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Hate the Heat, Love the Flowers

And yet I am not becoming noticeably smaller.

I am not a fan of summer. Sun worshippers can feel free to hate on me but all I can do is shake my sweaty head, very slowly. Oh, just listen to me whine! I am starting to hate on me myself!

Please ignore the weeds.

One good thing about summer is flowers. We started out ten years ago with one humble Black-eyed Susan, purchased at a sale to benefit Herkimer County Humane Society. Just look at them now!

Another view.

The Brown-eyed Susan’s just magically grew. They have expanded as well. I just can’t bear to cut them back.

Please ignore the hideous deck.
I think they are pretty.

Our Rose of Sharon is not as bloom-filled, much to our disappointment.

I see one flower!

Other Roses of Sharon (Rose of Sharons?) In the neighborhood are more colorful. If it becomes cool enough for a comfortable walk, I will try to get a few pictures for a future post.

In the meantime, I have managed to make a post of, well, not quite 200 words (I keep clicking on the counter up top to check). And it was not too painful (at least for me to write; obviously I cannot speak for any possible readers). Ah, there is 200. Keep cool, everyone!

I Know! We’ll Blame it on the Weather!

This was actually not the illustration I was looking for.

It is not Writer’s Block; it is Writer’s Blank.  I can pick up a pen (or a stylus as the case may be) and produce words, but they are not the words I want.  When I try to think of characters, scenes, plot… nothing.

Yet I must persevere.

This isn’t it either, but what the hell, it is Tuesday.

I knew I could at least manage a Tired Tuesday Post.  I have been trying to abide by my rule of Any Writing Counts, but so far it has not been working out well.  Today I only made some notes in the TV Journal.  Yesterday I managed a couple of cards, before that a letter.  However, when I put pen to paper and attempt fiction, nothing.

THIS is the one I was looking for!

I really did put pen to paper and try.  I feel this is important.  There are many times (and I feel sure I am not the only one here) when I feel so discouraged, I do not even try.  I will, of course, try again.

In the meantime,  this is yet another blog post about not writing.  I wonder if I can’t find one more illustration, for your amusement and mine.

Me not be dramatic? Dream on!

Perhaps the hot humid weather is to blame for my malaise.  Most likely it is, as usual, operator error.  However, I shall try again tomorrow.  Sooner or later I hope to meet with success.


More Doodah Dithering

No, I could not think of another “d” word for my alliterative title.  Anyways, this is a fine Non-Sequitur Thursday post when my headline reflects what the post is actually about.  I’d better throw in a picture of a monster.

I’m glad I don’t have to fit him for a pair of glasses.

I was going to go for Nosferatu, since he is my favorite, but then I saw this fellow looking just about as flustered as I feel.  He is from The Brain that Wouldn’t Die.  For the uninitiated, he does not posses the titular brain. In fact, we never see him till near the end of the flick, an excellent technique in a monster movie.

Now I’ve gotten right off the subject of the Doodah Parade, but just to bring you up to date:  I decided not to participate after all.  My lame excuses (how embarrassing to be lame before Lame Post Friday!):  I don’t have time to get a costume together, I’ve gone back on overtime so 10-hour day on Friday and possible early shift Saturday, I have a doctor appointment Friday afternoon which may last inconveniently late.

Of course as soon as I messaged my friend Kim, who is in charge of our float, begging off, I began to feel guilty and regretful.  After my shower, I tried on the fancy dress I thought might make a good costume.  It’s a little tight but would do in a pinch. I started thinking of other possibilities.

I cast a spell on you!

This, regular readers (if any) may recall, was my Wizard for the March of Dimes costume.  It’s awfully dark colored.  I wonder how hot it would be.

I am NOT saying, “To be or not to be.”

I’m the one on the left, in the yellow tights.  That would be a cool-looking but hot-feeling costume. Anyways, I don’t have all the parts in my possession, as some were borrowed from the LiFT collection.

Do you suppose he’s watching a parade?

I threw in the picture of Nosferatu just to mix things up a little.  I think monsters make a blog post fun.

I’m third from the right, in blue and maroon.

One final thought: I wore this ensemble for a murder mystery.  I think the blue throw is striking.  I could wear it with shorter pants in the hot weather.

So I’m thinking IF my doctor appointment gets done in time, and IF I’m not too tired from getting up at 3 a.m. and working in the heat, MAYBE I will get home, shower fast, put on something costumey, and join the parade.  But no promises.


Severed Heads on Melting Monday

I promised myself a Monstrous Monday post, and I felt it would be better to get new (to this blog) monster pictures.  After quite some time of puttering around Facebook looking for them, I found not a monster, exactly, but what one might see as monstrous.

