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Let There Be Lame!

I know I said yesterday was my Friday, but yet I am having Lame Post Friday today.  For one reason, I thought of that title, which fits in with a picture I just took.

Ducky likes wine!

We’ve seen the duck before, but the light was a Christmas present from my husband Steven.  He just finally got it placed in front of our fireplace,  replacing the Santa that previously resided there (who, us be late in taking down all our Christmas decorations?  SAY IT AIN’T SO! ).

I hope you are not uncomfortable seeing Christmas decorations in June.

Here is a view showing Santa, as well as some other seasonal decore.  We did get most of this taken down before 2020 was too far progressed.

Regular readers may remember the duck from other pictures, including one of my favorites.

Bonita is better dressed these days.

The picture was originally taken to highlight Bonita, our skellington (I was calling skeletons skellingtons LONG before Jack Skellington was a thing).  But I love that you see the duck grinning out of the box and Santa peeking around the corner.  That Santa stays there most of the year.  We usually put him out on the porch in December.

So this is my post of skellingtons, ducks, Santa and a light.  Sufficiently lame, I hope.  I also hope to see you all on Saturday, whatever sort of post it turns put to be.


Tabby Goes to the Doctor

I mentioned that Tabby, our adorable schnoodle, was feeling under the weather but appears to be on the mend.  I thought I would give a brief shout-out to Mohawk Valley Veterinary Service.


Tabby had started ailing Friday evening.  We immediately cancelled our plans so we could stay home with her.  We hoped it was just something she ate or a 24-hour bugaboo (dogs get that too, don’t they?).  When we woke up Saturday morning, we saw that this was not the case.


Being an early riser can be a curse.  It took forever for it to be 8 a.m. when we thought the vet opened (we had a rather old piece of paper with their number and hours).  No answer at first.  Oh no!  I was on the computer trying to look up emergency veterinary care when Steven tried again and got an answer. Phew!


The doctor would be in at nine.  I even had time to make my blog post before I left.  Steven had already gone to work, although he would have liked to call in (employers are less generous  than blog readers about doggy sick days).  Tabby perked up a little when she saw the leash, but she was obviously having trouble moving.  I had to help her into the vehicle.


As we walked into the vet, a very cute cockapoo greeted us (I asked his person what breed).  He would have liked to be all over Tabby, but his person restrained him.  I petted him and said how cute and sweet he was.


When I told the receptionist about Tabby’s symptoms, she said it sounded like Lyme Disease.  I was surprised, because Tabby had not been in the woods (we do sometimes take her to the Nature Trail at Herkimer College) (previously referred to here as HCCC) or near deep grass (I don’t think there is any yet this year).  Apparently ticks are extremely prevalent this year and are turning up everywhere.  No dog is immune, and the tick medicine (which we do give Tabby) can only do so much.


Once we got in to see the doctor, a blood test quickly confirmed that it was Lyme Disease.  The doctor gave Tabby two shots —  which of course she did NOT like — and some medicine.


I was very grateful to the clinic, for getting Tabby right in and helping her so quickly.   Despite the worry, it was a fun experience, seeing a few dogs and a cat, and chatting with their people.  I heard but did not see the duck.  Yes, they have a resident duck, as two “duck crossing” signs warn.


Mohawk Veterinary Service is located at 5624 State Rt. 5, Herkimer, NY 13350.  For more information call 315-866-3417.