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Can Hercule Poirot Solve My Doodah Dilemma?

It is Wednesday, isn’t it?  It’s that day when you want to be happy that there is only one more day between you and Friday (if you are fortunate enough to have weekends off, which I do and I am grateful for) (don’t hate me if you don’t), only you’re not, because you just realized you ARE going to do a theatre thing on Friday that you thought you were not going to do, so you only have one day to get a costume together.

Yes, it’s always drama with me.  It’s not even a real theatre-y thing I have to do: merely, Ilion Little Theatre is marching in the Doodah Parade as part of Ilion Days on Friday, July 20.  I don’t even have to march: my friend Kim said I could ride in the truck.  I don’t even have to wear a costume.  I could wear my t-shirt from Roxy, a play I was in a few years ago (perhaps you read some of my blog posts about it).  However, I am the sort of person that when I CAN wear a costume, I DO.

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear?  Something bold enough to show up as a costume from the truck, but something light enough to not kill me in 88-degree weather.  Maybe a hat.  Maybe an umbrella.  I’d like to wear my tiara, but I don’t have a fancy dress.  I have one day to get to a thrift store!  How do I get myself into these things!

In the meantime, I just spent some two hours sitting crocheting and watching Murder on the Orient Express (1974) with my husband, Steven.  I can’t even begin to tell you how delighted I was that I could work on an afghan in comfort, in between hot flashes, even if I had to have the fan on me to do it.  At least I can pep up my Wuss-out Wednesday post with a picture.

Hercule Poirot tells them what’s what.

This was the first star-studded Agatha Christie romp Steven and I enjoyed together, back in the 1990’s.  He had seen it in the theatre when it came out in 1974.  We need to see the newer Kenneth Branagh version.  Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about it when we do, although I usually write about older movies, preferably the cheesy sort.

In the meantime, I see I am close to 400 words.  That’s respectable for a blog post, especially on Wuss-out Wednesday.  Anyways, now that the movie is over, I have to get back to having my panic attack over what I’m going to wear to the Doodah Parade.


Post Parade Post

So I waited till after the Doodah Parade to make my blog post and I don’t know why I did, because once again, I got nuthin’.  I didn’t even march in the Doodah Parade!  I rode in the truck.  Nobody else did.  They all marched, approaching onlookers to hand out cards with the Ilion Little  Theatre season printed on, pens stamped “Ilion Little Theatre”, and candy.

They were not allowed to throw the candy, by the way.  Apparently that has gotten out of hand, with children running into the street in an unsafe manner, seeking candy that did not get thrown far enough.  Considering the amount of candy I stepped on marching in last year’s parade, I think this was a good call.

Most of Ilion Little Theatre’s marchers this year were members of Young Actors’ Workshop (YAW).  I must say, I was impressed with the way those kids were handing out pens and cards.  Also, they looked cute.  Some had on YAW t-shirts but others were in costume.  I complimented the ones in costume, because I think that sort of thing ought to be encouraged.

Alas, I did not take any pictures of the parade.  We took a pre-parade photo, which was shared on Facebook.  Oh, I probably ought to try to find that and include in this post, oughtn’t I?

I’m the one underneath the umbrella.

You can’t read my sign, but it read, “Dorothea Doodah.”  That is the character I invented for the costume I finally came up with.  Alas, nobody got a picture of the full costume. But I had a fun time at the parade and now I have to get on with the rest of my weekend.  Happy Friday, everyone.


That Darn Doodah Parade!

I said “darn” because it is a family friendly event.

What a week I am having!  Rehearsals Monday and Wednesday, a preview performance Thursday, and the Ilion Doodah Parade on Friday!  And anybody who is saying huffily, “I see you had Tuesday off. I had something to do EVERY night this week, even Sunday!”  can just be quiet.  I bet there is somebody else who is even busier than you, only they are not writing a blog post about it.

Where was I?  Ah yes, stressing over the Ilion Doodah Parade tomorrow.  I am marching with other m embers of the Ilion Little Theatre Club (ILT).  Of course most of my summer is being taken up with LiFT Theatre Company of Little Falls, but I must make time for ILT once in a while.  For one reason, my good friend Kim is in charge of our participation in the parade.  I’m always ready to join Kim for a Mohawk Valley adventure!

My big problem is a familiar one for me.  What, oh WHAT shall I wear?  Last year I dressed as a pirate.  Some folks wore jeans and a t-shirt from a show.  Not all of our shows have t-shirts made, but, for example, the Herkimer County Historical Society gave the whole cast of Roxy t-shirts.  I, of course, was in Roxy (perhaps you read a few of my blog posts about it; that was in 2015).  Well, I’m sure wearing a theatre t-shirt is fine for some people, but I like to be a little more distinctive. OK, I just have to put n a show.  I thought you knew that about me.

So I could be a pirate again.  Or I could wear the outfit I’m working on for tonight’s preview performance.  A co-worker suggested I wear the outfit I wore for Rubbed Out at Ruby’s.  There are many possibilities.

Right now, however, I can’t think about it.  I have to get ready for my Preview Performance. I wonder if I will have time to write a blog post about it before the Doodah Parade tomorrow.

