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Ah, the Holiday Weekend!

I have been on vacation (or shut down as we call it in the factory game) for the whole week, yet, as usual, I will take advantage of Lame Post Friday.  For one reason, it is a holiday weekend and I have had a few libations.  Judge me if you are so inclined.

I am ashamed to admit he has better teeth than I do!

Since it is 4th of July weekend, I suggested we begin the movie watching portion of our day with JAWS.  Even if JAWS was not so admirable as a movie, which it totally is, it would be  noteworthy as the first of the real summer blockbusters.  If I am mistaken about this (Hell, I’m no film scholar;  I just like to watch movies), please let me know about previously released summer blockbusters, because I would love to check them out.

OK, I just spent a goodly amount of time looking for a photo I thought I had of Fatal Attraction.  I had no luck.  Such is my lack of skill on the Tablet.  I suppose I will just have to mention that we saw it without benefit of illustration.

I had batter luck with our next feature, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  It is playing as I type this (one letter at a time with the stylus, of course).  This is really a depressing movie when I think about it. Spoiler alert:  We’re all doomed.

A dramatic moment!

I don’t know what movie we will watch next, so I will close with an appropriate image I came across in my searches.

To us all!

Alas, I only have one Christopher Lee movie in my collection, and it does not include vampires.

Happy Friday and Happy Holiday Weekend!  And if you are obligated to work the weekend, don’t hate, please.  I’ve been there and may be there again.


Maybe the Sun will Thaw Out my Brain

In my defense, it’s a a holiday weekend. How productive am I expected to be? The sad thing is, I have a whole list of potential blog topics involving recent Mohawk Valley adventures. I even know where the list is.

And yet. And yet.

I took two walks with my schnoodle Tabby today. The first was less than a thrill for me, because of the chilly breeze. I felt so ill-used that this is the latter half of April and I still had on my toque and insulated sweatshirt and only wished I had also worn a scarf.

Before the second walk, I had been to Hannaford, to pick up a few last minute supper things (I MAY manage a cooking post for Wrist to Forehead Sunday). It had been cold walking from my vehicle to the store. And I wasn’t wearing my toque (I should have been; I’m having a bad hair day).

The reason we even went on the second walk was that I couldn’t come up with a damn other useful thing to do. I had done dishes, worked on my novel, put away laundry (NEVER MIND how long ago I actually did said laundry), and still felt as if all I had been doing had been to sit around thinking of silly statuses to post on Facebook (I came up with one).

Tabby was, of course, into it, so I put on my insulated sweatshirt and toque and we set out.

To find that the sun was AT LAST having an effect! I took off the insulated sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. This was awesome! I could have even worn my crazy old lady hat, but I did not repine. I enjoyed the warmth. I felt blessed and happy.

But still not the least bit inclined to write a real blog post. Still, I like to post every day. So I hope this silliness will do.

And I will TRY not to have a Wrist to Forehead Sunday on Easter.