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Moody Monday Run

At work this afternoon, I realized I was in a foul mood.  I said to myself, “Mood swings are a symptom of menopause.  Just wait quietly and it will pass.”  I was still waiting when my shift ended and I came home.  I continued to ignore my irritation as  I put on running clothes and gathered a load of laundry.  Wrestling a sweaty body into spandex shorts and two sports bras did nothing to improve my mood, but I had to feel a little pleased with myself that I hadn’t talked myself out of the run.  For one reason, I needed a blog post and wanted to do a Running Commentary.

It was still warm out but less humid than my place of employment.  My workplace neither cools off nor dries out as quickly as the outside, which is just another reason to be happy when the workday ends.  I started towards German Street and turned right, since I had gone left when I ran on Saturday.  When I ran Saturday, it was after five days of not running, don’t judge.  Then I did not run Sunday, largely because I had also gone for a nice walk including some hills on Saturday.  I am really trying to get back into the habit of running more often.

I was running very slowly.  It was quite the plod.  No matter.  I was moving.  I remembered reading a long time ago that running slowly was a good way to train.  When you run fast, the theory goes, your body reaches toward high-octane fuel, such as the protein you recently ate.  When you run slowly, your body reaches for the low-octane fuel, your fat cells.  This was a nice, slow, fat-burning run, I told myself.  I think the theory has since been debunked, but I could hardly concern myself with that.

There was a lot of traffic, as there often is in the late afternoon.  I turned down Main Street rather than try to cross at the four-way stop.  I was thinking I would prefer not to run into any people, running so slowly and clunkily, but it was such a nice day, I thought there would be people almost any direction I took.  So why not go down Main Street?

Oh, my legs were not happy with me.  Shouldn’t they be warming up and getting into this, I asked myself.  Oh, just keep running, I answered.  One must have these difficult runs to get to the more enjoyable ones.

I did not start to feel really good until I was doing my cool-down walk.  It was then I realized, the irritable mood had passed.  Yes!  Maybe I sweated it out.  Maybe I ran away from it.  No matter.  I felt better, I had burned some calories, and I had something to write a blog post about. Not too bad for a Monday.


Humid with a Chance of Lame

Have I written a post this summer about how it is too damn hot for me to write a blog post?   I know I have written several of those in the past, but have I written any in 2016?  I bet I have.  Well, this is another one, but being as it is Lame Post Friday, I believe I can get away with it.

This whole week has been dreadfully hot and humid.  Unofficial end of summer my ass!  Of course there is no use in complaining about it.  The weather will do what it decides to, whoever is pleased or otherwise.  So, anybody who is saying huffily, “I LIKE summer weather” can just say it to somebody else.

I am going through a downswing.  Mood-wise, writing-wise, blog-wise.  But I must fight the tendency to mope around in a corner.  Oh poor, pitiful me!  Said with one wrist at my forehead, of course.  Perhaps I could manage a swoon.  The problem with that is that you can’t count on somebody being around who will revive you with a glass of brandy.  Why did those ladies in the old time novels push away the brandy?  Where they nuts?

Well, that was kind of a stream of consciousness paragraph, wasn’t it?  That is probably a side effect of stewed brain, which is what I fear is in my skull today.   The only other thing I can share in hopes of offering some entertainment is the following:

When I am cleaning my machines at the end of my work day, I sometimes sing the theme song from The Blob.  “It creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor, right through the door and all around the wall, a splotch, a blotch, be wary of the Blob! (Beware of the Blob!)”  That’s it, over and over.  Then I do “dah daah!” and other random syllables for the musical interludes.  Then back into the lyric.  Sometimes I dance a tango step or two.

Today, when I got back to the lyrics for the third or fourth time, I heard myself sing,  “…a splotch, a blotch, be wary of the Blog!”

Wouldn’t that be a great title for a post?  But if I used it for this one, it would spoil the joke.  I’ll keep it in mind for the upcoming Halloween season.  In the meantime, I’m over 300 words.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Waaaait a Minute! I Never Got My Beer!

So I ran earlier.  It was a pretty lousy run, but I did not despair of writing a passable Running Commentary post.  The trick is to get to the computer while it is all still fresh in my mind.  Well, I tried, but the damn computer was updating.

Then again, I don’t think I was thinking all that many great thoughts during the run.  Mostly I was gasping for breath in the humidity and wondering why the rain wouldn’t start and give me some relief.  Or does rain get rid of humidity instantaneously?  Perhaps it would not have given me any relief at all.  At least it would not have made me appreciably wetter, because I was covered with sweat before I started.

All of this was no great matter, though, because at least I ran.  And by virtue of running on my Monday holiday, I had only gone two days without running.

