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Seasonal Scattered Saturday

I pause in my Christmas gyrations to make this week’s Scattered Saturday post. Full Disclosure:  I sat down to make this post earlier and just did not want to do it.  I felt down, I felt stupid, I felt completely disinclined to make a blog post just for the sake of making a blog post.  Remembering that doing something, anything often helps (if you can get yourself to do it), I did the dishes (there were not that many) and started another batch of Chex Party Mix (although I used the store brand version of Chex cereal) (I guess that is another Full Disclosure).  I have one, maybe two more goodies to make (however, I have found that it does not pay to get too ambitious), then I can start packaging and wrapping.

The packaging is often the most fun.  My husband Steven likes to put a present in a present, so we pick up various size tins and decorative boxes whenever we see them for a good price.  For another reason, I am a terrible wrapper, completely unable to fold the corners in anywhere close to a neat fashion.  However, I am thinking I will wrap the presents for my great nephew and niece, who are four and one.  I think they will like to tear the paper.

I had been hoping for a return of Saturday Running Commentary today, but the early weather report warned of possible icy roads early on, when I would have liked to go.  I am clumsy enough on my feet without adding slippery into the mix.  Additionally, I wanted to run to Hannaford for just a couple more things.  I felt like an independent, take-charge kind of woman when I went to Hannaford shortly after they opened, thus beating the crowd (although I kept walking into people; I did mention I was clumsy, did I not?), then drove to the Mohawk YMCA, arriving shortly after they opened.  Half an hour on the elliptical made me feel even better about myself.

Steven got a little ambitious himself, scoring a same-day appointment appointment at the Hot Shot Salon and Spa in Herkimer to have his beard and hair trimmed.  I admired his handsomeness before starting my first batch of Party Mix.

Later on, I went to Ilion with my friend Kim, to visit the New 2 You Consignments.  We mostly went to visit our friend Robbi, the proprietress.  We also got to see her lovely daughter, Megan.  Megan is ultra-talented and is studying musical theatre in New York.  Kim and I worked on a couple of shows with her when she was still local.  We looked around at the merchandise, but the only thing I bought was a pair of Christmas socks.  I love Christmas socks, and I do not have enough of them.  I know, this is the time of year I should be purchasing things for other people, but, hey, Christmas socks.  There could be no possible objection.

Before leaving Ilion, we stopped by Ilion Wine and Spirits, where I picked up a bottle of my favorite champagne, Great Western Extra Dry, made in New York State.  Wine purists will point out that technically it is not champagne if it is not made in a specific part of France, but I do not care at all.  Call it whatever you like, I like to drink it!

Making Chex Party Mix is a relaxing activity, because once it is in the oven you have 45 minutes to wait, needing only to stir it every 15.  That part is sometimes a little stressful for me when I start to think I did not set the timer this time after stirring.  Then I go to check, thinking I will set the timer for less than 15 if I have indeed forgotten.  Then I have not forgotten, and much more time has passed than I realized, so it is good I remembered to set it.  But other than that, a perfectly relaxing treat to make, and so tasty.

So this is my Scattered Saturday post.  Only two more days till Christmas!  Yikes!  Well, I will be ready or I won’t.  My family will not mind if I am not. They will not even be surprised.  They have known me for a while.


Several Shout-outs on a Scattered Saturday

Once again I pause in my gyrations to make a Scattered Saturday post.  Steven and I are waiting for some people to come over tonight.  It is a Thanks for the Mayhem party for people who participated in our murder mysteries in the past couple of years.  Oh dear, I hope I did not neglect to invite somebody who reads my blog.  I do not have the most reliable memory, and I have done quite a few murder mysteries.  Anyways, I have to have another party, because a lot of people can’t make it tonight.

I began my morning earlier than expected on a Saturday, but that was OK, because I had gone to bed earlier with a stomach ache on Friday (perhaps you read my blog post about it).  My stomach felt better, so I had some coffee and listened to the rain fall.  I do not usually go running in the rain.  And right after the rain, there a lot of puddles I do not necessarily enjoy running through.  However, when the rain stopped, I ran anyways and just did not worry about the puddles.  I wore an older pair of running shoes.

Back home, I wrote a few post cards.  I was delighted to have some new ones to send.  My Mom and Dad went on a bus trip with their church and picked me up a bunch.  I rarely travel myself, but I am fortunate to have family and friends that do.  By now it was raining again, making a walk to the post office ineligible.  That was all right, though, because Steven and I had several errands to run.