Some people just don’t like to sleep alone.

This is a shot from one of my favorite movies to watch on a Severed Head Sunday, which alas, I did not have yesterday: Straitjacket with Joan Crawford.  I sure do like movies that feature severed heads.  I looked for more pictures.

She’s giving him the side eye.

Another big favorite of mine: The Brain that Wouldn’t Die.  The sad thing about the movie is that the head wanted to die, but the obsessed boyfriend would not allow it.  These mad scientists always think they know best.  It took me a while to find a third photograph.  I tried to think of movies that featured severed heads and thought of Sleepy Hollow, or, as I like to call it, The Headless Everybody.  But all I could find was pictures of Johnny Depp looking sultry.  So I tried Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte, with another of my favorites, Bette Davis.  Charlotte is more contemporary with the pictures I’ve shared thus far.

Very atmospheric, isn’t it?

I could not find a picture of the severed head, but I’m not really surprised, because in the movie the head is more often talked about than seen.

So this is my Monstrous Monday post.  Foolish, you say?  In my defense, it has been meltingly hot all day, and I have been at work for the first time in two weeks.  And if you’re going to ding me for whining, just go away.  I will too.  Perhaps we can meet again tomorrow on Tired Tuesday.


No Monster Monday? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

It is a monstrously hot Monday.  I don’t think I can write a really good blog post, but sometimes people are amused by my nonsensical posts, so I will see what I can do.  Of course I would like to include some monster pictures, so I thought I ought to look for some new ones and not rely on my Media Library (but I just love mentioning that I have a Media Library).

That did not work out well.  I just went to the various monster pages on my Facebook and found nothing.  Of course there were a lot of nice pictures, but nothing inspired me to share it, which an apropos remark.  Well, we cant have a Monstrous Monday post without monsters, can we?

“Hey, cutie, wanna go for a swim?” “No, thanks, I’m working on my tan.”

I thought Creature of the Black Lagoon would be appropriate, because right now, I would jump into the water where a monster might be.  I looked for a picture I hadn’t used but did not see anything I liked any better than what I already had.

I think this owes something to the original JAWS poster, don’t you?

Here’s another movie where it was not safe to go back in the water (to steal the tag line from JAWS 2).  We just watched Lake Placid yesterday.  Fun flick.

Full disclosure: I have never seen this movie, and I don’t know anything about it.

When I was looking for the Lake Placid picture, I sat this one from Hell Night and thought, “How appropriate.”  To be completely accurate, I always picture Hell with more of a dry heat than the soggy stuff we are currently dealing with.  Still, I imagine many are saying, ‘”It’s hot as hell around here!”  I’ll sign off before I complain any more myself.  Happy Monday everyone.


Shoveling Something

I keep telling myself that you don’t have to shovel humidity.  That is really a good thing, because it would be damn uncomfortable to be outside hefting a shovel in this heat.  Yes, I know,  who could complain about the hot weather after the long, cold winter we just endured?  A lot of people apparently.

I did experience some relief from the heat last night.  My lovely niece and nephew-in-law (silly word, nephew-in-law, but I don’t want to make it sound like she married her brother) got central air and gave us their window unit.  It’s not your usual kind of window unit; it sits on the floor and has an exhaust tube that goes out the window. Very handy if you prefer a fan in the window when possible, which we do.

That is a good point about the weather, by the way.  I don’t mind it so much being hot during the day as long as it cools off at night.  I can even live with it being swelteringly hot at night if I don’t have to work the next day.  I get dreadful insomnia in the heat.  And that reminds me that I pretty much do have to work every day.

Ah, from there I could segue over into a lament that I was not born wealthy, like the heroines in those Regency Romances I dote on.  Of course, they are not always fabulously wealthy.  Sometimes they have a “respectable competence.”  Sometimes it’s straightened circumstances or even genteel poverty.  Sometimes they are constantly being dunned by creditors or (horrors!) have to take a position as a governess or companion.  From these situations, of course, they are usually rescued by some rich, titled hottie.

Isn’t that nice?  I have led myself from bitching about the weather to daydreaming about romance novels.  I’ve tried to write a romance novel.  Perhaps I should try again.  As soon as I have finished the one I am working on, which I VOWED I would finish.  In fact, why am I not working on it right now instead of messing with foolish blog posts?  Ooh, that makes a good exit line.  I hope you’ll tune in tomorrow,when Mohawk Valley Girl explains once again why she cannot write a decent blog post.


Would You Like Kvetch-up With That?

