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Why DON’T I Have a Chaise Lounge?

Yes, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday,  and once again, I got nothin’.  We had a rehearsal for Fabulous and Fatal, our latest, and perhaps last, murder mystery.  We got some dinner at The Happen Inn in Little Falls.  Now I am home and, quite frankly, looking forward to bedtime.  But I do not want to be making my Sunday post early Monday morning, so here we are.

Some people may ask (and you know who you are), what reason have I to swoon, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead, on a chaise lounge or otherwise (regular readers may remember that I have no chaise lounge)?  I suppose I must confess, very little reason indeed.

I will not reiterate here all the good things in my life.  Nor yet will I make a list of the bad.  Who keeps score of these things anyways?  Oh, I suppose YOU do (once again, you know who you are). One feels the way one feels.  That is all.

I will feel happier once I reach 200 words and hit Publish.  For one reason, Steven is on board with my plan to watch Carnival of Souls, one of my favorite Halloween movies (I like it the rest of the year as well).  I hope to see you all again on Monstrous Monday.


Happening in to the Happen Inn

Twice now in Little Falls our original plans for a place to eat have fallen through and we have discovered an excellent alternative.  Let’s hear it for serendipity!

The first time was for dinner.  We were to meet our friends Phyllis and Jim.  There we were on Main Street.  I was on the phone with Phyllis, telling her we could not get into [excellent place to eat that was busy].  She did not have any suggestions.

“There’s the Happen Inn down the street,” I said, walking in that direction.  “I think they have a menu on the door.”  Phyllis has Celiac’s Disease and must consume a gluten-free diet (it’s a DISEASE not a FAD for her!).  While I walked, she got on the internet and ascertained that the Happen Inn could meet her needs.

Steven and I went in, down some stairs, and found a seat at the bar.  I was already delighted with the place, because one of our favorite watering holes up north, at the beginning of our life together, was in a basement.

When Phyllis and Jim arrived we got a table.  Normally you have to order your food and drink at the bar, but because it was fairly quiet when we were there, the bartender came to our table.  She made a good suggestion to Phyllis about a gluten-free meal and the rest of us found stuff that sounded good, which indeed it was.  I know I usually mention what everybody ate when I do these posts, but right now I am just not remembering.

Be that as it may, we enjoyed our meal and our evening very much. I think I’ll save our second serendipitous meal for another blog post.

The Happen Inn Sports Bar and Grill is located at 2 West Main St., Little Falls, NY, phone number 314-823-9840.  For more information you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.  I did.