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Or I Could Write a Better Blog Post

I feel less ill than I felt yesterday, yet more ill than I felt this morning. However, I am not making this post to whine about my ills (although, as I pointed out yesterday, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved), but to tell the rest of the story I began yesterday. I think that will work for Lame Post Friday.

To re-cap for those just tuning in: I was at work. I was supposed to do laundry after work but had forgotten detergent and quarters. I called my husband Steven on my first break. I laid out what I saw as my options:

“I can go home, upset the dog, get the detergent and quarters, get a late start on the laundry. That would have the advantage that the detergent definitely would not be frozen.” With the weather we have been having lately, that is a concern. “Or, I can go to the ATM and get some money out.” After all, it was payday, there should be money in the bank. “Or, I can go to Wal-Mart, buy socks and underwear, and bag laundry till next week.”

“Do that,” Steven said. Do I have the world’s best husband or what?

I called my house a few hours later, leaving a message I hoped Steven would get on his lunch break. I told him I was going straight home and to bed after work. I would go commando and find some socks somewhere for Friday. It’s not that I need to inform my husband of my every move. Only I was sure he expected me to stop by his place of employment and say hi after I had purchased the underwear.

I hope none of my followers are hitting the “stop following” button because I’ve been talking about my underwear. This isn’t usually that sort of a blog. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow and write a nice blog post. Happy Friday, everyone.