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Is Jerry Lewis Still Alive?

I went running twice this weekend.  I could write a heck of a Running Commentary today instead of Wrist to Forehead Sunday, couldn’t I?  Well, maybe I could and maybe I couldn’t.  As Fats Waller famously queried, One never knows, do one?

Regular readers know I have been struggling to begin running yet again.  Yes, I have started and stopped running many times.  As long as I keep beginning again, I am reasonably content with myself.  After all, as I have often observed, beating oneself up doesn’t burns calories, build muscles, increase aerobic health or even keep one reasonably entertained for any length of time.  Running can potentially accomplish all of the above.

So I ran on Saturday and again on Sunday.  They were not great runs, more like plods, especially Saturday’s.  No matter.  I got out and did it.

And I really don’t feel like writing about it.

No matter, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday as well as my birthday.  I am now playing with a full deck, 52 years old.  I stole that joke from Jerry Lewis.  He used it at the beginning of one of his Labor Day Telethons, back in the day when it was quite the thing to watch the telethon.  Well, they say plagiarism is the sincerely form of flattery.  At least, I say it.

So that is my post today.  I told you I ran but didn’t tell you about my run, then I shared a lame, stolen joke.  And it took me over 250 words.  I’ll call that OK.  Gee, I hope I still have readers by tomorrow.  Happy Sunday, everybody.