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Will I Ever Kill Again?

I am making a Throwback Thursday Post and I do not care if I throw back to something I have revisited several times. There is always the chance I will think of something new to say about it.

I was more lush than luscious.

This is me as Ruby VanRensaeleer, who may or may not have murdered Benny the Bootlegger. I have many times alluded to Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, the interactive murder mystery I wrote for LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company, in 2017. I can’t help it. It is such a delightful memory, and I so miss doing theatre, especially murder mysteries.

Another fabulous group of suspects.

This was the cast of Engaged To Be Murdered, presented in association with Ilion Little Theatre. It was the last time I did not act in a murder mystery. After that, if I write it, I am going to be in it!

No, THIS is a fabulous group of suspects!

Here is an action shot from the performance of Fabulous and Fatal, the drag queen murder mystery we did for the Herkimer County Historical Society.

I guess I have not found too much new to say, but I think I have selected different pictures from the ones I usually share. My Thowback Thursdays often involve theatre memories, but, after all, drama is my life! (I say it with gestures.) I can only hope to be making more memories soon.

It’s a Mystery Why I’m So Lame

Frangelica Inferno

When in doubt, insert a picture of a beautiful woman.  Some of you have seen this picture before or seen other pictures of my friend Kim in this very costume.  She wore it for the Doodah Parade in Ilion, NY last summer.  I was so impressed with it (and by her ability to walk the entire parade route in high heels) that I wrote a murder mystery featuring a character who would wear that outfit.  It was Who Shot JS? which was presented to great acclaim as a fundraiser for the Herkimer County Historical Society.  Perhaps you read some of my blog posts about it.

So it’s Lame Post Friday, and I feel myself utterly incapable of making a proper blog post.  Rather than whine any further or take a Blogger’s Sick Day, I am looking through downloaded pictures on my laptop and trying to come up with something that might amuse.

Not to be confused with The Overlook Mansion in The Shining. Um, it was The Overlook in The Shining, wasn’t it?

Speaking of murder mysteries, isn’t this a great setting for one?  This is the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls NY, where LiFT Theatre Company presented Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, also to great acclaim.  Perhaps you read a few of by blog posts about that one.

Just listen to me brag about myself.  Presenting murder mysteries to great acclaim, indeed.  You’d think I was having Toot My Horn Tuesday (a feature I have not utilized often).  It’s Friday!  I can’t think of anything alliterative and egotistical for a Friday!  Oh well, sometimes these things can’t be helped.  I’ll look for one more picture to round things out and call this a post.

Photo by Mark C. Hanna

Perfect!  This is Engaged to be Murdered, which was presented at the Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion last year.  I do love to write murder mysteries.

I am now over 300 words and have included three pictures.  I call that respectable, especially for Lame Post Friday.  Have a nice weekend, everyone.


Theatre Memories on Tired Tuesday

I interrupt my reading of other people’s blogs to make my Tired Tuesday post.  I’d like to do the picture thing, but I think I’ve used all the good ones in our Downloads, and I haven’t downloaded any new ones lately. I wonder if Steven has.


Photo by Mark Hanna, who is also a pretty good actor.

This is the cast of the murder mystery I wrote last year for Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion, NY, Engaged to be Murdered.  I’m writing a new one for that church, to be presented April 1.  This one is titled He Laughed Himself to Death.  I intend to incorporate the April Fool’s Day holiday in the plot.  I shall write more blog posts about that, rest assured.



They were all leading ladies to me!

To continue the theme of theatre memories, here is the cast and crew of Leading Ladies, which I was blessed to direct with one of the finest groups ever associated with the Ilion Little Theatre stage.  Perhaps you read one of my blog posts about it.


Full disclosure: a selfie stick was used in the taking of this picture.

Is it silly of me to post two pictures of the same cast and crew?  No matter; it is what is in my downloads, I will post it.  We took a selfie of the whole group a few times before performances.  It was one of those casts that really bonded.  I’m hoping we take a few backstage selfies of Steel Magnolias.  I’ll be sure to share them here if we do.

For now, I must scurry off to rehearsal, which is a little earlier tonight.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


One Dead Body, at a Church

I feel I can get away with one more post about my murder mystery, because some readers may be wondering how it went.  Well, it was splendid.

The church, Morning Star Methodist in Ilion, NY, sold more tickets than they were hoping to.  In fact, serving dinners was delayed at one point when they ran out of potatoes and had to cook more.  I told them if they ran short of meat, I could go hungry, but luckily that was not necessary.

I stood by the table of the lady taking tickets and welcomed people.  I warned them they would meet some unusual people but should not be worried about talking to them.  I’m not sure my warnings were needed, but people were very nice about it.  More importantly, I had to be the liaison between the actors and the dinner-servers.  I gave the actors the high-sign to start the performance part.  I told the audience when to fill out their guesses and collected the papers after they had guessed.

