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Break a Lame Leg, Me

I just posted on Facebook that I am brain dead.  This is no way to be on opening night for Morning’s at Seven at Ilion Little Theatre.

Oh for heavens’ sake, can’t I even manage a Friday Lame Post?

It is a dramatic moment.

When in doubt, throw in a picture.  Usually I use a picture of a monster, but here is a shot from last night’s dress rehearsal, used without permission.  I don’t think the lady that took it will mind, but I will ask her when I see her tonight.  This is the whole cast.  We are only all on stage a few times in the play, which is just as well, because Ilion Little Theatre’s stage is small.  The whole theatre is small, although I prefer to call it cozy and intimate.

The fatty upper arm in the foreground on the left is mine.

Here is a backstage shot from last night, showing us getting ready and frantically studying our scripts.  I have not frantically studied my script today, but I have time.  Perhaps I have allowed myself a little too much time.  I took a half a vacation day at work so I would have time for a nap.  I had a nice long one which I enjoyed very much.  Then I had a cup of coffee, which I also enjoyed very much.  I have been dithering ever since.

However, at least I made my blog post, such as it is.  Local readers may like to come see the show.  It is April 26, 27, and 28, and May 3, 4 and 5, 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays, doors open a half hour before curtain.  Tickets are available at the door (till sold out, dare I hope?) or through the website,

“Shapewear” Is So A Word, Computer!

Breathing is not overrated.  That is what I tell myself at times like this.  You see, when I get stressed, I forget to breathe.  Then I take a deep breath and it’s like, “Oh yeah, oxygen.”

When I was in the army learning how to run, and I ran into difficulties (see what I did there?), I would tell myself, “Breathing is overrated.”  Eventually I learned how to run and breathe, but first I learned how far I can actually run while gasping and choking in a most unbecoming fashion.  However, this is not a post about running.  I would probably feel a good deal less stressed if I had taken the time for a short run or walk.  However, that ship sailed, to resort to cliche (it is less of a cliche if you point out that you are using a cliche; another technique is to add the word “proverbial,”as in “that proverbial ship has sailed.  Then you sound all self-aware and post-ironic) (but I digress).

Another deep breath, which I need after that last paragraph.  I am working through my last-minute fluster attack before leaving for dress rehearsal for Morning’s at Seven, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.  I believe I have mentioned it once or twice.

After work, and a convoluted drive back to Herkimer, due to congestion and construction, I stopped at the store to get the pantyhose and underwear I mentioned earlier.  I am a little worried, because the only pantyhose (they are, in fact, tights, but let us not quibble over semantics) in the color I wanted (off-white) were control top. YES, I have a top to control.  However, when I attempt to do so, I experience extreme torture for very little result.  What a cruel hoax shapewear is!

And look at me, 300 words and I’m not late.  Yet.  Happy Thursday, everyone.

I wonder if wine is overrated.



Short Post Before Coffee

Last night I did not have rehearsal.  I fell asleep on the couch then went to bed embarrassingly early.  I will not give a time.  In the interests of accuracy, I did not sleep particularly well once I was actually in bed, but I slept on and off and was quite grateful to do so.  I have never dealt well with limited sleep, even in my young(er) and (more) foolish days.

In any case, I am up prior to 5 a.m., waiting for the coffee maker to drip. Yesterday I took a cup too early and it was bitter.  I require caffeine.  We shall see if I am able to make a blog post without it.

My alarm pulled me out of a very annoying dream.  I was not enjoying the dream at all, yet I was devastated to be dragged from such deep sleep.  I won’t go into details, but we were rehearsing then filming a kiss.  I was either in heaven or hell (the filmmaker was not clear on which), kissing this person I was not supposed to be kissing.  It was complicated, and it wasn’t even that good of a kiss.

In the meantime, I fell asleep last night before doing laundry, so I have to run someplace and purchase underwear and pantyhose for tonight’s rehearsal.  Oh well, I guess I could wear crappy underwear and the wrong color pantyhose.  Perhaps I would have time to do laundry, because I can put the underwear in the drier.  Only I can’t put the pantyhose in the drier, and I need more pantyhose anyways.  I could use a few new pairs of undies as well, come to think of it.

And this is what happens when I try to make a blog post before having coffee.  I babble on about dreams and underwear.  I know some of you are screaming, “TMI!” an expression regular readers know I hate.  I hope at least you had some coffee.


Another Shattered Shout-Out

This was printed on a post card I sent to a few people.

As I sit here typing in my blog post, the cast and crew of Shattered Angel are at Ilion Little Theatre enjoying their final dress rehearsal. I’m just happy all of them are going to be actually dressed, since my name is in the program under “Costumes.”  Full disclosure:  I personally did very little in outfitting the cast.  I like to think I helped, though.  I like to think I can also help publicize the event with my little blog here.  So here is another shout-out to our play.