After a stop by the post office, we went to Cash for Cans on South Washington Street in Herkimer, NY (where we live, in case you didn’t know) and redeemed a LOT of cans and bottles.  Then we went to AmeriCU Credit Union to deposit a check (we like credit unions), then to Hannaford for groceries and party munchies.  Back home, we cleaned industriously, although my coffee table is still quite the mess.  Steven nicely said we would call it a Work in Progress and it could be a topic of conversation. I do like to entertain my guests.

Around 11:30 we went to Route 51 Beer Belly Bob’s Discount Beverage Center in Ilion, to taste and purchase beer.  Brown’s Brewing Company of Troy, NY was there.  We had a great time and bought some yummy beer.  I want to do a whole blog post about it. I also plan to return to Beer Belly Bob’s when Brown’s is back sometime.  Oh, as well as returning when I run out of the beer I bought.  Beer Belly Bob’s is where I get my beer!

Since we also drink wine, we made a quick stop at Ilion Wine and Spirits for a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Noir.  I had a craving for some Barefoot Pinot Noir.  I will be delighted to open it in a few hours (oh, do I have to wait a few hours?  Maybe I can start sipping a little early).

Wow, I did a lot.  I haven’t even talked about the fixing, mixing, and chopping I have done so far.  I will just mention that I enjoyed a cup of iced coffee flavored with just a touch of Mohawk Valley Fire Moonshine from DikinDurt Distillery of Herkimer.  Just to give another shout-out.

So I think this has been a pretty good Scattered Saturday post (or do I flatter myself?).  Now I’ve got to get back to finishing my fixings. I do love to entertain.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


Not a Wrist to Forehead Appetizer

So today was my day to get stuff done that I did not get done on Scattered Saturday.  That, I felt, was just setting myself up for Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  At least I got a couple of things done.  Then I made a delightful appetizer for Steven and me without a recipe, and I thought that would make a good blog post.

I had gotten the tomatoes on the vine at Hannaford yesterday (on sale This Week Only!) and some in-store bakery Italian bread.  I had it in mind to make bruschetta (my computer thinks that is misspelled, but Facebook seems to think it is correct) (my dictionary is upstairs, that’s too far for me on Wrist to Forehead Sunday).  Naturally the first thing I did was to crush up some garlic and set the timer for 15 minutes (so it could reach its full cancer-fighting qualities).  While it breathed, I cut some very thin slices of onion and started to chop up some rainbow peppers which had also been on sale at Hannaford (This Week Only!).  I also opened a can of black olives.  Somewhere during these activities I also set the oven to pre-heat to 400 degrees.

When the garlic was done breathing, I put it in the blender with olive oil, basil, oregano, and the Salt Free Essential Spice Blend from So Sweet Candy Cafe that is my new favorite seasoning.  I sliced the Italian bread and brushed it with the olive oil mixture, then topped it with onion, diced peppers, black olive slices, and pieces of tomato.  I put them in the oven for ten minutes. Yum!

With such a good — and labor intensive — appetizer, I no longer felt like cooking dinner.  We put the burger I had taken out of the freezer this morning into the refrigerator.  I’ll do something fun with that Monday or Tuesday.  I may even write another blog post about it.  I think these cooking posts are a little more interesting than my usual schtick, but perhaps I flatter myself.  In any case, I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.


Hit Publish and Go Back to Enjoying my Sunday

It is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I haven’t worked on my novel, I haven’t even written in the TV Journal. My brain is on strike or vacation or maybe it was never that good to begin with (say is ain’t so!).

This is the part where I usually surprise myself and come up with another 200 words or so that are not that unreadable. I hit publish and go back to enjoying my Sunday. But today, it seems, it is not going to be that easy.

The weather is delightful. It has been a beautiful weekend, sunny and warm. I had a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon and evening with my husband, Steven, including two or three Mohawk Valley adventures. Really, I have no reason to feel I have nothing to write about.

I suppose these things happen to a writer sometimes. I keep thinking I will write an extra post and keep it in my Drafts section for just such an emergency. Sometimes I get a post or so ahead, but I always use them right away. Well, I wouldn’t want them to get stale or outdated.

Today I haven’t had any Mohawk Valley adventures, unless you count a trip to Hannaford for groceries. Ooh, wait, I did write a post about that once, a long time ago. I mostly spent the day re-reading an Agatha Christie novel. It is very instructive to re-read a mystery novel. You see where the writer put in all the clues and say, “How the blankety-blank did I miss THAT?”

So it looks as if I have once again written over 200 words. Perhaps I’ll go work on my novel now.