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Sandals with Socks on Slacker Saturday

I am having a real Slacker Saturday and I’m not apologizing for it.  I may not even apologize for this lame blog post, but we’ll see how bad it gets before I guarantee that.  I went for a short run this morning, because after yesterday’s long run I discovered a blister on one foot.  Yikes!  When I was in the army, I found that if I glopped petroleum jelly on the blister and kept it covered, it would quietly fade away (the computer seems to think “glopped” is not a word, can you believe such ignorance?).  I glopped the last of my petroleum jelly on this one last night and have been resorting to antibiotic gel this morning.  Right now I have on ankle socks and sandals.  It’s quite a look.

As a side note, in the above paragraph, I first put vaseline, with a lowercase V, because it wasn’t brand name.  I realize Vaseline is one of those lost brand names, like Xerox and Kleenex, that people use generically (although I personally always say “photocopy” and “tissue”).  I switched to “petroleum jelly” in the interests of accuracy, and to have one fewer word judgmentally underlined in red by my computer.  I strive not to care what others think, yet I find all that red unnerving.

Where was I?  Ah yes, Slacker Saturday.  To give you a real picture of the day, I decided to take a picture of my sandals and socks combo, so I grabbed my Tablet.  As soon as I turned it on, however, I was confronted by a picture of our peonies my husband Steven had taken the other day.  Being even less device-savvy than I am, he asked me to get the picture someplace where he could share it to Facebook.  I realized I had not yet done so (although I am usually a better wife than that) (or do I flatter myself?). I know there is an easy way to do this, but being only slightly less device-un-savvy than Steven, I didn’t know it.

Well, there is no point in sharing with you all my gyrations in that endeavor, but eventually I got around to taking my own picture.

Would you say sexy legs, or are these even scarier than some of the monster pictures I share?

Full disclosure:  I had to move a bunch of junk off the end of the couch, or this picture would have been really cluttered.  Of course that might have made it more interesting as well as being a more accurate depiction of How I Live.  But I decided to try to make it a cleaner picture.  I suppose pictures are like potato chips; nobody wants just one.  I had been meaning to take a picture of some smaller irises in my yard anyways, so I stepped outside to do so.

I see it is an accurate depiction of How Little Time I Spend Weeding.

They are a little past peak, so I zoomed in on the best two.

I think they are graceful and elegant (my original thought was to say, “Aren’t they purty?”).

So this has been my day.  I ran.  I put on socks.  I took a nap (didn’t mention that before, did I?).  I made this blog post.  Oh, before making the blog post, I washed the dishes.  Yay me!  I am not completely useless!  Thank you for tuning in, and I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Mums for Mom at Candella’s

I was going to title this one “Mum’s the Word,” but thought it would be unbearably punny.

Saturday my adventures took me to New Hartford. OK, I guess they weren’t very adventurous, but I can’t seem to find the word I’m looking for. Activities? Perambulations? Gyrations? Leads are hard.

Be that as it may, I went home the long way through Whitesboro (or is it Whitestown? Ought to know these things) and Marcy. This made it handy to stop at Candella’s Farm and Greenhouse on River Road, where I hoped by buy a plant for my mother for Easter.

I was immediately greeted by a mother and daughters (at least, they looked like family) and asked if I needed help. I told them I wanted a plant for my mother, preferably something she could later plant outdoors if she wanted to.

I admired a beautiful lily in an unusual shade of pink. The lady said Mom could plant it outdoors but it required a sheltered area without too much direct sunlight. I mentally reviewed Mom and Dad’s lawn. Then I considered some hyacinths. Since I’m Cynthia, I thought a hyacinth would be nice (get it?). I got her a nice pink one a couple of years ago, which I foolishly left on my kitchen table. Mom told me to go ahead and plant it in my own yard and she could enjoy it there when she visits.

The lady also showed me a mum of a new color. She said she had good luck with mums. I liked the look of those but picked an “old” color of burgundy with yellow centers.

Mom was pleased with her present, and I was pleased with my experience at Candella’s. As spring slowly arrives, I’ll have several choices of places to purchase plants for my own yard. I hope to hit them all. I’d better buy a new pair of gardening gloves.

Candella’s is located at 9256 River Rd., Marcy, NY. Phone number is 315-736-9792. You can visit their website at or you can Like them on Facebook.