I can’t say it was a particularly fun run.  Partway through it I felt that I was not enjoying myself and asked myself why I keep thinking I like to run.  I answered, I like to run on weekend mornings, when it is cool and I feel fresh.  Unfortunately, you cannot only run two days a week with five days break in between.  That would not make for enjoyable weekend runs.  Then I pointed out to myself that when running in hot weather my leg muscles warmed up faster.  My leg had felt quite discouraged at the beginning of the run but were doing better by the end.

I carefully pointed out to myself beautiful flowers in people’s lawns and window boxes.  Scenery always helps.  I envied people who were sitting on their front porches. I would have liked to be sitting still on my front porch, possibly with a beverage.

That was when I thought of beer.  A nice cold beer.  How good would that taste?  I thought, VERY.  So that was the reward I kept in my head for the rest of the run.

I finished the run and my cool-down walk before the rain.  I had a lovely cold shower, ate some food and waited for the computer to cooperate.  Then I wrote this blog post, which I am afraid is not as good of a Running Commentary as I had originally envisioned.  Then again, at least the whole post was not about How I Can’t Write a Post Today.  We’ll save that for Lame Post Friday.  I’m going to call this a Non-Sequitur Thursday and hit Publish.  I hope you’re having a lovely day.



After Dinner Lame

Ooh, is my stomach full.  We just got back from Salvatore’s right here in Herkimer, NY, where I had the first calzone I have had in years.  I must say, YUM!  But, what a surprise, I ate too much of it. I still have plenty left over for further pig out activities.  In the meantime, I am quite late in making this week’s Friday Lame Post.  What, I ask, is a blogger to do?

It is hardly a “real” Friday for me, because I work tomorrow.  No, I am NOT complaining about it, I’m just SAYING.  Sheesh!  Then again, there is no pleasing some people so I might as well just stop trying.  Why, yes, I had a glass of wine with dinner, why do you ask?

I had thought I might possibly write something earlier today, on breaks at work, and avoid sitting here in front of a blank screen trying to be funny (or at least coherent).  I started by working on a letter I had started to a friend.  It did not go so well.  I ended up going back to a puzzle book I had handy and working on some puzzles.  It was all my brain wanted to do.  As the day wore on, things got even worse, brain-wise.

Yes, the heat and humidity continues in the Mohawk Valley, along with its deleterious effect on my writing activities (don’t you just love that word, deleterious?).  As I left work today, a work friend was talking about what he was going to do next week.  I said, “I am going to get my act together.  Do you believe me?”  Nobody did.  Even I didn’t believe me.

On the other hand, here I am, over 250 words and it’s past my bed time.  I hope to see you all again tomorrow on Scattered Saturday, or whatever kind of Saturday it turns out to be.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Writing about Writing and Not Writing

How long has it been since I’ve had a real Tired Tuesday post?  Has it been a whole week already?  (Um, that was a joke.)  I have no real reason to be so tired.  I went to bed in a timely fashion last night.  I worked a normal eight hour day.  We’ll blame it on the weather.  Some people thrive in the heat and humidity.  Some of us, not so much.

I did write today.  Before my shift at work began I wrote diligently on an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I concluded it on a break and felt pleased.  That was when I realized something about myself.  When I finish a piece of writing, my impulse is to stop.  I think, “Ah, done,” and I want to close the notebook and move on to something else not writing.  I don’t think this always happens, but it certainly happened to me today.

However, I did not want it to happen today.  I couldn’t think what to write a blog post about, but I had another topic for the magazine. I looked in my notebook,  to see if I had started anything on it.  I had not but found a letter I had started to a friend two weeks ago.  I worked on that.  I consider that all writing counts.  Full disclosure:  I spent one break working on a crossword puzzle with a co-worker.  I do like that mental stimulation.

I felt dreadfully tired for most of the day.  That is why I believe the weather is to blame.  Back home from work, I ran in place on the mini-tramp for 22 minutes.  It was not easy.  I think I run faster on the mini-tramp than I do on the sidewalk.  It is definitely bouncier.  When I finished that I felt so tired I didn’t want to continue standing long enough to take a shower.  However, with the amount of sweat and stink I had accumulated by then, the shower was the best place for me.

I managed to type my article into the computer, looking a couple of things up, adding and editing.  I like to think I’m a good writer.  I emailed the article to my husband Steven, so he can offer his opinion.

But my blog post, my blog post, I MUST publish a blog post!  So as you see, I sat at the laptop and just typed.  I hope my readers will find some entertainment in my words.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Half a Fest Is Better than None

With all my activities yesterday, I missed a new Mohawk Valley event that I hope will be held annually:  Herkimer’s Diamond Festival and Gem Show.