Shattered Angel, as you may have read in this space, tells the story of the murder of an area school teacher by one of her students in 1914.  It is a sad story, and a fascinating one, because the defense was not guilty by reason of mental defect, a new idea at the time.   The staging is interesting, too, because although all the action takes place in the courtroom, it is not a straightforward depiction of the trial. Through the use of flashbacks and strategic condensation of testimony and arguments, we get a fuller picture in a shorter time.

The lady in the black dress is not actually in the courtroom, if you see what I mean.

Director Stephen Wagner wrote the script, based on the book Murder of a Herkimer County Teacher: The Shocking 1914 Case of a Vengeful Student by Dennis Webster, and courtroom transcripts.

This is one of my favorite shots.

I stole these pictures from the Herkimer County Historical Society’s Facebook page.  Historian Caryl Hopson took them at rehearsals.  I suppose I should have stayed at dress rehearsal with my Tablet and taken a few pics of my own, but Caryl does such a good job at it.

Once again, performances are Friday and Saturday, Sept. 14, 15 at 7:30 p.m.; Sunday Sept. 16 at 2 p.m.; Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 20, 21 and 22 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday Sept. 23 at 2 p.m., at Ilion Little Theatre, 13 Remington Ave., Ilion, NY.  For tickets, contact the Historical Society at 315-866-6413.

One more picture I found on Facebook.


Flubbed Up Monday

AAAaaaaand, welcome to a week of All Steel Magnolias All The Time.  I am posting in haste before hurrying off to First Dress.  I can only hope all my dresses are there!

Oh dear, this isn’t very interesting, is it?  I was going to have a Middle-aged Musings Monday, and I even had something to muse about. Oh, it wasn’t anything very good, but at least it was something.  Earlier I was going to take a Blogger’s Sick Day. I’m not sick, but my poor dog is.  We’re a little upset about it.  However, we did manage to get Spunky to come out of the closet (his favorite place these days) and administered another dose of his medicine.  Now he is resting comfortably on his afghan at the end of the couch (I’m sitting at the other end, typing) (as Truman Capote once said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing”)  (one of my favorite quotes).

Where was I?  Ah yes, nowhere in particular.  Steven is nicely making me a sandwich.  Then I shall go down my list of  things to remember and see what I forgot (yes, I remember where I put the list).

Earlier today I looked over all my lines, paying special attention to the portions that were somewhat dicey during the last few rehearsals.  I feel quite sure I will remember everything.  Then again, actors often feel that way just before they flub up big time.  Then again, if I flub up big time, it might make a funny blog post for tomorrow.  As always, I hope you’ll tune in.


I Also Plan to go Wine Tasting

Let’s have a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I am feeling even more flustered than usual tonight.  It’s Final Dress!!!  And I took a little, small, short, teeny tiny, itty bitty nap after work today, so I have even less time than previously.

I have a couple more directorial chores left to do, but will I get them done?  Will I be on time for rehearsal?  Will my cast be pacing the theatre parking lot cursing my name as I drive in, taking the corner on two wheels, tires squealing, Steven in the passenger seat holding on for dear life?  You know, I have not been writing fiction in some time now.  I miss it.

Yesterday’s rehearsal when very well. Now we’re talking about the cast party, and the cook-out I am offering to throw the day we strike the set.

Oh dear, this is dreadful.  I cannot think of a thing new to say about Leading Ladies.  This is what I get for going All Leading Ladies All The Time so early.  Well, regular readers may be pleased to know that after this show, I intend to concentrate on my writing.  There is a Banana play I was supposed to write a year ago, a novel I’ve been working on even longer, another play that is almost finished if only I can find it, and a whole BUNCH of Mohawk Valley stuff I could be writing blog posts about.

In the meantime, I have to finish up my last minute chores.  Just as soon as I think up a good Non-Sequiturish title for today’s post.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


It’s Curtains for Me!

Well, once again I did not write a blog post while on breaks at work today.

Then I just sat here and stared at that sentence for a few minutes.  Oh dear.

My second dress rehearsal last night went very well.   We have two more dress rehearsals then open on Friday.  Tonight I decided to practice my curtain speech, which I have to give before each performance.  I’m wondering if I should mess with my actors’ heads and say some really wild things like, “I just want to apologize to you all in advance…”  No, that would be mean and completely untrue.  Maybe something like, “I’m sure you’ve read the cast bios in the program.  I’m a little surprised none of my leads mentioned their illustrious past in the adult film industry.  I suppose they didn’t like to brag.”

