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I Guess It’s Scattered Saturday After All

Hey, did anybody notice that yesterday I did NOT make a Friday Lame Post?  That is good news for me, because I am working my way right into a Lame Post Saturday.  I have not done enough to even make it a Scattered Saturday!  And I am leaving in less than an hour for tech rehearsal for Splitting Issues at Ilion Little Theatre (perhaps you read my recent post about the play), so it would behoove me to publish something soon.

I thought I would run this morning.  I ran yesterday and it didn’t go too badly. It didn’t go too well, either, but I don’t ask for miracles.  It was quite cold when we got up at 5:30 (due to Steven’s work schedule; I blessedly had the day off), so I thought a later run might be better for me.  And hanging out with my husband in the morning is definitely a good idea for me.

When Steven left for work, I tried to walk to the post office with Spunky.  I had some post cards to mail, and I thought a Pedestrian Post might be nice.  Spunky was moving slowly.  He pooped right away, then a few feet further down pooped again.  I call him Two-Poop Spunky, although he does not always limit himself to two.  After the second one, he turned around and headed briskly back home.  Spunky does not have much of a fur coat; the groomers keep his short, because he has skin issues.  He was probably cold.  I was.  So much for a walk.

After a while I got in my vehicle and drove to the post office to mail my things.  Then I went to an ATM to replenish my cash.  I had a vague idea of going to a new cafe I had seen, for a blog post and perhaps to write about for Mohawk Valley Living.  Oh, I just couldn’t make myself.  Blame it on the weather.  Blame it on some medication that I will NOT go on about, because I do not care to be tiresome about my health issues (even more tiresome than I normally am, that is).  No matter.  I went home.

I put in a load of laundry and tried to tidy the living room.  I made a little progress, but I also made my dog restless.  Since the temperature had warmed up somewhat, I thought we would try another walk.  We got about a block further before Spunky decided to turn around.  I was just as glad about that, because he was moving so slowly.   Then I was even happier, because Steven was home for lunch.  That snuck up on me!

I confess, have not gotten a whole lot else done.  I got the laundry in the dryer, where it sits.  There, I stopped typing and went and got it.  How’s that for reporting the news as it’s happening?  I worked on my article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  That deadline is looming, but I should meet it.  And now I am drinking green tea with lemon and honey (just for another bit of breaking news).

Is it Scattered?  Is it Lame?  I don’t care.  It is a blog post.  I’m hitting Publish.  I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.



Fake Friday Lame Post

How about Lame Post Friday on a Wednesday?  For one reason, it is late in the day, I am tired, and it is like a Friday for me because I do not work for the next five days.  Ha ha, that is three reasons.  How lame is that?  I could even say it’s eight reasons, if I count each of the five days I don’t work as a reason (or it could be seven, depending on how you count; I was never good at math).

Traditionally Lame Post Friday is the home of random observations and half-baked philosophy.  I am currently not-so-randomly observing my dog, Spunky, frantically pawing his afghan on the couch.  He comes dangerously close to the edge of the couch.  Then he stops his pawing to look at Steve.  Spunky is happy we are home.  We were out running an errand and grabbing dinner.

Tomorrow we leave for Vermont for a long weekend visiting family.  It should be very beautiful this time of year.  I love Vermont as well as, of course, our family.  And who doesn’t love days off work?  (Oh, I know, there are some who do not, but I am not of their number).  Will I be able to make my blog posts?  Let’s hope so.

And that leads us to some half-baked philosophy (as this is Fake Lame Post Friday).  Should bloggers take vacation?  Since blogging is (for me at least) a fun hobby, wouldn’t taking days off of blogging be NOT a vacation?  Discuss amongst yourselves.  Happy Wednesday AND Friday.


Running Out on Rummage

In lieu of my usual Friday Lame Post, I shall tell about a brief Mohawk Valley adventure I enjoyed after leaving work this afternoon.  Last night when I looked at the newspaper, I noticed a rummage sale at the Episcopal Church in Ilion NY.  I could have hurried right over, but I had already reached the sweats on, bra off portion of the evening.  I decided on a quick stop after work today instead.

I was searching for props and costumes for Leading Ladies (remember, that play I’m directing at Ilion Little Theatre?).  Of course I did not rule out finding something for my own personal enjoyment, but that would be strictly by the way.

Right away I found a decanter, such as a rich person might have sitting on a table with booze in it.  I wanted one of those.  For the play, I mean.  I don’t have any booze in my house to decant; I stick with wine.  Then I saw some tins.  I don’t need any tins for the play, but Steven likes to put Christmas presents in tins.  Put a present in a present, he says.  I picked out three.  Then I found two large silky-looking nightgowns.  I thought these might supplement the costumes for the boys that dress as girls (the titular leading ladies).  If not, they might be useful as part of a Halloween costume sometime.  Waste not, want not, I always say.

