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Almost Springtime Saturday

I pause in my Saturday gyrations to make my blog post.  I’m afraid it will be a short one.  Then again, if it’s dull, short is better, no? Discuss amongst yourselves.

My husband Steven and I got up early, because he had to be to work early.  I suppose I could have stayed in bed, but what the hell, I was awake and I like coffee with my husband in the morning.

I was determined to go for a walk at least.  I have not been exercising properly this week, and I think it is doing me dirt in the tension headache department.  I took a 35-minute walk after work yesterday, and it felt pretty good.  Yesterday the weather actually reached 50 degrees.  Woo hoo, almost seasonal!  Oh, that brings up another point.  Yesterday I heard a meteorologist say that mid-50’s was seasonal for April, and I realized:  I’m in my mid-50’s.  I’m not old:  I’m seasonal for April.  I’m in the springtime of my life!

Today was cooler but still felt vaguely spring-like.  I put on a scarf that you can twist around your head and your face (it’s pretty nice; my sister Vicki made it).  If it got windy, I hoped to avoid the sinus headache the wind seems to give me.

It was an enjoyable walk, and I saw some crocuses.  Woo hoo again!  I reminded myself to definitely put down more crocuses this fall.  I put some in the fall after we moved in, and we usually get a few blooms.  My intention was to put more down every year and eventually have a yard full.  I have forgotten each year.  So I reminded myself again.  Who knows, maybe 2018 will be the year!

If I had sat down right after the walk, perhaps I could have come up with a decent Pedestrian Post.  Instead I felt light-headed (spring allergies?), so laid down with my face thing on.  My mother got me this face mask that you heat up in the microwave and lay down with.  It’s awesome. Now I am up and sipping hot tea, which is definitely soothing to the sinuses, and the disposition.

I guess I can’t really call this a Scattered Saturday post either, since I didn’t do a whole lot of different things.  And I don’t know how far away I am from going back to Saturday Running Commentary!  Never mind, this is my post and it will have to do.  I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Happy Saturday and Happy Spring!


Horror to Hummus

I pause in the midst of my Non-Sequitur Thursday gyrations to make a blog post. I don’t have all my stuff done.  I am not going to get all my stuff done tonight.  It is unknown how much stuff I will get done tomorrow.  No matter.  My blog post will get done.

I did not end my prom night, or indeed any night so far, looking like this.

I paused in my posting to peek at Facebook and saw this picture. It is, of course, Sissy Spacek in the title role of Carrie.  I identified with Carrie’s stunned, overwhelmed, almost zombie-ish look.  I went to the Facebook page it came from, Classic Horror Movies, where I saw this gem:

He does not look particularly happy either.

This is Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula.  I identified with his look, too, and not just the surprise and horror.  Look how bloodshot his eyes are.  I get that problem during allergy season too.  Who knew Dracula suffered from rhinitis?

I had been going to tell the tale of all the running around and stuff I have been doing.  Now I feel more into sharing pictures of horror movies.  But I don’t really have time to (a) compose a decent blog post or (b) look for more cool pictures.  I have to get back into the kitchen and do the dishes.  I’ve been mixing and making refreshments for a cast party tomorrow.  Just to throw in another mention of The Tempest.  You know, that play I’m in?

That reminds me: I also have to look over my lines again.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


Merry Mental Meanderings

I do not see why this blog should not go All Christmas All The Time for the rest of the week.  After all, Friday is Christmas, it’s practically here! (Said in a Boris Karloff narrating How the Grinch Stole Christmas voice.)

At times, I fear, the Christmas spirit eludes me.  Today I spend some time stressing and obsessing about all I need to get done before the end of the week.  Then I stressed over the fact that I was stressing, because, dammit, I’m supposed to be enjoying this! I LIKE Christmas!  I like to give presents!  I thought I had planned better than this.  I hasten to add, I am not completely without the Christmas spirit.  I get it in spurts and try to enjoy it while it lasts.

As I pointed out yesterday, it is difficult to talk about my gyrations preparing for Christmas without giving away key points about presents I may or may not be giving (already I’ve said too much).  However, those gyrations (that word is so descriptive of my life) are the reason I am posting this later than I like to and why I did not write something earlier while at work (on a BREAK, I hasten to add).  Oh, I know, I could stress about Christmas and still write a blog post.  In theory at least.  The fact is, I did not.

After work I had three stops to make.  I can mention one, because it did not involve anything Christmasy:  I went to The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion to pick up a prescription.  Of course, there is also no need to expand upon that, because as I have often observed, people who go on about their health problems become tiresome (I know, it almost never stops me, but I try to keep it short) (I said TRY! Sheesh!).

Where was I?  Oh yes, a brief shout-out to the Medicine Shoppe.  I called in my prescription renewal to their automated line last night and my prescription was waiting for me after work this afternoon.  How cool is that?  They are also super nice there.

After the Medicine Shoppe, I made two more stops that were Christmas-related. They were relatively successful.  I would love to go on, especially about the second stop, BUT…  Perhaps I will revisit the subject in January.   In the meantime, I continue to chase that elusive Christmas spirit.

The Medicine Shoppe is located at 10 Central Ave., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-894-7283.  You can Like them on Facebook.