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Mid-Week Walk

I decided to enjoy today’s warm weather with a walk. For one reason, I thought I wou.ld take a few pictures along the way for a blog post (this one). I also wanted to go to the library. I set out almost as soon as I got home from work.

There are a lot more bare sidewalks these days. I always prefer to use the sidewalk. However, right away, I saw some stuff I was not inclined to plow through in sneakers. I took a picture, though, just for the blog.

It’s getting there!

In boots, I sometimes trounce through such a path, to make it better for the next person. Today I went into the road for a bit.

I soon realized I had forgotten a mask so could not go to the library. That was OK, though; I was more into the walk. I wanted to get a picture of a new addition to the neighborhood: a refrigerator with free food for the needy, in front of Herkimer Reformed Church. This also gave me a good reason to walk by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners.

And it is artistically painted!

People helping people is my favorite! I backed up to get a shot that included part of the church.

You can also see the graveyard!

I continued toward Main Street. I wanted to eventually go by Saint Francis Catholic Church on Bellinger Street, to get a picture of the statue of St. Francis wearing a mask. I decided to walk by the Methodist Church on Prospect Street to take a picture of the Blessings Box, a non-perishable version of the Free Food Fridge.

However, before i started down Main, a sign in front of the Herkimer County Historical Society caught my eye. I jaywalked right over to get a picture. I should totally join the race!

A run? Count me in!

On down Main I went and soon turned onto Park and got to Prospect. The Blessings Box has been in place longer than the refrigerator. I should make a donation to one or both of them.

Very nice!

Once again I backed up for a wider shot.

I stood in the muddy lawn to get the shot.

It was a short jaunt through Myers Park to get to the next church.

St. Francis could have gone to the library.

I did not back up for a wider view this time. For one reason, I was afraid the sun would be right in my eyes. For another reason, I was ready to get home. I enjoyed my walk, but you can have too much of a good thing.

A Walk By The Corners

Today I agreed to run a couple of errands for my husband, Steven.  I decided to walk to do the second one, carrying my Tablet for blogging purposes.  Never mind what the errand was; there is no point in advertising my husband’s vices.

Any time I walk or run, I am happy when I can go by Herkimer Historic Four Corners, and so it was today.

I love old gravestones.

The first corner I encountered was Herkimer Reformed Church.  I love the graveyard that surrounds the church so took a couple of pictures of it.

The front of the church.

Before I crossed the street, I took a shot of the Herkimer County Courthouse.

A majestic building.

Once across the street, I took a picture of the Suiter House of  Herkimer County Historical Society.

Must visit there again soon.

There was a person in the vehicle you see.  I called, “I was taking a picture of the building, not you!”  The fellow smiled and waved.  I tried to get a picture of the 1834 Jail, but it did not turn out very well.  Perhaps I can find a previous picture to share.

Temporary home of Chester Gilette and Roxalana Druse, among others.

After enjoying the four corners, I continued down Main Street.  I did not take any more pictures, but here is an older shot of Christ Episcopal Church, which I also walked by.

A lovely building.

It was a pleasant walk, and I quickly accomplished my errand.  I may or may not have stopped by the End Zone Pub and Grub for a beer (speaking of vices) but did not take a picture.  In any case, I avoided making a Tired Tuesday Post.  I hope to see you all on Wednesday, whatever it turns out to be.


I Ran, Then I Slacked

How did it get to be after five on Saturday and not have my blog post done?  The best I can do is a Slacker Saturday post.  I’m not sure f I can even manage that, but I will try to include a picture or two, just to make things a little more interesting.

Herkimer County Court house, taken in March 2020.

I went for a run this morning,  hoping to make a Saturday Running Commentary post.  I ran by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners,  and above is a picture of same, not taken during my run, of course.

Where I often feel I belong after a run.


Here is a picture of some of the graves around Herkimer Reformed Church, also part of the Historic Four Corners.  It is a lovely area.  I wrote a blog post about it years ago, long before I knew how to add pictures to a post.  When the weather gets a little better, and the ground less muddy, I will return and do a better post (preview of coming attractions).

Full disclosure:  I like wine.

