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Remind Me to Get a Chaise Lounge

Oh, why do I wait till so late in the day to make my blog post?  I say it in the usual dramatic pose, one wrist to my forehead, before I swoon on the chaise lounge which I have cleverly made sure I was standing near.  Just kidding.  I don’t have a chaise lounge.

I was actually thinking about this earlier.  Ladies swooning, I mean.  I was watching Phantom of the Opera, the original silent film.  I have been watching it for two days now, about a half hour each time, while I ran in place on the mini-tramp.  Yes!  I have started running again!  Just thought I’d slip that little fact in.

But getting back to swooning, we had reached the point where the Phantom has abducted Christine.  A bunch of stuff happens, then the woman ups and faints.  Let me tell you, I was jealous.  When a girl just couldn’t handle it any more, all she had to do was swoon. What a great way to get out of thinking of a snappy comeback!  Ah, not that I am usually at a loss for a snappy comeback.  I mean I can’t ALWAYS think of one, but often.  Still, that fainting had to come in handy sometimes.

For example right now.  Here I am, Sunday evening and no blog post in sight.  If only I could faint dead away and not have to worry about it!   Or I could just do what I usually do and type in a bunch of nonsense and hit Publish. And, of course, try again tomorrow.  Happy Sunday, everyone.