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Chardonnay on Lame Post Friday

OK, today is Lame Post Friday, and I am going to make a fast post, because my husband, Steven, has not been on the computer since this morning.  I can’t hog the laptop, after all.  So here is a quick shout-out to a few Herkimer, NY, businesses that made our Friday evening a little bit better.

First I went to Hot Spot Salon and Spa to get a hair cut.  I did not know quite what I wanted, but I wanted it to look good and I didn’t want to do to much myself to make it so.  Clair helped me out as always, and I left looking pretty damn good.

I went to Asteroga Ale House, where I got a glass of Chadornnay, sat down, and wrote on the next murder mystery till my husband, Steven, showed up.  I enjoyed sitting there amidst the Friday Happy Hour crowd, but after Steven showed up and had a glass of Chardonnay himself, I wanted some food and I didn’t feel like cooking.  Accordingly, we went to Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, where we had some food and, yes, another glass of Chardonnay.

This is looking like a Scattered Friday post, which lacks the alliteration of a Scattered Saturday.   Well, I can’t help that.  For one reason, I am home how and Steven has poured me yet another glass of Chardonnay.  I have to watch Snapped.  It is Friday, after all.  Happy weekend, everybody.



He’ll Never Even Miss the Duck

What I day I’ve had and it’s not over yet!  We got to sleep in, because Steven did not work till 10:30 this morning.  After a fairly leisurely first part of the day, I got to moving and shaking when Steven left for work.

I first buzzed by the post office, where once again I needed post card stamps. I sent some people post cards of Utica, NY, which I purchased at the Oneida County Historical Society last Saturday.

From there I went to the Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, where I had scheduled a pedicure.  I haven’t had a pedicure in months!  I was early, so I worked on the character sheets for the murder mystery I’m writing to be presented by Ilion Little Theatre at Morning Star Methodist Church April 1.  The title is He Laughed Himself to Death.  Soon, however, I was soaking my feet and chatting with the stylist.  I got my toes painted red, in honor of my character, Ruby, in Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, to be presented by LiFT Theatre Company at the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls Feb. 25.

With my toes all pretty (and a little cold, since I insisted on wearing my faux-birkenstock sandals (isn’t that a more elegant term for them than Fakenstocks?), I went to Ilion Little Theatre, where I met a couple of cast-mates from Steel Magnolias, to be presented the first two weekends in March, one of whom is also in Ruby’s.  We were going to shop a few thrift stores.

First we went to the Cornerstone Shop on Morgan Street.  We found purses for our characters in Ruby’s, and they found  a few good shirts for Magnolias.  I found a black evening purse with rhinestones on the clasp.  I did not need it for any play, or indeed at all, since I have many evening bags (I kind of collect them).  I bought it anyways.  It was beautiful!

Next we went to the New 2 You Shop in Central Plaza.  My friends had never been there, a scandalous omission.  We spent a lot of time looking at all kinds of things.  I found two pair of earrings, one for Ruby, one for me.  I tried not to look at the books but failed.  I actually refrained from buying any; aren’t you proud of me?  I found a jacket that will work for Claree, if I can put the right skirt with it. It was only a buck!

Then I saw a little duck that was only a dollar.  Wouldn’t Steven like a little duck?  However, we have many, many stuffed toys and are constantly giving each other more.  I refrained.  My friend Kim thought Steven might be disappointed.

“I will fix him something wonderful for dinner,” I said.  “He’ll never even miss the duck.”

“He never even has to know about it,” Kim suggested.

“Well, he will when he reads my blog and the title is, ‘He’ll Never Even Miss the Duck.'”

Kim agreed that was a good title, so I used it.  We had thought to go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, but I was quite shopped out by that time.  I went home and had something to eat.

Now I have to get my rear in gear again and figure out something wonderful for Steven’s dinner.  Otherwise, I guess I’ll be going back to New 2 You on Monday and buying that duck.


At Least My Toes Look Good!

So I’m still not writing at work.  I just can’t seem to settle into it.  I really need to write, too.  I need a project in hand to think about while I’m working.  Otherwise my brain just dwells on stupid, useless stuff.

After work, I had to hustle.  I got in the shower (did that ever feel good in this heat!), threw on some pretty OK clothes (full disclosure: it was the same outfit I wore to rehearsal last night; it didn’t get smelly and I think it looks good), and drove to the Hot Spot Salon and Spa for a much needed pedicure.