I can’t find a better picture to close with,  so here is a shot of wine bottles on my counter.  Yes, I have been drinking wine while on quarantine.  And one reason I want to make this post: so I can feel free to enjoy some more. Happy Saturday,  everyone!


Seeing the Sights on a Sunny Monday

It was a perfectly beautiful day in the Mohawk Valley, sunny and warmer than it has been in a long time.  I knew I would be happy if I got outside after work to enjoy it.  I decided to take a walk with my Tablet and take pictures for a Pedestrian Post.

I did not really know what I hoped to get pictures of.  The dirt-covered remains of snow piles?  Brown grass at last uncovered?  Bare tree branches?  The last actually sounded good.  I love to see bare branches against the sky.  I have been admiring them against whit and grey skies lately.  Today the sky was a lovely blue.

But could I get the shot?  When I finally picked a tree to try, I found I could not clearly see the screen of my Tablet because of the sun.  Oh dear.  I clicked and hoped for the best.

I just think the branches look so cool!

That one didn’t turn out too bad.  This is on the path over what used to be a hydraulic canal, a favorite place to walk or run. I took a shot of the path as well.

The painted spots invite you to step or jump on them.

Next I decided to walk by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners.  I took pictures of all four corners, but I will only the best shots.

The Courthouse is a handsome building.

I have not made it over to see this exhibit yet.

This was outside the Suiter House of the Herkimer County Historical Society,  obviously one of my favorite places.

Gravestones in front of the Herkimer Reformed Church

I continued down Main Street to Basloe Library.  Naturally I wanted to give the library a shout-out.

I love libraries!

It was a very pleasant walk.  I am SO looking forward to spring!


Pedestrian Post with Pictures

Steven and I decided to take a little stroll after dinner, so I brought along my Tablet to take a few pictures.  It was a lovely afternoon for a stroll.  After stopping to chat with  neighbor, I saw some flowers I wanted to snap.

This is an apartment building that used to be a school.

Hmm… I guess that one did not come out very clearly, but I liked the purple flowers.

Maybe I’ll go back after dark and try to get a picture of these lit up.

Steven noticed some solar lights and wondered if ours still work.  We did not put them out this year.  It’s kind of a rebuilding year for our lawn; we have not done much with it except get the nice young man who lives across the street to mow it for us.

Steven thinks this would make a delightful movie/opera house.

Eventually we turned down Main Street, and I suggested I take a picture of this building, which we have long admired.  The “for sale” sign that I had noticed there previously was gone.  I wondered if somebody had bought it or if they were just doing the trick of taking the sign down for a while so when they put it back up folks will think it is a new listing.

I love the color; the picture does not fully do it justice.

Continuing down the street, we saw a building that had seen better days, but there was one lovely flower in front of it, so I took its picture.  Soon we were approaching the Historic Four Corners, which regular readers may recall is a favorite spot of mine.

I wrote a blog post about this cemetery once, a long time ago.

This is the Herkimer Reformed Church.   I love the old gravestones.  Next I wanted a shot of the Suiter House, home of the Herkimer County Historical Society.

It’s even more interesting inside.

The house was built by Dr. A. Walter Suiter, who played a pivotal role in the trials of Chester Gillette and Roxalana Druse, two famous historical murderers of the area.  Steven played Dr. Suiter in the play Roxy, presented by the Historical Society at Ilion Little Theatre in 2015 (I played Roxy.  Perhaps you read a few of my blog posts about it).

Across the street is the Herkimer County Courthouse, where Chester Gillette and Roxalana Druse were tried for their respective murders.

Still a magnificent-looking building.

Of course I had to take a picture of the 1834 Jail, which housed both Gillette and Druse.

Who put that tree in the way!

Steven suggested I take a picture of him on the steps.

“Try to look like Dr. Suiter,” I suggested.

“In my party shorts with my Mr. Incredible t-shirt,” he said, as if he thought that was a problem.  He just smiled handsomely instead.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore are thou…” Oh, wait. Wrong play.

Continuing down Main Street, I took a picture of Christ Episcopal Church.

Another handsome, historical building.

We cut though the little park next to Basloe Library (another of my favorite places), and I got a picture of some nice flowers.

