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Raiding my Media Library

I thought I would try for a Wordless Wednesday Post using pictures from my Media Library. Of course I am never completely wordless (although many wish I was) (you know who you are). Let us see what I can find.

So pretty!

That was difficult. I enjoyed scrolling down, remembering this and that picture. Yet none of them seemed right for the post. I finally settled on this flower, because I am longing for spring.

Looks more like a rummage sale.

This is not the picture I meant to share, but I had a little trouble scrolling and clicking. As usual, technology eludes me. This is an indoor garage sale in Dolgeville, NY. I found some pretty good stuff there. I’d like to go to another trash to treasure sale, but I need to clean my house first. I will not share a picture of the mess I currently live in. It would be too embarrassing.

Gee, I wish I’d have said that.

I close with a pun. This is not photoshopped (like I would know how to do that!) but is an authentic headline of the Utica OD. That is Observer-dispatch, as you can see on the masthead, not overdose, as you may be forgiven for thinking.

Snapped to Svengoolie, What’s Next on Scattered Saturday?

I guess I did enough stuff today to qualify for a Scattered Saturday post, but I did not take any pictures, so it will not be such an exciting post as it may have been.

I went for a run this morning.  I have been running all week, but I hope not to be so remiss in the future.  For one reason, I am registered to run the Boilermaker 15K in July.   Training for that will no doubt rate a Running Commentary post.  We shall see.

Later on, my friend Kim and I went to Stella’s Styles in Dolgeville, NY.  I have been there a few times, bit Kim never has.  Alas, we were so busy shopping that I neglected to take any pictures.  This means we must make another road trio to Dolgeville, right?

Back in Herkimer, we went to my house to pick up my husband, Steven.  While we waited for him to get ready, Kim drank a 1911 Hard Cider which Steven and I had purchased after a tasting at Beer Belly Bob’s Route 51 Discount Beverages in Ilion, NY.  I sipped a glass of Black Ink Red Blend, purchased at Ilion Wine and Spirits.

When Steven was ready, we went to Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer for a yummy dinner.  We love that place!

Now we are sitting here watching Snapped.  We may move on to a DVD’d episode of Svengoolie.  In any case, at least I have over 200 words.  We’ll try for some pictures tomorrow.


Moody Monday Moment?

I keep thinking it is Tuesday, because I am so damn tired I want to make a Tired Tuesday post.  Why am I so tired?  I’ll blame the weather.  We had some glorious cooler weather over the weekend, then it got hot again today.  Not as dreadfully hot and humid as last week, though, so I will count my blessings.

We had an adventuresome morning.  We drove to Dolgeville, NY, getting just a little lost when we had to detour for road work.  We visited Stella’s Styles, the Dolgeville-Mannheim Public Library, and The Sweet Spot.  Yes, these are all excellent blog topics for Mohawk Valley Girl.  I hope to get to them soon.

Back home, we watched a couple more episodes of Columbo on DVD.  I loves me some Columbo!  Naturally we got a bit peckish while we watched.  Finally Steven called Carney’s Corners here in Herkimer and ordered a chicken salad sub and some chips for delivery.  Yum!

After eating I sat here seriously considering taking a Blogger’s Sick Day.  I’m not just tired, I’m sad.  I hate to admit that. For one reason, many people have things a lot worse than I do.  When I think about it, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I AM thankful. Most of the time.  Well, don’t mind me; I’m just having a moment.  Moments pass.

So here I sit, waiting for my melancholy moment to pass.  In the meantime, I feel marginally better about myself because I did so write some semblance of a blog post.  And tomorrow is another day, for more adventures and a better blog post.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Scattered Saturday: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

I pause in my Scattered Saturday gyrations to make my blog post.  Actually, I was pretty much done with the gyrating and on to the house cleaning and laundry doing portion of the day.  Unfortunately, I got an upset stomach, probably from indulging in too many treats (don’t judge me).  I am trying the effects of a cup of tea and sitting on the computer while I drink it.

The treats are from Click’s Cakes in Herkimer, NY, my last stop in the morning’s jaunt.  I paused and had an eclair, then selected a few yummies to take home and share with Steven.  Apparently a chocolate pustie is not a good substitute for a nutritious lunch.  Ooh, was it good, though!

