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Feeling VERY Lame

Hello, and welcome to another Lame Post Friday. Today was perhaps our last warm day of the year. I was able to enjoy it somewhat. Making this blog post, I am afraid, may be less enjoyable. The only stylus I can find does not work well. It is like typing with only six or seven fingers and not realizing which letters you missed till later. And autocorrect does NOT help.

Well, those last few sentences went fairly well, as I abandoned the stylus for my finger.

Same view, different day.

I sat outside the End Zone Pub and Grub to enjoy a draft beet earlier this evening. The picture is from a previous visit. I thought of snapping a few shots on my walk down, but I have happily taken many foliage pictures this year. How many do I need?

I love it!

Here is one of the pictures I am so happy to have taken. Oh dear. This might not be the best of blog posts. I have talked about fall colors a lot this year. On the other hand, it is Lame Post Friday. Why not repeat myself? Additionally, some readers may have missed some of my fall foliage posts. I think I will throw in a couple more pictures and call it a day.

A very recent shot.

Well, I meant to add two more shots, but WordPress will not show me everything I thought I had in my Media Library. May I just mention once again that I HATE the new WordPress editor? And yet, I cannot complain, because I am on the free plan. Oh, I fear my blogging days are numbered!