I did not read the NOTICE on the building. I hope it did not say not to take pictures of the flowers.

After that, I thought I had taken enough pictures, so we continued our walk back home.  Now I see I am over 550 words and I have successfully avoided having another Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  I say, not a bad ending to the weekend.


I Get the Christmas Spirit

Warning: The following blog post contains references to religion. In general I try to stay off religion and politics, because people tend to feel strongly about these subjects and I am no hand at argument. Also:

Full Disclosure: I am not an especially good practitioner of religion myself (raised Catholic, attend Episcopal church now) (when I go to church) (which isn’t often) (so you see…)

Where was I? Ah yes, the post…

Saturday I got a good dose of the Christmas spirit, courtesy of Herkimer Reformed Church.

Of course I love to go to church programs. Anything involving Christmas, children and music is sure to be fun, and a good blog post. I had a particular reason for attending this one, however, because I needed a person of God.

One of the few things I know how to knit is a prayer shawl. A prayer shawl, in case you didn’t know, is usually given to a person suffering from a physical or mental problem (mental problem meaning something such as grief or depression; not say paranoid schizophrenia). The maker prays while making it and it is blessed when it is finished. I think ideally one has a recipient in mind while making the shawl and so can offer a specific prayer. However, it is also acceptable to make one and see who needs it.

I don’t pray specifically; I try to more maintain a prayerful attitude while I knit. I don’t know how successful I really am at that (see full disclosure above), so I feel it is doubly important that I have someone with credentials bless the shawl when it is finished. I usually have this done at my church, but like I said I have not been there in a while. Additionally, our beloved Father Paul sadly passed away. I heard a new pastor has been chosen but does not start till January. I wanted this shawl blessed Saturday.

When I head that there was to be a Live Nativity at Herkimer Reformed Church, I thought this would be a good opportunity to find a priest (or do I mean minister? Reverend? Person of the Lord).

I put the shawl in a bag and Tabby on her leash. I felt sure there could be no objection to a cute little dog at an outdoor program. There might even be other animals there. Anyways, Tabby loves church. I know she loves the Herkimer Reformed Church, because we often walk by it and she delights in sniffing at the fence. It is located at the Historic Four Corners, a favorite spot of Tabby’s and mine.

It had been raining on and off all day. I thought it reasonable to hope the rain would taper off during the program. We found a place to park next to the Herkimer County Historical Society and crossed the street to where people gathered in front of the church.

The program had already started, but we had not missed much. A few people had sensibly brought umbrellas. I don’t think I need to tell regular readers that I was not one of them. Two men petted Tabby, so she was already happy we came.

The story was coming out of speakers near the church. After a while I saw the narrator standing nearby with a microphone and an umbrella. There were no live animals. The little kids were the sheep. Teenagers portrayed the shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and one of the angels. Adults played the Archangel Gabriel and the Three Wise Men. I saw a shepherd help one of the sheep put her sheep hat back on. I love live theatre with kids.

As the show progressed, the rain increased. The players huddled under the stable roof when they were able to. Audience members with umbrellas huddled under those. The rest of us just got wet. Tabby behaved herself very well. She seemed to want to go up where the players were, but she did not insist. She probably thought they would like to pet her. Or maybe she saw the open church door and figured it would be warm and dry in there.

The story was interspersed with music. The songs were recorded and some of the players sang along. At the end they played a medley almost everybody sang with, even the audience (yes, me, too). The Wise Men and the sheep started dancing, so I danced too. Tabby did not dance with me, which was disappointing for me, but she was quite soaked by that time so she probably did not feel like it.

I remembered my mission and approached the narrator.

“Excuse me, are you the priest?”

“No, that’s Pastor Mark.” The man pointed at one of the men who had petted Tabby.

I explained my situation to the pastor. He said a lovely prayer over the shawl. I told him how much I enjoyed the beautiful nativity. He said he was just sorry it hadn’t stopped raining.

That would have been nice. On the other hand, it was wonderful how the participants and audience stood in the rain, enjoying the true meaning of Christmas. When I left, the music was still playing and the sheep and Wise Men were still dancing. Merry Christmas, everybody!