I asked if I could put my stuff down while I looked at the books and jewelry.  I snagged two books and a huge handful of jewelry.  The nice lady in charge of the jewelry counted up what all I had while I took one last swing though the tables.  That was when I found the VHS tapes.  Cheesy movies!  Yay!  There were a couple of titles I already own (The Killer Shrews and Plan 9 From Outer Space), but I found SIX I’ve never seen.  Cheesy movies have nothing to do with the play but EVERYTHING to do with this blog!

It turned out I had gotten a little too excited about the jewelry and did not have enough money to pay for it all.  The nice lady agreed to hold it till tomorrow, when either Steven or I will return with the cash.  As I was paying for my other purchases, I discovered the decanter was broken.  I told them somebody might still like it to sit on a shelf and look pretty, but I needed one I could actually pour a drink out of.  This was just as well, because I would not have had enough money for everything otherwise.

The ladies at the rummage sale said they would be happy to see me tomorrow, when it will be dollar a bag day.  I’d probably better send Steven, because I would probably find at least a couple of bags’ worth of stuff more.


Mohawk River Run

Instead of my beloved Lame Friday Post, I make bold to offer two Running Commentary posts in a row, because once again I ran two days in a row.  I’m just a little pleased with myself about it (happily glossing over the fact that I first took three days off).  Also, the setting of my run was definitely Mohawk Valley-ish.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in Rome for Thanksgiving.  I had brought running clothes for two days but, as it turned out, not quite what I needed.  Well, who expects to wear shorts to run in November?  Yes, it happens, but one must admit, it is unusual.  No matter, my Mom loaned me a pair of shorts and off I went.

It was a little later than yesterday’s run; the sun was high in the sky, so I decided to check out the Mohawk River Trail. I picked it up off (I think) Culver Avenue (at least, one end of that street is Culver.  I suppose I COULD look it up before I publish this, but you know what a slacker I am on a Friday).  The trail head was clearly labeled, and there was a trash can at the entrance.  I always take note of public trash cans, for if I’m walking a dog and need to dispose of poop bags.

The trail is blacktop and wide enough for two or three to walk abreast.  I made note of that, because I thought I might be returning later in the day for a walk with members of my family.  Oh, I do love to be in the woods.  The trees were bare, leaves carpeted the ground, everything was brown and peaceful.  It was a cloudy, almost a gloomy morning, but my mood was anything but gloomy.  I could feel that I was running faster than yesterday, which you may recall, was faster than previously.  I’m thinking the reason was that I had been up for a while, drank coffee and eaten some toast and date-nut bread (protein in the dates and nuts!).

Just to interject another family note (it is a holiday weekend, after all), the date-nut bread was made by my sister Diane using my grandmother’s recipe.  Grandma always brought date-nut bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas; I am so pleased to have the tradition continued.  To add to the tradition (and the best traditions are built on over the years), my sister made the bread with her daughter, another sister and a niece, while having few drinks and a lot of laughs.  Laughs are a very important part of my family’s traditions.

Getting back to the run, I was enjoying myself quite a bit on the smooth, fairly level path.  I could see a few side paths that were not paved. I’m not sure if they were official or just used by some people, but I did not explore any today.  One led down to the water, possibly for a fishing spot.  The river was mostly visible through the trees, civilization less so. I was not sure where I was in relation to the City of Rome.  This did not particularly worry me.  I could always turn around and run back the way I came, but of course I didn’t want to do that.

There was a bridge in the distance.  Could I get there from here?  I had crossed a bridge to get to the trail so obviously would have to cross another to get back.  I was about half-way to how long I wanted to run for.  It was time to turn around or go another way.  Up a little bit of a hill, I came to a road.  Ah, but what road?  It did not look familiar.  Then I saw a sign for MVCC (Mohawk Valley Community College).  I know they have a branch on Floyd Avenue.   There was a sidewalk, to I got on it and turned in the direction of the bridge.

Things did not look completely familiar right away, but I was still pretty sure I was on Floyd Ave and headed in the right direction (I know it is more proper to say “Floyd Avenue” when I don’t have a street number, but we SAY “Floyd Ave” in conversation, so I make bold to say that here) (just a little grammatical digression).  Then things looked vaguely familiar, then I recognized stuff.

It was a lovely little run.  I went the exact length of time I went yesterday. Perhaps by Sunday I will increase it by the recommended 10 percent.  In the meantime, I’ll hit Publish and feel pleased with myself that I burned off some of the calories consumed at our Thanksgiving feast.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Webster Is Not Much Help

Do you suppose that MRI sucked out my brains and that’s why I’ve been so stupid all week?  Yes, yes, I know you’re asking what my excuse was before the MRI.  Must you make such obvious jokes?

Welcome to Non-Sequitur Thursday.

It really is a brain dead feeling.  It doesn’t seem like Writer’s Block, because that implies that there is something behind the block struggling to get out.  It isn’t exactly Writer’s Blank, either, because my brain does have a kind of, well, cluttered feeling to it.  But I can’t think, I can’t write, and it is very distressing.

Having said that, I remind myself that I just now wrote two paragraphs and one sentence worth of words and am embarking on another paragraph.  That does make me feel marginally less distressed.

