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Pre Posers Post

I was going to wait till I got home to write about The Posers, our favorite local band.  Then I thought of how tired I might be and then I will be six (I really feel I have lost count) posts behind. This way, I don’t make things any worse, and if I do make another post later, I come out ahead.  I won’t get our hopes up about that, though (yeah, right, like anybody HOPES to read more than one Mohawk Valley Girl post in a day!).

Where was I?  Ah, yes, waiting with some impatience to go to The Brass Tack in Frankfort,  NY to hear an awesome band.  To make things even better, we are meeting our friends Phyllis, Jim and Kelly. I LOVE getting together with friends!

I have never been to the Brass Tack but have long wanted to.  It is a very popular spot, so I expect to be quite delighted. The lady that took my reservations was very friendly, so that bodes well.  I hope to do another post about the dinner.

I further hope to make a post about the band.  They play all this great music from the ’80’s and always seem to have such a fun time doing it.  We usually dance our butts off (and I have a lot of butt to dance off!).

So perhaps this has been a dull post about how I am soon to have a wonderful time.  Sorry about that.  I’ll go for a more exciting post later.


A Blooming Silly Post

This post is in the nature of a public service announcement or maybe self-help or some such.  How to have fun at work.

Most of us have to work and many of us have given up on that illusive dream of finding a fulfilling job we love.  There are not that many of those jobs out there and they are really hard to get.  Moreover, all the other jobs still have to be done.  I have always liked the expression, “Bloom where you are planted.”  I confess to spending a lot of my life actually trying to transplant myself, but we’re not talking about that right now.  We’re blooming.  So let’s get on with the blooming blog post (see what I did there?).

My best way to have fun at work is to be silly.  I always say, go with your strengths.  If a silly joke occurs to me, I share it.  Sometimes I sing a silly song, although then I run the risk of somebody telling me to don’t quit my day job, an overused joke which I have never found particularly amusing.  But anyone might think of telling jokes and singing songs.  What can I tell you that you may not have thought of?

One thing I do is think of reasons why somebody wore a the shirt they happen to be wearing.  For example, sometimes I wear Hump Day Hot Pink or Payday Purple.  If somebody wears a black shirt on payday, I say it is because after they are paid their finances will be in the black.  If they wear red, it is obviously because even after being paid, they will still be in debt.  A blue shirt indicates that person feels blue because of the size of said paycheck, while a green shirt merely denotes money.  One of my favorite shirt days is Where’s a Shirt Wednesday, followed by There’s a Shirt Thursday.

Alas, not everybody can play the shirt game.  Some places of employment require a uniform or at least a certain color shirt.  Those people must think of other work games to play.  Or they can stick with telling jokes and singing songs.  There are other work games we can play.  I will share others in future blog posts.  In the meantime, today is Lame Post Friday.  I have posted lame and now I am going to relax. Happy Friday, folks.



What Would Sarah Siddons Do?

And it’s back to All Leading Ladies All The Time with this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I’m calling this a non-sequitur because I am writing a blog post about the play on the night when I do NOT have rehearsal.  I want to take tonight off, sit on my couch, crochet and watch true crime shows.  First I had a few show-related chores.

I made phone calls, I sent emails and Facebook messages.  I could do a few other things but I think I’m done.  I may have mentioned how stressed out I’ve felt lately.  I have so much to do and I am not getting enough sleep.  I am a huge baby about not getting enough sleep.  I’d call it my beauty rest, but some yahoo will make an unkind remark about there not being enough sleep in the world (you know who you are).

However, last night I got a boost in mood thanks to my cast and crew.  We spent the first part of rehearsal trying on and discussing costumes.  My cast is being just wonderful about it.  I didn’t hear any, “I don’t feel my character would wear this” or “I can’t wear anything like that”  or just plain “YUCK!”  They tried stuff on.  It fit or did not.  Other cast members were beyond helpful with suggestions of where we can possibly borrow more pieces, even going so far as to seek out the lenders themselves.   I find that so wonderful.  I’m used to hearing, “Well, you can ask this one or that one,”  often a good suggestion but I am so NOT good at asking people for things in addition  to being quite pressed for time.

When we got down to rehearsing, everybody seemed to have a marvelous time.  I love how the characters are developing, and I am delighted with how the players are reacting to each other.   My favorite part of acting is reacting!

After we got home from rehearsal, I went straight to bed.  It was not until this morning that Steven told me how a couple of cast members were on Facebook  remarking about how much fun they were having.  What a timely reminder for me!  Of course there is a lot of responsibility to being director.  I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.  Stress is inevitable.  However, why am I doing this?  Because it is FUN!

Whether this was a particularly fun blog post about it, I shall leave my reader to judge.  As for myself, I have a baby afghan to knit and an episode of Snapped to watch.  Tomorrow it’s back to rehearsal, after making my usual Friday Lame Post.  I hope to see you then.