As I attended to these duties, I realized my folly in undertaking such a role.  I wanted to be acting!  There are few things more fun for me than to dress up in a costume and pretend to be somebody else.  I love it on a stage with lines, and I love it at a murder mystery when mingling with the audience.

The lucky ones who did get to act enjoyed it quite a bit, and they did a marvelous job.  A few lines were dropped, but I believe only the author noticed (um, you remember that was me, right?).  The audience was full of praise, except for one gentleman with a hearing aid who hadn’t heard a word.  I felt quite terrible about that.  At least he got a good dinner out of it.  Roast pork.  Yum!

I hope Ilion Little Theatre will be asked to present more murder mysteries in the future.  I’m ready to write them and I am more than ready to act again!


Engaged to be Tired

So yesterday I promised to do my damnedest to finish the post I started. I bet some of you were sitting there shaking your heads in a superior fashion saying, “She won’t do it.  She’ll have a Tired Tuesday post.  You watch.”

Well, technically we’re both right.  I did try my damnedest to finish that post before giving up and starting the Tired Tuesday nonsense you are now reading (ooh, here are a couple of Freudian slips for you:  I started to type “Turd” instead of “Tired,” and “not reading” instead of “now reading”).

We had rehearsal last night for “Engaged to be Murdered,” the murder mystery being presented by Ilion Little Theatre at Morning Star Methodist Church this Saturday, April 3.  Just to give another plug, that’s at 5 p.m., tickets are $20 and include the performance and a roast pork dinner.  Reservations are required by March 31 by calling the church office at 315-894-4093.

Rehearsal went marvelously.  The actors all brought their costumes and let me tell you, they are fabulous.  Everybody looks awesome!  The performance should be very enjoyable. I’m only sorry I’m not acting in it myself.

Tonight I have another rehearsal for Leading Ladies, ILT’s spring production, which as you may remember I am directing. I’m sure that will go well too. We’ll be missing an actor, but these things happen in community theatre.  We must make the best of them.

In summary, I think I have legitimate reasons to be tired (I didn’t even mention being on overtime at work, but I am).   I suppose it’s no reason not to write a blog post.  Oh wait a minute, I just did.  On to rehearsal!


Come See the Show!

How about another plug for the murder mystery?  We had another rehearsal today, and it went very well.  We rehearsed in the venue in which the performance will take place, so that was helpful.  The only problem was, did we have the right actors?  My husband, Steven, is no longer certain he has the performance date off from work.  I have another actor who is interested but…

Ah, the trials and tribulations.

Anyways, we all met at Morning Star Methodist Church, on Second Street in Ilion, NY, where the performance will take place.  One member of the church board is a performer in the mystery.  Another is our liaison. The latter was quite adamant in not wanting to witness the rehearsal.  She wanted to see it “for real.”  I say, good idea.

I think the actors are doing a marvelous job at developing their characters and building relationships with each other.  I can’t say too much specific, because, well, I don’t want to spoil anybody’s surprise.  After all, if you already know that A thinks THAT of B, and that C was suspected of THIS… already I’ve said too much.

I said this was going to be a plug, so let me re-iterate:  “Engaged to be Murdered, ” Morning Star Methodist Church,  36 Second St., Ilion NY, Saturday, April 2, 5 p.m.,  $20 for roast pork dinner and show, reservations required by March 31 by calling the church office, 315-894-4093.

Come see the show! It’ll be fun!


About that Murder Mystery

Murder is on the menu when the Morning Star Methodist Church in conjunction with Ilion Little Theatre presents “Engaged to be Murdered,” an interactive dinner theatre, on Saturday, April 2 at 5 p.m. at the church located at 36 Second St., Ilion. Tickets are $20 and include the performance and dinner. Reservations are required by March 31 by calling the church office at 315-894-4093.

“Engaged to be Murdered” takes place at the party celebrating the upcoming nuptials of society girl Genevieve Raglan to handsome up-and-comer Luke Donovan.  Representing Genevieve’s family are her elegant parents, Eliot and Marseille (it’s pronounced mar-SAY) Raglan, her glamorous Aunt Theodora, and family matriarch Grandma Nell.  Luke is accompanied by his father, cattle rancher Harry Donovan.  Also present, although nobody is sure who invited her, is ne’er-do-well Cousin Randy Raglan. All of these people have secrets to hide, and the audience will have a chance to ferret out the clues and try to solve the mystery.

That is from the press release I wrote for the murder mystery Ilion Little Theatre is putting together for the church’s fundraiser.  I had meant to copy the whole thing for today’s blog post, but, well, my desk top would not cooperate.  I managed to copy the first paragraph and half of the first sentence of the second paragraph.  Now I am on my new laptop, trying to remember the rest of it.

I think I have included all the relevant information.  My press release went on to toot my own horn as the writer. I figured the papers, if they used the release at all, would cut that part out.  Therefore, I shall feel free to cut it out now.  Local readers may like to come see the performance. I understand the dinner is roast pork.  Yum!