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A Little More Thanksgiving

Let’s  pretend it’s still Thursday,  shall we? I  know some of us are still lounging around, enjoying our turkey (or other) hangovers.  I just said that because I thought it would sound cool.  I have the opposite of a hangover, thank heaven, because my headache is currently in abeyance, knock wood.

So I thought I’d share a few pictures of Steven’s and my Thanksgiving decorations,  while they’re still up.

Aren’t they cute?

This is on the table behind our couch.

He’s my favorite.


We rarely use our dining room table for eating.

The snowman,  regular readers may recall,  was part of our Halloween decor, when he pretended to be a ghost.  The Christmas you water bottles were birthday presents.

You can’t see it, but this is our buffett

The skeletons demonstrate once again our propensity for making Halloween last all year.

We don’t do a lot of shots in those shot glasses; it is merely a fun collection.

Our kitchen window also changes with the seasons.  I can’t believe the fall garland is still with us and in such good shape.  We bought it for a Bad Taste Party we held back in the 1990’s.

One of my better impulse purchases.

I’ve probably shared a picture of this fellow before.  I purchased him earlier in the fall, when he gave me that cute smile in the produce department of Hannaford.  And that makes me remember a few more scarecrows we own that I did not include a picture of.  My bad!  However, I want to get this published, because it is late as it is (also my bad).  Perhaps I can show those decorations later, and make Thanksgiving last a little longer.  Christmas can wait!


Wrist to New Years to Murder


I guess a few more, but I don’t suppose it matters, since witnesses to murder rarely do.  Do murders ever?  I imagine some do, especially the one ones to murder that we never hear of, that is, the ones that do get away with it.  And there is the part of murderers I rarely understand: if they got away with it, you rarely hear their names.  What’s that all about?  Who wants  to do things where people don’t even know that you did it?  Or am I just an approval junky?

I guess none of this matters on New Years Day, or as some like to call it, “National Hangover Day.”  Oh, don’t go pointing the finger at me! I am quite hangover free today (about tomorrow, I make no promises).  Who wants to think about murder on New Year’s Day?  Oh well, I guess a few people must.  Policemen.  Newswriters.  The producers of Snapped.

And here we come to the second point of today:  it is Sunday.  For me, Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I can’t think about a blog post.  All I want to do is watch Snapped.  But Happy New Years, everybody, nonetheless.  I hope you are all having a lovely holiday weekend.