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A Walk By The Corners

Today I agreed to run a couple of errands for my husband, Steven.  I decided to walk to do the second one, carrying my Tablet for blogging purposes.  Never mind what the errand was; there is no point in advertising my husband’s vices.

Any time I walk or run, I am happy when I can go by Herkimer Historic Four Corners, and so it was today.

I love old gravestones.

The first corner I encountered was Herkimer Reformed Church.  I love the graveyard that surrounds the church so took a couple of pictures of it.

The front of the church.

Before I crossed the street, I took a shot of the Herkimer County Courthouse.

A majestic building.

Once across the street, I took a picture of the Suiter House of  Herkimer County Historical Society.

Must visit there again soon.

There was a person in the vehicle you see.  I called, “I was taking a picture of the building, not you!”  The fellow smiled and waved.  I tried to get a picture of the 1834 Jail, but it did not turn out very well.  Perhaps I can find a previous picture to share.

Temporary home of Chester Gilette and Roxalana Druse, among others.

After enjoying the four corners, I continued down Main Street.  I did not take any more pictures, but here is an older shot of Christ Episcopal Church, which I also walked by.

A lovely building.

It was a pleasant walk, and I quickly accomplished my errand.  I may or may not have stopped by the End Zone Pub and Grub for a beer (speaking of vices) but did not take a picture.  In any case, I avoided making a Tired Tuesday Post.  I hope to see you all on Wednesday, whatever it turns out to be.


Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Earlier this evening, I wrote the following two paragraphs:

Is this Writer’s Block or a panic attack?

OK, I just wrote that, so it isn’t Writer’s Block, although maybe you could call it Write Anything Good Block.  I have to leave soon for rehearsal for He Laughed Himself to Death, the murder mystery to be presented at Morning Star Methodist Church April 1, and I’m afraid I am letting myself become overwhelmed with what-all I have to do.   How self-dramatizing of me.  Then again, with all the theatre I’m involved in, how can you blame me for being dramatic?  I know, I know, a time and a place.

Then I went to rehearsal, after deciding to get a grip on myself.  In my defense, it has been rather a dreadful week, and it seems to be taking forever.  However, I have plenty of blessing to count, and I must not discount them.  I have a daunting amount of things to get done, but I feel certain that if I can make the right plan, I can get most or all of them done.

As you see, I am in a better mood now.

Rehearsal went very well.  I think He Laughed Himself to Death is going to be a great success.  As we left rehearsal, Charity, the actress playing my daughter, called her father, Jerry, for a ride.  Jerry has agreed to be in Who Shot JS?, the murder mystery benefit for Herkimer County Historical Society April 22. Charity asked me to wait till her father got there, because he had to ask me something.  I thought it must be about rehearsals or rides or something.  When Jerry arrived, he got out of the car carrying a beautiful bouquet.  He thought I could use a little pick me up.

Do I have the sweetest friends or what?

So here is my reminder to myself to not surrender to these little panic attacks.  Just take a deep breath and go to rehearsal.  You just never know when a wonderful friend is going to give you a lovely surprise.  Thank you, Jerry.  And happy Thursday, readers.

I put them in water right away.

Upcoming Adventures?

It is SO past time I wrote about a Mohawk Valley adventure!  I can’t even pretend I haven’t had time to have any.  My last Scattered Saturday post shows I have been getting out and doing a few things.  Why am I not writing about them?  Well, the purpose of this post is not to explore my writerly angst (picture me with my wrist to my forehead moaning, “Why, oh why am I not writing about the things I do?  Boohoo!”) (yes, I would like a little cheese with that whine).  Rather, I thought I would mention a couple things I may be doing in the near future.

I just found out today that this Sunday, Sept. 25, is Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts (MVCA) Great Art Giveaway in Little Falls.  The event takes place at the Canal Side Inn at 3 p.m.  $5 donation covers hors d’oevres with cash bar available.  You can purchase tickets to win works of art at MVCA, which is next door.  I may go to the center and look over the art on Saturday.  I like to take my time with these things.

Next Saturday, Oct. 1,  Steven and I hope to participate in the Haunted Tour of the Historic Four Corners in Herkimer, hosted by Friends of Historic Herkimer County and the Herkimer County Historical Society.  Members of the “Ghost Seekers of Central New York” will tell about their paranormal investigations at the 1834 Herkimer County Jail and the 1884 Suiter Museum Building.  There will also be members stationed outside the 1875 Herkimer County Courthouse. Tickets are $12.00 in advance, available at the Historical Society, 406 Main St.,  and $15.00 at the entrance.

You can find out more about both of these events on Facebook.  I hope to write blog posts about them afterwards.  Or maybe another angsty post about how I just can’t seem to.