I had the trauma of having to un-paint my toenails and leave them thus plain for most of the summer, because of playing the Friar in Much Ado About Nothing (which you may have noticed a few blog posts about).  I was supposed to get the pedicure and a haircut on Saturday.  Well, I had a whale of a headache Saturday.  I made it to the Hot Spot and sat still for the cut, but when my stylist Clair offered to reschedule the pedicure, I was quite grateful to do so.  Today was the day we rescheduled it for.

I got a lovely deep shade of purple, like a shiny eggplant.  Once my toes were looking good, I picked my husband up and we headed to the Belly Up Pub for some food.  OK we had food at home, but I wanted to show off my toenails.

So I obviously have two things I could make good blog posts about, but it seems all I can manage right now is a brief shout-out to each.  This is what happens on Wuss-out Wednesday, even on a four-day week.  The Hot Spot Salon and Spa is located at 121 E. Albany St., Herkimer.  The Belly Up Pub is at 122 W. Albany St.  Both are well worthy of a post.  I’ll work on it.


Attending to my Toes

When I posted lame at wine o’clock last Friday, I neglected to mention where I had been earlier that afternoon.  As it involves a shout-out to a local business, I feel free to mention it today.  I got a spa pedicure at Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.

My toes had needed attention for some time.  At last I made the appointment: 3:45 Friday afternoon. I work till three.  I could make this.  Friday, local readers may remember, was a very warm day.  My place of employment is not air-conditioned, at least not the rooms I work in.  Not to put too fine a point on it: I stunk.  This is where my army experience helps me, because I know how to take a three minute shower.  I made it to my appointment on time and smelling fine.

Claire, my usual stylist, took me in right away and soon my feet were soaking.  I asked for the water to be made a little cooler than it was, because I had been so warm all day.  Ooh, it felt nice.

While Claire worked on my feet, we chatted with each other and with the stylist and customer at the next pedicure chair.  I learned that it  is important to always dry between your toes.  I told Claire about my latest theatrical endeavors.  She asked me to let her know if we did another murder mystery.  She would definitely like to attend.  I chose a bright blue for my toes.  I had previously had a dark color, purple in some lights, green in others.  I like to make a contrast.

As I sit here typing this, I can look down at my toes and feel pleased.  Oh how I love to have pretty toenails during sandal season!

Hot Spot Salon and Spa is located at 121 E. Albany St., Herkimer, phone number 315-866-9113.  Their website is  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Moonstone on my Toes

We interrupt my week of posts lamenting my inability to write a real post with a shout-out to a local business.  Will it be a real post (whatever that means)?  I am not the best judge of that.  However, I will strive to keep lamentation to a minimum.

I have been wanting to get a pedicure for, roughly, ever.  Yes, that is a hyperbole, didactic readers (it is also an exaggeration, ordinary readers).  Still, my feet have been in need of serious attention for some time now.  I just keep forgetting to make an appointment, and you need one at Hot Spot Salon and Spa, where I like to go.

Facebook came to the rescue last week when Clair Does Hair, the page of my favorite stylist, posted that Clair had a couple of openings on Friday.  I immediately commented saying something like, “Ooh!  Ooh!  Can I get a pedicure?” Then I saw that the post was some time ago, so I got on the phone.  I got a 5:30 appointment for a spa pedicure.  I could have had 4:30 with a basic, but I really wanted the exfoliation and massage for my first pedicure of the year.

Oh, it was nice to soak my feet in the warm water.  It was nice to get my callouses rubbed off and my nails properly trimmed and all the rest of it.  It was nice to catch up with Clair, too.  I told her about our murder mystery (which you may have read my blog post about).  She was very upset that she is going away that weekend and cannot attend.  I told her I would be sure to let her know if we do any others (oh, I HOPE we do!).

Clair helped me pick a color called Moonstone.  It looks purple in some lights and green in others.  My two favorite nail colors!  She felt the color was really Me.

The weather has not been as lovely warm lately as it was previously, but I have been wearing sandals anyways, because I am so delighted with my toes.   For another reason, I don’t have that many good pairs of socks.  However, that may lead to a laundry lament, so I shall end the post.  Happy Thursday, everyone.