Actually, I’m wondering if they ought to let me make the curtain speech at all.  You know, I’m missing being on stage.  During the murder mystery I greatly regretted not taking part.  It is conceivable that I will refuse to get offstage.  I might go into a stand-up comedy routine, or do the entire play as a one-woman show.  How embarrassing will that be, if I have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, off the stage.  Well, maybe if they get a large-ish, hunky type of guy to do it…

Now I’m being silly.  In my defense, it is Wuss-out Wednesday.  I shall end by re-iterating, my play is Leading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre, Remington Avenue, Ilion, NY, April 29 and 30, and May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m.; May 1 and 8 at 2 p.m.  For more information you can visit Ilion Little Theatre’s website at


Pre-Dress Panic Attack

Do you suppose anybody is getting tired of All Leading Ladies All The Time?  Do you suppose I care?  Well, of course I do.  One writes a blog for one’s readers as well as one’s self (oneself?).  One hates to be boring.  This one, at any rate.

As I have often observed, I can only write what comes out of my pen, and I am naturally obsessed with Leading Ladies these days.  We open Friday, and writing that down almost induced a panic attack.  Deep breath.  Didn’t help.

The phrase just entered my head, “This is MY show.” Only kind of, sort of.  Some people in the Ilion Little Theatre Club may refer to it as “Cindy’s show,” but in fact, it is really OUR show, meaning me, the cast and the crew.  In fact, let me take just a minute to give another shout-out to the cast and crew.  They are AWESOME!  And I don’t just say it because some of them might read this blog (or do I flatter myself?).

I will soon be hurrying to the theatre to do some last minute set things before our First Dress Rehearsal.  The actors have been wearing costumes here and there already, but tonight is a real Dress:  all costumes, all costume and set changes, curtains opening and closing, and no calling for lines. Yikes! My cast and crew are up to it!  They’re going to be great!

I guess this has not been a super exciting blog post and for that I am sorry.  I hope it is all right for a Monday Mental Meanderings.  Perhaps I can do better on Tired Tuesday.  At least I can report on how our First Dress goes.  For those readers who are not tired of All Leading Ladies All The Time.


And Another Thing About That Play…

I thought of that headline yesterday.  Then I did not write a blog post yet today.

Tonight is dress rehearsal.  I don’t like the shoes I found for my character, but the rest of my costume is very nice.  We have two ladies working very hard to make everybody’s costume right. I think they are doing a marvelous job.

I’m sorry, I’m a little distracted right now.  I got mandated for overtime at work so am pressed for time.  I have about an hour to finish this, get in the shower, fix my hair, put in my contacts, get all my stuff together, and get to rehearsal.  I looked over my lines once today.  Perhaps twice would be better.  Oh dear.

On the brighter side, it is Non-Sequitur Thursday during All Roxy All The Time Week.  What could be better than a little disjointed babbling about the play?  Oh, I know, a lot of things could be better.  Only I did not write any of them earlier and I can’t seem to write them right now.

Our rehearsal last night went pretty good.  The dialogue in one of my scenes got messed up.  The other actor in the scene and I had not noticed, but the stage manager pointed it out to us.  After the scene we were both still a little puzzled about what went wrong.  Imagine my chagrin earlier today as I was looking over my lines and realized it was MY screw-up.  Everybody thinks I am so good at learning lines!  I’m mortified!

Then again, that is the excitement of live theatre.  Somebody might screw up.  It might be me.

Right now I must get in the shower. Otherwise, even if I do know all my lines, I still might stink up the stage.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


May I Remind You: It Is Non-Sequitur Thursday

So I am staring at the clock deciding what time I must leave to go to final dress rehearsal for the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.

And I have the dreaded Type A Sentence Then Backspace Over It disease. What’s a blogger to do? What I usually do, I suppose. Grit my teeth, type and leave it there! When one is determined to post every day, any words are better than no words at all.

The critics in my head are poised to argue this, of course, but they do not have a leg to stand on, metaphorical or otherwise. Critics, please note the subordinate clause that precedes the contention praising “any words.” Now they will go on to suggest that I become determined to post something good every day, but I shall not listen. I must hit publish and run.

I have been having a devilish time of it for the past day or so. When I went to put in my contact lenses last night, one ripped. This has never happened to me before. I was not aware until this morning that half of that contact remained in my eye. As an explanation, I can only offer that bit of philosophy that has helped me through many a tribulation: shit happens.

Do you know how hard it is to get a partial contact lens out of an eye? Well, I finally managed it. I will just add: I do not usually wear contact lenses. For my purposes, glasses suit me better. But I keep some one-day disposables around for specific purposes, such as being in a play.

What a dull post. I should have gone into details of my horrific eye-poking experience. Too late. I have some tea to make (for a prop) and other dramatic concerns to deal with. Tomorrow is opening night. Perhaps I will write my post late and tell you how it goes.