For more information about the Doodah Parade, you can visit the Ilion Days website at




Post-Parade Pizza

Last Friday after the Doodah Parade in Ilion, some of us were quite hungry (yes, I am pretty much always hungry, what’s your point?).  We adjourned to Salvatore’s in Herkimer for some food and drinks.

I think the waitress remembered me from other visits, because she asked right away if I was thinking of a glass of wine.  I ordered Pinot Grigio.

“And a glass of water?” she asked.  It’s nice to be a regular.

I ordered a cheeseburger (I know the headline says “pizza,” but I wasn’t thinking about alliteration when I ordered).  I asked if I could substitute pasta salad for french fries.  I could.  Steven got fries with his burger, so I got to try a few anyways (diet?  What diet?).  I also tried a couple of sweet potato fries that one of our friends ordered.  Yum!  Other friends got pizza and wings.  We have enjoyed Salvatore’s pizza and wings many times, usually getting them delivered.

We ended up pushing a couple of tables together as more friends showed up after we had sat down.  Nobody minded.  The dining room was not busy, perhaps because it was later than the normal dinner hour.  The place continued to do a large take-out business, as usual.  It sure is good food!

We always have a good time when we eat at Salvatores, and have a great meal when we order delivery.  Salvatore’s is located at 650 1/2 W. German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.  For more information you can visit their website at You can also Like them on Facebook, where they usually share their daily specials.


We Do the Doodah!

I’ve always been kind of fascinated by the Doodah Parade, which is part of the Ilion Days festivities.   For one reason, what a great name.  The Doodah Parade.  I keep finding excuses to say it.  When some members of Ilion Little Theatre signed up to march, I was happy to join them.

One member allowed us to use his pick-up truck (full disclosure: he was kind of strong-armed into it).  The plan was for most of us to walk, but marchers could take a break in the truck.  It would be a handy place to put things like bottles of water or stuff we were handing out.  We met in the theatre parking lot to decorate the truck.  We had a minor setback when we discovered the brand new helium tank was empty, but we made do with lung power.  Balloons, ribbons and shiny hangings soon adorned the vehicle as participants continued to show up.

We had a sizable contingent from the Young Actors Workshop (YAW) as well as adults.  Some people wore t-shirts from plays they’d been in; some were in costume.  I dressed as a pirate myself.  We also had a couple of ladies in historical costume, a few princesses, one fabulously dressed diva, and Tierney, the mysterious neighbor from the ILT production The Birds.  The last two were the most impressive costumes to me, the diva because she walked the entire route in high-heeled sandals, and Tierney because his costume included a black canvas poncho with hood.  It was a sunny, hot  evening.  Those are some dedicated parade people right there.

We were a little late getting to the staging area, although it was fun riding in the back of the pick-up truck along part of the parade route, which was already filled with people.  We all waved, shouting that we were a preview.  We were in fact a preview of the end of the parade, because that is where you end up marching when you show up late to the staging area.  It seemed to take a long time to get started but at last we were headed down the street, waving at spectators and spreading the word about Ilion Little Theatre.  Some of the kids had candy to throw.  Others handed out pens and fliers.  I asked that a pen be saved for me, so I could write a play with it.  I’m sure I will feel very inspired to write a good play using a pen that has “Ilion Little Theatre” printed on it.

My husband Steven had to work till six so did not try to join us in the marching.  He waited for us at the end, where he joined us.  He was wearing his t-shirt from Roxy, a play which I may have mentioned in a few blog posts last summer.  We all walked up the hill to the theatre parking lot, where most of us had left our cars.  We were full of plans for next year’s Doodah Parade.  I think everybody had a splendid time, although I’d just like to mention, I’m still waiting for my pen.


Scattered Wrist to Forehead Sunday

Oh, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Oh dear, that seems to be the extent of my capacity to write.  One problem is that I’m on our tablet, typing one letter at a time with the stylus.   Ooh, it is creepy when the tablet correctly anticipates what I’m about to type.  And kind of weird when it does not.

Ah, now I am on my laptop.  How delightful to type with all ten fingers.  I have always been fascinated by the skill of typing.  I’ve loved doing it ever since I learned how.

So now I have paragraphs beginning “Oh,”  “Oh,”  and “Ah.”  You may have noticed that I am something of a drama queen.  I contend that there are worse things to be. Sometimes being a drama queen stands me in good stead, for example, when I am on stage, as I often am these days.  So there.

It has been a busy weekend, beginning Thursday night with a performance of scenes from Much Ado About Nothing on Benton’s Landing in Little Falls.  On Friday I marched in the Doodah Parade in Ilion with Ilion Little Theatre.  Saturday morning I was up early(ish) and running, then off to Liverpool, for a nephew’s high school graduation party.  Fun times with family!  I ran again this morning, before the drive back home.

While we went away, we boarded our dog with a delightful man from the Velvet Dog in Herkimer.  We dropped our Spunky off Saturday morning and were able to pick him up Sunday when we got back into town.  I felt it was a very reasonable price for our dog to be well cared for and to be able to pick him up at our own convenience on a Sunday.  Yay, Velvet Dog!

