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Foul Mood, Foolish Post

I am in a rotten, rotten mood, and it does not matter why. What does matter is that I cannot find a decent stylus so am attempting to post with one bad finger. No, it is not eligible for me to move to my laptop for ten finger typing. Again, it does not matter why.

One does not expect to be in a foul mood in December. One naturally expects to be filled with the Christmas spirit. It just feels wrong to be in a foul mood. Then again, that makes this perfectly eligible for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post.

So here I am, typing one letter at a time with my finger instead of a stylus. Does anybody else feel devoid of the Christmas spirit at odd times this time of year? Or even at all times? I don’t know about anyone else, but as soon as I feel I ought to be in the Christmas spirit, that is the exact opposite of how I feel.

Come to think about it, I was just thinking about how I ought to make a blog post. That would explain the foolishness of this blog post. On the other hand, I am at 200 words. That makes this respectable, even for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post. I hope my readers are in a better than foul mood.

No Concrete Answer for Lame Post Friday

An actual newspaper that I kept out of recycling till I got around to taking a picture of.

I shared this photo to a Facebook group about puns (Punmanship: A Salute to Bennett Cerf).  I thought I would also use it for my blog post, because, as is often the case, I got nuthin’.  Then again, this is Lame Post Friday.  I can just type in some nonsense and hit Publish.  Then I can get back to beginning my weekend.

Earlier today I had another idea for a Friday feature.  It was alliterative, which regular readers know I love.  Can I remember it now?  Of course not!  How lame is that?  And speaking of lame, I also did not run today.  I hang my head in shame (not too low, though, or I wouldn’t be able to see my keyboard, that’s bad for blogging).

Also at work today, I had a bout of completely unexplained Foul Mood.  There I was, late in the day, work mostly done, almost free for two days, and suddenly I felt mean.  I warned a co-worker not to look at my cross-eyed, because a Foul Mood had suddenly come upon me.  He accused me of calling him a Foul Mood, which led to some chicken and rooster puns (get it?  Fowl Mood?), which alleviated the foul mood (see what I did there?  I capitalized it when I had it then lowercased it when it was over) (what, computer? Capitalized is a word but lowercased is not?  That the hell?).

This is the most foolish Lame Friday Post I can remember (given that I cannot offhand remember any Friday Lame Posts in particular).  I’ll just finish with a picture for good measure.  What goes good with a sidewalk pun?

This is in front of my house.

How about a sidewalk and peonies?  I know: pretty lame!