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Did You Miss Me Yesterday?

My whole life is operator error!

OK, got that out of my system.  Regular readers may have noticed that I did not make a post yesterday.  Well, I had internet issues.  I’m still having them.  However, by the miracle of Mid-York Library System, I am making a brief post today.  Yes, I am at Basloe Library in Herkimer, on one of their computers.  I was trying to get onto the internet on my laptop, and it just did not seem to be working out for me.  I re-started the laptop and that may have worked, but then I said, “Oh to hell with it; I’ll get on one of their computers and make my blog post!”  I said it to myself; I did not swear out loud in the library.

Last night I would have liked to go to the library parking lot and get on the internet, but Steven and I had plans for dinner and the theatre.  At least, we had plans for the theatre.  I was supposed to make dinner but I made reservations instead.  It served as our belated anniversary dinner, at Sorrento’s in Ilion.  A delightful dinner.  Then we went to Rabbit Hole at Ilion Little Theatre.  Then we went home and went to bed, where I did not sleep well, but that’s neither here nor there.

I did not run in the Reindeer Run 5K (I would still be running it if I had) in Little Falls.  For one reason, I could not pre-register because I could not get online.  For another reason, I just didn’t want to any more.  I mean, I kind of did, but I mostly didn’t.  Sorry, other 5K runners who may have enjoyed me puffing and panting and making silly jokes along the way.  Maybe next year.

So now that I have blathered on for some 300 words, I’m going to get on with the rest of my day.  Big plans, mostly of the Mohawk Valley adventure variety. I’ll let you know how they workout.