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Most of the Time, I’m a Regular Fool

So I guess my stomach problems yesterday were not purely nerves.  At least, I seemed OK during the murder mystery (which was a blast, by the way) and not bad this morning, but as soon as I ate something… well, these things happen, I suppose.  I really hate to make another blog post whining about my petty health complaints. I will try not to whine but merely state the facts.  Then again, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Perhaps a “woe is me” followed by a swoon is appropriate.

Most of the audience seemed to really enjoy Secrets at Suiter House, our murder mystery, last night.  Now I must rush headlong into the next, Spring into Murder.  I’ll have more blog posts about that, no doubt.  Theatre is my life!  Part of my life, anyways.

I had a very nice Easter dinner with some members of my family.  My stomach allowed me to partake of ham, cheesy potatoes, and Heidelberg rolls, among other treats.  I admit it: I am rarely too ill to eat.  I keep thinking if I eat the right thing, it will make me feel better.  This explains my continued failure to meet my weight-loss goals.

However, as I often say, tomorrow is another day.  I guess a lot of people have said that.  How embarrassing to resort to cliche.  Well, what do you people expect of me when I have a bad stomach on Wrist to Forehead Sunday?  I can’t be profound under these circumstances!  But apparently I can make a blog post, however foolish.  Hey, I just remembered something else:  it’s April Fool’s Day.  That’s it!  I’m just an April fool.  Happy Easter, everybody.



Not Enough Murder on Non-Sequitur Thursday

I am sitting here watching an episode of 20/20 on OWN and loudly calling bullshit on the murderer who is trying to pretend he is innocent.  I need to make my blog post so I can pay more attention to the next episode.  As you may guess, I did not write a blog post while on break at work today nor do I have a brilliant idea for a non-foolish post I can write now.  So it is another Non-Sequitur Thursday.  What a surprise.

This is a four day work week for me, because I fortunately had New Year’s Day off.  On Tuesday, I said, “Yay, it’s not Monday!”  On Wednesday, I said, “Yay, it’s already Wednesday!”  Today I said, “Why is it Thursday and not Friday yet? Damn!”  I am sure other people with a four day week feel the same way. Those of you who worked Monday and/or are in the middle of a more than four-day stretch, just go ahead and turn your nose up at me.  I’ve been there, done that.  Revel in your own virtue and superior work ethic.

John Quinones, News Personality.

I just thought I’d put in a photo of John Quinones, our host.  Only I don’t know how to put a tilda on the first “n” in his name.  My bad.

Ah, the next episode has started.  It seems to be about identity theft, not murder.  The first episode was just the kind of case I like:  a cheating, murdering spouse.  I suppose I have rather sordid tastes.

No matter.  The best thing to do with a foolish post like this is to keep it short, so I will.  I will just throw in another picture for good measure.  Maybe I can find a nice murder in my Media Library.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of my favorites.


More an Apology than a Post

Well, I did it again.  I went a day without making a post and now I’m sitting here with my first cup of coffee trying to take up the slack.  It is really very foolish of me.  I did not want to write a dumb post about how I did not feel up to writing a real post last night.  So what am I writing this morning?  A dumb post about how I am not up to writing a real post this morning.  I guess my options are to (1) wait till I can come up with a real post, (2) grit my teeth and attempt a real post now, and (3) just go ahead and write the foolish post I should have written last night and have done with.  Oh, and (4) not make a post, give up this pretense of being a real blogger, and stop spewing this foolishness out into the blogosphere. Oh, like THAT’S ever going to happen!

Steven and I did some minor running around yesterday, including going to Ed and Bud’s in Little Falls for a Tom and Jerry, something I have been wanting to do since the Reindeer Run 5K earlier in December.  Oh, don’t go blaming my not posting on the booze; I’ve sipped and typed before.  Yes, I did continue to enjoy a few more cocktails as the evening progressed.  I’m on vacation!  Sheesh!

So here is my Wuss-out Wednesday post.  Just over 200 words typed in Thursday morning saying I am sorry I did not post anything yesterday.  Sometimes it is kind of fun not being a real blogger.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Shall We Split the Difference?

I am missing the monthly dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre Club.

OK, I just sat here with my laptop for what seemed like a long time before I typed in the above sentence.  Then I backspaced it out.  Then I hit “undo” and put it back.  Then I sat here and tried to think of another sentence.  As you can see, it is not going well.

In my defense, I have not had a post that was purely about How I Can’t Write a Decent Post Today (I just added the word “decent” to that phrase, do you like it?) in a long time.  I’m not saying all my posts were decent, and I certainly added in enough whiny excuses for why they weren’t as good as I wished they were.  Still, how long has it been since I posted pure foolishness?  I’m too lazy to click back to my dashboard and check.

Tomorrow night is opening for Splitting Issues by Sam Bobrick.  We had our dress rehearsal last night.  It went pretty well.  I was glad.  I don’t like to invoke that old saw that the worse a dress rehearsal the better the opening night.  I don’t want an opening night miracle, meaning I don’t want to NEED an opening night miracle!  Well, we don’t in this case.  The show is good.  I think the audience will get a lot of laughs.

Well, there you go.  This post was not pure foolishness; I gave another plug to Splitting Issues at Ilion Little Theatre.  That’s Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21 and 22 at 8 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m., at The Stables, 13 Remington Ave., Ilion, NY.   Tickets available at or at the door.

As for this post, I think I’ll slap on a silly headline and call it a Non-Sequitur Thursday.



Middle-aged Me

I can’t help how many foolish posts I have in a row. Some Mondays I can only manage a Middle-aged Musing Monday.

You know, I go around calling myself middle-aged or an old lady, but I don’t think I have really internalized what that means. For example, yesterday I went running, walked my dog, mowed the lawn with a non-power mower, did some work around the house, ran around to four different stores and did a few other less overtly physical chores. Then I got up at 3:30 this morning. And I’m surprised that I’m tired.

Other people seem to have plenty of energy to do everything they want to do. Or do they? Perhaps they just spend less time complaining about how tired they are. Perhaps they are too tired to complain and I misinterpret their silence. How much energy does complaining take anyways? I’m thinking not much, because I can almost always manage a great deal.

In order to stop complaining, I will muse about something positive. I absolutely LOVE tea. I am sipping a cup of hot oolong now and it is improving my quality of life by leaps and bounds. It is not giving me enough energy to, for example, finish my container garden or even finish the blog post I started to write about it. For heavens’ sake, it’s a cup of tea, not a miracle.

I end this post with a question, perhaps of the half-baked philosophical type: is “by leaps and bounds” a cliche or an idiomatic expression?

Wrist Not On Forehead

Well, I told you it was going to be Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I know some of you thought I would feel a little bad about so many foolish posts in a row and write something more better. Well.

In my defense, I woke up with the same headache, after being plagued all night with it, I might add. I must say I felt a little ill used. These things usually don’t last that long. I took a different OTC headache remedy today. It seemed to work a little better, but I felt quite drained and light-headed.

I don’t know why I’m going on about my symptoms. How boring. Oh yeah, it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I am expected to kvetch about my many ills on such a day.

Only I don’t feel particularly wrist to forehead at the moment. You see, it is my 23rd wedding anniversary, and I happen to have the best husband. Whatever stupid life decisions I have made (most of them; I may have mentioned that), marrying my Steven is the best decision I ever made.

We have been celebrating ever since he got home some three hours ago. Then I remembered I had not made my blog post. Before he got home, when I was still feeling quite drained and lightheaded, I almost made a two sentence post reading: I’m not making a blog post today! It’s my wedding anniversary! Would that have been better? Discuss amongst yourselves.