The festival ran for two days throughout the Village of Herkimer.  Three indoor locations hosted gem dealers while street vendors lined Main Street, Park Avenue and Meyers Park.  There were raffles, music, face painting, all kinds of good food… and we missed most of it.

This morning (Sunday) Steven suggested we walk down and see what was still going on.  We figured Sunday wouldn’t be as good as Saturday, but it should still be worth a walk. It was supposed to be hot and humid, which does not agree with me.  Then again, I can’t hide myself in the house with the shades down all summer.  Facebook told us things started at 11 a.m.,  so we started out right at 11, to beat the heat.

We didn’t beat much.  Still, there was shade under trees and sometimes a breeze blew.  We walked to Meyers Park, where a lady at the Information booth gave us a map to the Festival.  As I had suspected, things had condensed somewhat since Saturday. She explained that $5 admission would get us into all three locations.

“And of course the street vendors are great,” she said.

We decided to check out the street vendors.  I was glad I had just eaten breakfast as we walked by the food vendors.  I am trying to get back into healthy eating habits, with no notable success so far.  Street vendor food, while quite yummy, would not have helped me reach my weight-loss goals.

We sampled some tea, admired some gems, jewelry and clothes, and I tried a Pain Relief lotion (I didn’t mention that I had a most dreadful headache, because I did not want to complain) (oops).  I was soon overheated and happy to head home before too long.

I was glad we had made it down to at least partially partake of the festivities.  I hope next summer is a little less busy for me, so I can attend the entire Herkimer Diamond Festival  and Gem Show.  It will probably make a really good blog post.  However, for Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I’m afraid this will have to do.


Ups, Downs and Team Uncle Leo

Does anybody know what happens when a blogger gets up at 3:30 in the morning to work Saturday overtime, works said overtime, goes to an outdoor craft show to help a friend with a fundraiser, leaves for about an hour for a very sad reason, returns and attempts to help, and during this time takes a few walks across parking lots in the heat, one of which in dress shoes?  As I say, when all this happens, do you know what you get?  Anybody?  Bueller?

You get a silly blog post is what you get.

The fundraiser booth was to benefit Sitrin’s Stars and Strips Run/Walk for veteran’s rehabilitation programs. I am part of  Team Uncle Leo.  We had a booth at the Craft Fair which was part of Ilion Days.  We sold cold drinks, snacks and baked goods, and we had a Chinese auction type of raffle.  The drawing for the raffle will take place in August, after a couple more  fundraising tables at different events.

I was tired and hungry.  After walking across a couple of parking lots to find a place to change out of my work clothes, I purchased some chips and two cookies from Team Uncle Leo.   Then I got a Gator Ade.  Must stay hydrated after all.  We sold a few baked goods and raffle tickets. I am not what you would call a persuasive salesperson, but I tried.  Then again, when you offer yummy cookies and tempting raffle items (several local businesses were generous with gift cards) for a good cause, people will often make a purchase.

Oh dear, I had not meant to write about all this.  I had meant to mention it briefly in the first paragraph and go on to a cooking post (cooking with wine, of course).  After second guessing myself that far, I am now third guessing myself and wondering if I ought to include the previous two sentences at all.  This is what happens when I have a busy day that includes spending a lot of time outdoors in the heat and humidity.

Where was I?  Ah yes, wondering if I ought to mention the sad reason that took me away from the fundraiser and into a dress and the closest I get to high heels.  It was calling hours for the father of a friend.  It was a very sad occasion.  I never met him but felt I knew him from hearing my friend’s stories about him and seeing pictures on Facebook.  He was a wonderful, inspirational man who overcame many obstacles and loved his family very much.

It was in a somber mood, then, that I returned to the fundraiser.  I walked across different parking lots looking for a place to change this time.  It seems I am not as familiar with that section of  Ilion as I thought I was, because the business I was going for was further away than I had envisioned.  Thank heaven I wore my wedge-heeled clogs instead of my patent leather pumps (I almost never wear those pumps).

I think we raised some good money for Uncle Leo and veteran’s rehabilitation, although I don’t have a total.  I know my friend was happy I had made it to the calling hours, as of course was I.  I was grateful that the fundraising table was in the shade of a canvas cover plus a few trees.   All in all, more good things today than bad.

Except, I guess, for my blog post.

Sorry, friends.  Amongst the heat, humidity and everything, my brain is a mushy lump of I don’t know what (and it was that way BEFORE I started cooking with wine, so just wipe that superior smirk off your face!) (you know who you are).  Then again, I’m not feeling too bad for a Scattered Saturday.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.