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I Want My Lame Post Friday

Once again, here is the lame, late Mohawk Valley Girl.  Doesn’t that sound macabre, calling myself the Late Mohawk Valley Girl.  Like I’m posting from beyond grave.  We all know I have kind of a Halloween fixation.

I have recently returned from the final rehearsal for He Laughed Himself to Death, the murder mystery I was talking about yesterday.  It went very well.  We are also full of plans for Who Shot JS? the next murder mystery planned.  However, I have many other plans for my life.  Will I implement them?  That, as they say, is the question (another question is who “they” are, but everybody asks that question; it does not interest me).

I want to clean and organize my house.  I want to finish writing my novel, or rather one of the many novels I have started.  Or maybe start a new one and finish that one.  I want to finish the Banana Play, of which I have a nearly complete, fairly coherent rough draft.  And that other play I had almost finished (the first draft anyways) for which I do not have a title (incidentally the Banana Play is not really the title of that one).

And what about my garden?  We are going to eventually have real spring around here, and perhaps even summer.  I want to grow tomatoes and peppers and lettuce and herbs and flowers… I want a container garden on my deck and a regular garden in my yard.  And maybe even some lawn ornaments to look cool.

Additionally, I want to start making better blog posts.  I want to attend more cultural events, patronize more distinctive local businesses, and visit more destinations of all kinds.  Then I want to write about them.  Regarding today, of course, it is Lame Post Friday. For now this will have to do.


I Do Not Despair

After writing yesterday’s post, I felt indefinably better and thought I would go write something else to see if it made me feel better yet. I thought I could report any results today, on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Some of you are probably saying, “We know: she didn’t write anything, and now she’s sitting there with her wrist on her forehead, typing with one hand to tell us about it.”

Well, the joke’s on you, because I am typing with two hands. Still, the writing something else did not go as well as hoped. My brain still felt fuzzy. I thought I could watch a cheesy movie and write about it in the TV Journal. This is a technique that has served me well in the past. Yesterday, not so much.

I would start to write stuff, then the damn movie would go into a long sequence with no dialogue. I can’t keep my eyes on the screen and write in a notebook. My handwriting is messy enough when I can look at it! As dialogue returned, I thought of a number of things I could write in the TV Journal, but my fuzzy brain betrayed me. I knitted instead.

Today, I thought instead of Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I would try for a pedestrian post, so went for a walk with Steven and Tabby. This seemed like a fruitful idea: the weather was drop dead gorgeous. There might be fall/Halloween decorations to observe. Other people might be out walking that I could interact with or at least describe.

Um, no. It was a very pleasant walk, but quite uneventful. I know, that doesn’t usually stop me. Come to think of it, it hasn’t stopped me today. Two paragraphs about the walk after four paragraphs about me trying to write. My word count is higher than yesterday! Woohoo!

Regarding future plans, I do not despair of writing a post about the cheesy movie I saw yesterday. And I’m going downstairs right now to watch another monster flick. And, who knows, as the week progresses, perhaps my head with unfuzz, and I will be back to having Mohawk Valley Adventures.

Stay tuned!