But it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday, because I am damn tired.  The coming week stretches in front of me with hot temperatures, humidity and a long list of things to do and places to be.  But I have bitched about these things before, and I believe I marked complaining off my list of things to do.  Everything will be delightful.  I hope to make better blog posts in the coming week as well as finding time to run. However, my focus is on Much Ado About Nothing. It’s All Much Ado All The Time!  For at least the next three weeks!  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Lames Away!

I did say it was going to be Lame Post Friday, didn’t I?  And here I am, ready to lame away!  Not really.  I’m sitting at work, which is not air conditioned by the way, writing in my beat-up spiral notebook and wishing I had a cryptogram puzzle to solve instead.  Well, maybe not instead.  Maybe as a warm-up.  When I was much younger and had to tear myself away from whatever book I was reading to work on whatever novel I was writing, I used to do a puzzle to clear my mind between the two fictions (oh, I like that phrase, “between the two fictions”).

My mind could use some clearing.  I have had quite the bear of a week and it is not over yet.  The fact that most of my chores have been fun things that I chose to do does not take away from the inherent stress of having too much stuff to do.  The reflection that other people have to do way more stuff than me adds guilt and self-loathing to my troubles, as I add “Beat self up for complaining so much” to my to-do list.

Last night members of LiFT Theatre Company had a great deal of fun presenting a few scenes from Much Ado About Nothing to attendees of Little Falls’ Third Thursday.  We got some good laughs, especially when we forgot lines.

Tonight I plan to march in Ilion’s Doodah Parade with other members of Ilion Little Theatre.  That means I have to hurry home, walk my dog, take my shower, make my blog post, eat something, get into my costume and be ready by 5:15.  I’m not just planning how to get all this done, I’m scheming how to get it done early so my friend and I can sneak in a quick wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor before the parade.  Ah, add another thing to my list:  Check Facebook to see if Valley is having a tasting (although they almost always do on Fridays) and contact Kim to see if she’s into it.

What a long list I’m getting.  Perhaps I should not add “Beat myself up for complaining.”  Hey, I bet I’d save even more time if I actually STOPPED complaining.  As the Gene Wilder character said in Young Frankenstein: “IT!  COULD!  WORK!”


Did Somebody Say Non-Sequitur Thursday?

OK, hands up, who’s going to the Ilion Days Craft Fair?

Full disclosure:  I have never fully taken advantage of Ilion Days, a celebration that lasts for over a week and includes village wide garage sales, the delightfully named Doo-Dah Parade, a Craft Fair, and more.  I’ve gone to the garage sales in years past.  This year’s were last weekend, when I was busy hydrating for the Boilermaker.

Further full disclosure:  I don’t know that much about the “and more.”  OK, I don’t know anything about “and more.”  I don’t even know much about the Craft Fair, but I’m going to be there.

I may have mentioned that I am a member of  Team Uncle Leo for Sitrin’s Stars and Strips Run/Walk to benefit veterans’ rehabilitation programs.   On Saturday, July 18 beginning at 10 a.m. at Ilion’s Central Plaza, Team Leo will have a table at the craft fair.  We plan to sell water, soda, chips, candy and baked goods.  We are also offering several desirable items in a raffle (including an afghan in camouflage colors made by me).

As it turns out, I may not personally be there at the crack of 10, because I may have to work, but somebody will be there.  I hope to be there at some point.

Right now, I’ve got to go finish my contribution to the baked goods portion of our table.  I’m a little disappointed that I shall once again miss the Doo-Dah Parade.

I Don’t Know What to Doo-Dah

It has been a bad week for writing. There, I’ve said it.

And now begins the chorus of “Oh, just write,” and “Never mind your MOOD,” and “Writer’s Block? There just ain’t no such animal!”

To answer those in reverse order: Who said I had Writer’s Block? NOBODY! Did I even mention mood? NO! What am I doing right now? WRITING!

But I have not been writing well, and I have not been enjoying writing (well, maybe that last paragraph was a little fun). This being Lame Post Friday, I thought it would be OK to kvetch a little.

And that is when I completely run dry, because who wants to listen to a middle-aged lady kvetch? Not me! How about my usual random observations and half-baked philosophy instead?

Ilion, NY will soon celebrate their Ilion Days festival, including the Doo-Dah parade. There is a sign up at my place of employment looking for people to march in it. I have been going around asking people if they intend to march, because I like saying “Doo-Dah Parade.” It’s fun. Try it.

Did you try it?

Under the heading Now What Stupid Thing’s Going To Happen? I’ve got a soft tire on my vehicle. This could lead to some half-baked philosophy alluded to earlier in the week: what did we do to deserve this? My philosophical advice to myself is: don’t look too closely at it, or I might find I’m actually getting a lot less than I deserve in the Stupid Things department. How does one keep score on these things? Another philosophical question.

Friday Lame Posts should be short, so I’ll end here. Anyone wanting more information on the Ilion Days and the Doo-Dah Parade (more fun to say than type, but what are you going to do?) can go to or call 894-2308.