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I Didn’t Act and Type

So yesterday before our play, I just felt I could not write a post.  I thought to myself, “That’s OK.  Sometimes on a Saturday, I drink and type.  Today I’ll act and type!”  That was my plan, and it was a good one (it has been a saying of mine since army basic training: “That’s my plan and I think it’s a good one.”).  Except I didn’t come right home after the play.  I went to a lady’s house.  I drank wine.  I knew I wasn’t driving, and that was good, because I put the seat back and slept part of the way home.  That may have been awkward had I been driving.

The show went wonderfully.  That is, The Tempest by LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company, in Caroga Lake, for those just tuning in or who forgot. I love acting, and I love community theatre.  This play has a delightful cast.  I like to hug the entire cast before a performance.  That gets awkward when there are people in the cast I don’t like.  Today I got pre-show and post-show hugs.  I can get very huggy.

Anyways, I went straight to bed when I finally got home.  I would still be asleep if it was up to me.  However, my husband has to be up.  He gets up early with me all week; I guess I can get up semi-early with him on the weekend.  As a added bonus, I can type in a kind of a blog post to make up for my miss on Saturday (that’s not writing, that’s typing, as Truman Capote once said).  Additionally, I did not have Lame Post Friday this week, which I almost always do.  So we an call this a Really REALLY Lame Post Saturday.  I hope to see you all later today on what is sure to be Wrist to Forehead Sunday.



An Umbrella to the Waterfront

For Lame Post Friday I posted then sipped.  For Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I sipped and now am posting.  Yes, drink and type.  It has happened before, it will happen again.

When Steven returned home shortly after 1 p.m., we were not sure what we wanted to do but eventually settled on Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY.  What a good choice!  When we pulled into the parking lot we had our doubts due to the large amount of traffic.  However, I said we should go into the restaurant and see how many seats were actually available.  After all, the cars could be people taking a Canal Cruise or shopping at Gems Along the Mohawk.

It was raining so we utilized the umbrella Steven had in his car.  It was not big enough for the both of us but luckily it was not that large of a distance from the far end of the parking lot to our destination.  I should perhaps mention that I had donned an elegant outfit that included sandals with a high wedge heel.  They are not very uncomfortable, but, still, a high heel is a high heel.  On the other hand, I was quite pleased with my elegant outfit.

We had a delightful time sitting at the bar, sipping wine and nibbling on appetizers. I mean to write a whole blog post about it, but for right now, I intend to continue sipping.  I am having a wonderful Sunday, not really Wrist to Forehead at all.  I hope you are having a similarly enjoyable time.  Hope to see you again on Mental Meanderings Monday.