I would like to address the so-called No Whining Zone. As a well-known kvetch, this is obviously a subject near and dear to my heart. After great reflection, I have come to the conclusion that they do not work.

I understand the appeal of a No Whining Zone. It can be tiresome to listen to other people kvetch. And however much you think it will help you to express yourself, maybe it would be better sometimes, well, not to.

One must also acknowledge that many of us do not admit to whining in the first place. I think this is how I put it one other time: I have legitimate concerns, you like to complain, that one is a whiny baby. I personally will cop to being a kvetch. I just like the word.

So, having established that some of us… complain, let us address the purpose of the No Whining Zone. Is it a negative one: that is, NOT to have to listen to other people complain? Or is it a positive one: to concentrate instead on constructive thoughts and solving problems?

I know for some people it is the former; they just don’t want to hear it, and they don’t really care who may be going through what. I prefer the latter. What, in fact, does the No Whining Zone accomplish?

When I express a pain, discomfort, problem or complaint and hear, “NO WHINING ZONE!” my feelings (delicate at the best of times) are hurt. And my rebellious nature kicks in (it is a well-known human propensity to IMMEDIATELY want to do the one thing we are told not to). I might respond with something like, “I’ve got a right to kvetch!” or “The more you complain, the longer God lets you live!” etc.

However, if you present me with a viable alternative, I will take it under advisement. For example, instead of a No Whining Zone, how about a Positive Thoughts Zone? Instead of just shutting down complaints, could we transform them into solutions.

For example (I’m giving a lot of examples today), suppose I say, “I hate hot weather!” Your reply could be, “Since this is a Positive Thoughts Zone, why don’t you try to think of some things you like about summertime?”

Well, I would probably start out with, “I like it when it stays light later.” From there I would think about my container garden, evenings sitting on my deck, comfortable early morning runs. I would soon be feeling better about the whole thing. And, BONUS: You would no longer have to listen to me kvetch!

I think the real problem with a No Whining Zone is that you are trying to fight a negative with a negative. I think a better strategy is to transform the negative with a positive.

There might be some readers out there who think this is a really dumb idea that will never work, or that it is all a huge rationalization from a whiny baby. If that is the case, by all means, comment below. For my part, I will strive to come up with something nice to say back.

First Summer Run

I hope it’s not too soon for another running post, but after all, Saturday Running Commentary.

The hot weather arrived just barely in time for summer in the Mohawk Valley, so I sensibly got out early. It’s a good time to run anyways, because of less traffic. I hoped it would be an enjoyable run, especially since I spent a good portion of yesterday feeling quite awful. I had high hopes.

It seemed to go pretty well. I almost didn’t run any hills but decided I could handle the one out Main Street. Well, that part wasn’t much fun. At one point I could have stayed sedately on the left side facing traffic, made a 90 degree turn at the proper place and continued on the left side of the street. Instead I cut across the center of the intersection, feeling like quite the rebel. In my defense, there were no cars in sight or hearing.

I passed the house where I’ve seen — and pretended not to see — the lady in her nightgown letting her dog out. Neither she nor the dog were in evidence, so I took the opportunity to admire her black wrought iron lawn furniture. Not so comfy to sit it but oh so decorative, especially with a pot of red flowers on the table.

As I ran down the hill back to civilization, I heard a vehicle behind me. I wasn’t worried, because I was left side facing traffic this time. He would be on the OTHER side of the road. Well, that (insert bad word of your choice) in a pick-up truck (to add insult to injury; I love pick-up trucks) was straddling the center line! What was his excuse for that! Early though it was, I thought it was a little late for him to be still drunk from partying last night. Then again, what do I know?

Back in the village proper I stuck to residential streets with sidewalks. Plenty of four way stops when I had to cross a street, but not much traffic anyways. When I went to cross Prospect, I started to slow down to let a car at the stop sign go, but the lady waved me on. I gave the thank-you wave and hurried across.

“You go, girlfriend!” yelled the lady in the car. I think I recognized the voice as a lady from Curves, but I kept running so did not check.

When I got closer to home I saw Nicky, one of my canine friends, out walking with his person. I picked up the pace and crossed the street.

“I have to pet Nicky,” I said. “He’s such a good dog.”

“How’s your dog?” asked his person.

“Oh, she’s a sweetie. I’ll be taking her for a walk in a bit.”

“Before it gets too hot,” she said.

I agreed and ran on. Tabby was happy to accompany me on my cool-down walk. I felt terrific. I think I sweated out all of yesterday’s light-headedness. If only I don’t get another sinus headache as the day wears on, my life will be perfect.