The sentence that has been sticking in my head this morning is, “One must have a topic.”  It seems that sentence should include the phrase “in order to write,” but I’m not sure whether to put it at the beginning or the end of the sentence.  Any thoughts?

I realize that at times this blog seems dedicated to disproving that sentence.  How many posts about nothing at all have I written?  Anybody opening his mouth to say, “All of them,” can just close it (you know who you are).

This brings us, actually in a kind of a sequential fashion, to my philosophical question for the day.  Then again, half-baked philosophy is the purview of Lame Post Friday, so that makes it a kind of a non-sequitur once again.  Be that as it may, the question is:  Is it inherently better, worse or the same if I compose a post about nothing at the keyboard or if I write it in my notebook while at work (on a break OF COURSE)?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Bonus question:  When was the last time you saw the word “purview” used correctly in a sentence?

Note to self:  Look up “purview” and see if I used it properly.


Second Most Boring Post Yet

Wow, that was a boring post.  Not yesterday’s, although I suppose some found it boring (you don’t have to tell me if it was you).  Not having written anything earlier today (except part of a letter to a friend) and feeling rather blank, I looked into my Drafts and saw, “The Most Boring Post Yet.”  Damned if I wasn’t right!

Although I guess today’s is bidding to become a close second (I KNOW at least one of you just said or thought that).  I did not have a headache today, for which I am extremely grateful.  However, these all-day headaches often leave me somewhat brain-dead the next day (cue unkind remarks about how my brain is not the most lively under the best of circumstances).

Then again, it is Lame Post Friday.  I almost always post lame on Friday, even when I have to work on Saturday (which I do this week, by the way).  It is usually my day of random observations and half-baked philosophy.  Let’s see if I can come up with any of those.

I have been making a lot of… not “real” post lately.  Call them lame, call them foolish, call the ridiculous (I know I have used all those descriptions).  The fact is, they have not been about specific Mohawk Valley events, places, or adventures.  I can offer the usual excuses:  I’ve been busy, I’ve been tired, I’ve been down.  If I was really clever I could offer some half-baked philosophy about why this is true or even why it is all right.  And here we come to the ugly truth about me:  not very clever (and those of you saying you already knew that, please shut up) (you know who you are).

Sorry, folks, I got nuthin’.  But I’m going to publish it anyways, because I don’t think I can come up with anything better.  Tomorrow maybe I’ll post The Most Boring Post Yet and you can compare/contrast.  Happy Friday, everyone.

Oh, but here’s a question:  since I have not published The Most Boring Post Yet yet, does that make this The Most Boring Post Yet?  Discuss amongst yourselves.


Lame Wrist to Forehead Saturday?

I am having yet another very bad Saturday, as I am plagued with yet another headache.  Yes, I am keeping track of my headaches in a little notebook.  When I feel I have gathered enough data, I will return to my doctor (it is actually a nurse practitioner or physician assistant or some such) and say, “Help!”  However, my purpose in making a blog post is not to complain (I know, could have fooled you), but to entertain.


I only said “entertain” to rhyme.  My purpose in writing a blog is the purely selfish one of wanting to write every day.  The fact that some people kind of sort of like reading it is a delightful by-product that feeds my petty ego.


You may have guessed that I am being a little silly today.  I feel that after my stressful week, a day of blah-blahing at the keyboard, trying to be funny might be nice.  For me anyways.  For my readers, of course you are the judge.  Since I did not do a Lame Post Friday (although some may have found yesterday’s post, as well as many others, fairly lame, but let’s not go there), I thought Lame Post Saturday would be OK.  Then I thought my bad headache and lack of productivity made a Wrist to Forehead post also eligible.  Of course now I must strive NOT to have a Wrist to Forehead post tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes, won’t we?


I tried to get a few things done today.  I went for a long run including a pretty good hill this morning.  That was nice.  At least, parts of it were nice.  You know how that goes.  My run made me determined to make it to the Sneaker Store in New Hartford, NY, for new running shoes, a mission which I also accomplished (and I might write a blog post about) (preview of coming attractions).  After that, my headache felt even worse and I could do no more than come home.


Last week I tried to get things done despite my headache, because I had people coming over in the evening.  My headache blessedly left me by the time my guests arrived, and a good time was had by all (perhaps I should have written about that).  This week I decided to give myself a break and nurse the damn headache.  Migraine Relief, decongestant and two naps later,  I feel a little better.  A cup of coffee seems to be having a beneficial effect which this morning’s cups lacked.


So life is getting better.  It shall improve more when my wonderful husband Steven returns from work.  We are still getting used to the large hole left in our hearts and lives by the sad departure of our beloved dog, but we help each other.  Sorry to bring up my poor Tabby again, but I’m sure other pet owners understand.


Ah, now I’ve done it. I ended on a down note instead of being entertaining.  That puts the wrist back onto the forehead, doesn’t it?  Tune in tomorrow, when  Mohawk Valley Girl says, “Where the hell should I put my wrist NOW?  Don’t answer that!”