The Hot Spot Salon and Spa is located at 121 E. Albany St. in Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-9113, website  You can also Like them on Facebook.


(Too Many Parentheses?)

I knew I would not have Saturday Running Commentary when I ran yesterday (I’m not up to running every day yet, nor even doing much after I go running) (oh yeah, I went wine tasting and to get my hair cut after running yesterday; well, that was a major effort) (and my blog post later on was not very good) (and I suppose I’m overdoing it with the parenthetical comments on this one).

Where was I? Oh yes, trying to write a blog post before Steven gets home from work and we go adventuring. One might suggest that I write the post after we’ve gone adventuring so I will have something to write about, but I might be too tired then. Full disclosure: I might also have had a drink or two (don’t judge).

Earlier today I took a walk with my schnoodle Tabby to the post office. I only wrote four postcards this week. I pulled out a letter I’ve been working on to my sister but didn’t feel up to finishing it. I guess I could have just written “Love, Cindy” and stuck in an envelope, but I was at the top of a page and I didn’t want to waste the blank space. Anyways, it was a pleasant walk to the post office, although it could have been a little warmer. And it would be nice if more people cleaned up after their dogs.

Just before logging onto WordPress, I washed my hair for the first time since my haircut. When I got the cut I confess to being a little dithery. I thought I wanted to go longer on top. Then when Claire, my fabulous stylist at the Hot Spot Salon and Spa, was finished, I wondered if we shouldn’t go shorter. Claire liked the way my hair looked and, after all, she is the professional. She said if I still wanted to go shorter after a day or two to call her, she’d fit me in.

I felt bad being ambivalent about my hair like that. After all, everybody likes to have their work admired. I told Claire that if I decided I really liked it I would Facebook her (I think “Facebook” is a fun verb) (unlike “blog,” which I find a little silly). Claire and I are Facebook friends. Also I Liked her professional Facebook page of Claire Does Hair.

So I’ve washed my hair and put product on it and I’m still thinking. I don’t know why I’m so conflicted about this. After all, it’s only hair. It grows out. I’ll get it cut again in another month or two. What’s my stinking problem anyways?

Just the ongoing malaise, I suppose. Another symptom of the disease that has rendered my blog posts less than wonderful for the past few weeks (although I may not be the best judge of that). No matter. One can only do the best one can and drive on. So this is my Scattered Saturday post. Hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Or perhaps it will be Sunday Running Commentary. A little uncertainly about Sunday will add spice to my Saturday night.

My New Short ‘Do

I just realized I neglected a chance to give another shout-out to a local business of note: Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.

My hair is a never-ending source of angst to me. I like it short. From short it quickly reaches that in-between stage where I feel it looks awful. Of course it doesn’t look awful every day or even all day on the days it does look awful. So I inevitably start to think abut growing it out. Then I can do something with it. Pull it back, put it up, style it. It might be fun. I might be beautiful.

Eventually I remember: I don’t like fussing with my hair. I’m not good at styling it, and it rarely stays styled when I do manage something. So I start to look at my options. Grow it anyways and finally learn to style it? Get it cut but differently? One option that appeals is to do another St. Baldrick’s Day. You know, you get your friends and family to donate money to children’s cancer research then get your head shaved. It’s fun. You don’t have to have long hair to get it shaved. It’s just more dramatic if you do.

One thing I’ve learned but forget every time is that you have to watch whose advice you ask about these things. One work friend does not like my short spiky ‘do. I remembered not to ask her advice this time, but I did mention to her that I was probably getting my hair done the way she didn’t like. She shook her head in disappointment. I asked another co-worker. She said I have a cute little face and can pull off any hairdo. She, of course, is my new best friend.

As usual with me I did not plan ahead. It was Thanksgiving week and I was pretty sure Clair, my stylist at Hot Spot, would be booked. That was OK, though, I decided. I would leave it to fate. If Clair could get me in, I would get a cut. If not, I would let it keep growing. At least till I could get in.

If you believe in fate, my cut was meant to be, because I got in on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. After some consultation with Clair, I got a similar ‘do to one I’ve had before: clipped on the sides and back, short and spiked on top. We actually went slightly less short, using the number 5 rather than the number 4 clippers. I was delighted.

For more information about the Hot Spot Salon and Spa visit their website at They also have a Facebook page, and so does Clair at Clair does Hair.

Maybe next time I’ll go even a little less short.