to round things out.

I thought I would end with Peter Lorre and Vincent Price reminding me not to lose my head.  Good advice.  Now I’m off to get my costume together.  Then I’ll break a leg!


I’ll Never Go from Lame to Riches

As I headed towards the library, I congratulated myself on having the oomph to get here and make a blog post, so my tally (by my admittedly questionable calculations) stands at three posts behind, not four (no promises about tomorrow).  Then I stopped congratulating myself and remembered I probably would not be able to think of anything worthwhile to publish.  I came to my own rescue by further remembering that it is Lame Post Friday.  All I have to do is hit Publish, maybe first making with a couple random observations and some half-baked philosophy.

One note, and this veers into the half-baked philosophy category:  while I was congratulating myself, I did NOT attempt to pat myself on the back.  That’s a good way to dislocate your arm.  I’ll be honest, I was not really congratulatory; I was feeling mildly pleased with myself.  Since I have been spending a good portion of my time lately feeling stupid and/or useless, mildly pleased is nice.  I rather enjoyed it while it lasted.

I intend to put my feet up later, deserved or not.

I thought I would throw in a picture to pep things up.  I was looking for these sandals to wear to the library, and I could not find them.  Under the heading Reasons Not To Feel Pleased With Myself.  I fortunately had another pair of sandals to wear, since earlier I was wearing a new pair of shoes that made angry red marks on my heels.  And that is my sandal story for the day.

“And what about YOU?” in an accusatory tone of voice.

Here is a random picture from my Media Library.  I find it amusing.  It is my friends Margaret, Kim and me rehearsing for a murder mystery.  I would like to do another murder mystery soon.  We shall see.

Ain’t they pretty?

I wanted to include three pictures, so I close with this shot of our Black-Eyed Susans from last year.  This year we have a lot of greenery but no blooms so far.  With my garden as with my blog, I always hope for improvement.


Tree and Typo on Tired Tuesday

It is that moment in the evening when I am wishing I made my blog post earlier.  However, that ship sailed, and I do not want to be another post behind. Well, what’s wrong with another Tired Tuesday post,  anyways?  For one thing, I can potentially include a few monster pictures, since I refrained from doing so on Monday.

The tree in the background has been called Frankentree.

This is not exactly a monster,  but it might be a little scary.  It is the remains of some branches I cut off a tree in my backyard.  And if you want to hear something REALLY scary, there is the typo I made when I posted the picture on Facebook.  Earlier I had posted, “I fought the lawn and the lawn won.”  With the above picture, I typed, “Maybe the lawn won,  but I sure taught that tree a thong or two.”

I caused considerable amusement for some and an unfortunate mental image for others.  You can’t please everybody.

Under the heading Waste Not Want Not.

This is the first picture I took of the cans.  I include it here, because, in the true spirit of Tired Tuesday,  I ain’t got much.

Full disclosure:  My heroic tree branch efforts are not the reason for today’s tiredness.  Still, it gave me something to type.  I think I’ll close with a monster picture and call it a post.

You just knew it was going to be Nosferatu, didn’t you?



Late Run, Lame Post

I confess, the days are running into each other such that I have to make an effort to remember where I am in the week.  Nevertheless, I know today is Friday and I shall take the liberty of making a Friday Lame Post (I just love that expression “take the liberty of”).

It was pouring rain this morning, so I thought I was off the hook for running.  However, it stopped eventually, and I felt guilty for not running,  so off I went.  It hadn’t gotten sunny and hot yet.  This would be great.

Unfortunately, when I thought I would not run, I ate something. Then  I did not wait long enough before running. Oh dear!  I felt dreadfully sick to my stomach. I made it a short run, but I sure didn’t feel good about it.

Two highlights on my run.  Early on, a group of men was walking toward me.  They went single file so we could share the sidewalk.

“Training for the Boilermaker?” one asked.

“Not this year,” I confessed.  Another man told me I was doing great, and we went our separate ways.

Toward the end of my run, I went by a neighbor who was having a garage sale and called a greeting.

“I shouldn’t buy any of your stuff, ” I said as I passed, “I have too much stuff already — ooh, movies!”

However, I did not return and buy anything.  No promises for tomorrow,  though.

So for a Friday Lame Post,  I guess this is a kind of a Running Commentary.  Some days I can’t get anything right!


Then Again, At Least I Posted Something

So there I was (actually,  here I am,  since I haven’t moved, but “there I was” sounded better in my head), making my blog post about a tasting I attended at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer.  I took a few pictures as well as copious notes. And I just don’t feel up to making a good blog post about it now.

I guess this makes this a Slacker Saturday post.  I tried not to slack too much today.  I worked on the lawn for what seemed like a long time.  I tried to make further progress in the house.  I mostly felt like hanging out,  knitting,  and watching television.   Or movies.   I can be flexible to that extent.

My question now is, have I worked hard enough all week to deserve a Slacker Saturday?   Probably not.  Then again,  who am I to decide what I do or do not deserve? I would not make such a judgement on somebody else.   Why should I treat myself with less consideration than I would treat some purely hypothetical stranger?

Now we are getting into half-baked philosophy more suitable for Lame Post Friday.  Then again, I did not successfully pose any such philosophical questions yesterday.  Why should I not philosophize (half-bakedly or otherwise) on any day of the week?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

In the meantime,  Happy Saturday,  and I hope to post about that tasting soon.