My stop at Click’s was after a trip to Dolgeville, where I had planned to visit two places recommended to me by a work friend. The first, Stella’s Styles, was excellent.  I did not find a fabulous outfit for Secrets at Suiter House, but I did purchase an Easter (or something) present for… somebody.  From there I walked up Main Street to the Motor’s In.  I had a snack and wrote a few notes on my next murder mystery.

I confess to feeling a little sad this afternoon.  I wonder if I shouldn’t be somewhere with friends, drinking green beer or something, or maybe have gone to the parade in Utica.  I saw some of the coverage by WKTV News, it looked fun.  I’m wearing green, but I lack anything really showy, like a green feather boa or sequinned scarf.  My friend, Kim gave me a pair of earrings of a green top hat (I’m only wearing one; I rarely wear matching earrings).  However, now I am sitting at home, what fabulousness I could muster wasted. I suppose not entirely, if I enjoy it, so I content myself with that.

Having reached 300 words in my blog post, I now must roust myself from my funk and get back to my Saturday.  For one reason, I believe the laundry is done.  My tea is gone (it did help the tummy), and adventures in cleaning and organization await.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!


Good Chips at Arthur’s

When Steven and I were out adventuring in Newport yesterday, we knew we wanted to go out to lunch but we didn’t know where.  I said it was too bad we were not in the vicinity of Dolgeville, or we could go to Arthur’s.  Steven did not think it would be a too far drive, and he was right.  It was actually a fun drive over country roads.  Once we got to Dolgevile, we found our destination with no problem (I have only been to Dolgeville a very few times).

We had been to Arthur’s one time previously, when I was getting my head shaved for a St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraiser (perhaps you read one of my blog posts about it).  We had some drinks and food and a lot of laughs that day.  We’ve been meaning to get to Arthur’s again ever since, but, well, we just don’t eat out enough, that’s all.

We walked into the bar section and sat right down at the bar.  We like to sit at the bar.  We ordered drinks and spent a lot of time looking at the menu.  Everything looked so good!  I finally decided on one of the specials, an Alamo Chicken Wrap. Steven got The Bird: turkey, bacon and provalone.  Both sandwiches came with homemade chips. I LOVE homemade chips!

When our food  arrived, the chips were even better than I expected.  I order homemade chips almost every time they are available, and these were among the best I have ever tasted.  The sandwich was quite delicious as well. We were very happy with our visit, and hope to return to Arthur’s soon.

Arthur’s American Restaurant is located at 19 South Main St, Dolgeville, NY, phone number 315- 429-9646.


Pre-Bald Post

Or should I call this Wrist to Hairless Forehead Sunday?  Actually, I am feeling excited about my participation in the St. Baldrick’s Day Event today.  It will be fun.  Some friends are joining us.  We will have some food, maybe a couple of drinks, definitely a lot of laughs, and I’ll get a free haircut.  What’s not to like?

For anyone just tuning in (and if so, Hi, new reader!), I am getting my head shaved to raise money for children’s cancer research. The event will take place at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY this afternoon from one to three.  Thanks to generous friends, family and co-workers, I have raised over $1,000.  I’m pretty pleased about that.

I did this once before, three years ago.  That year I was shaved the first Sunday in June.  We had an extremely hot May.  I sweated with my stupid long hair and couldn’t wait for the clip!  Then the weather took a turn for the worse and we had a cold, rainy June.  I wore my toque most of the time rather than show off my bald pate, which was kind of a bummer but what are you going to do?

This year the weather has already taken a turn for the colder.  I think it’s 20 or 30 out as I write this.  I’m debating which hat to bring to the Bald.  I have a lovely crocheted green hat a friend made for me some years ago.  I also have a black fashion hat I purchased last year at a local consignment shop, Linda’s Consignment Shop in Herkimer, NY.  At the time  purchased it I said I could wear it if I ever went bald again.  Seems kind of ordained, doesn’t it?

Oh well, I guess I don’t have much to say about my Bald plans for the day, but I wanted to give St. Baldrick’s Foundation another shout-out, and I wanted to get my blog post written.  Mission accomplished, as they say.  I hope to see you all tomorrow for Monday Mental Meanderings.  Happy Sunday, everyone!

P.S.  If anyone wants to add to my fundraising total, my page for that is  For more information on St. Baldrick’s Foundation, you can visit


One Week to Bald!

I had a couple of other things to write about today, but as I washed my hair this morning, I thought, “I won’t be doing this a week from tomorrow,” and then the above title occurred to me and, well…

So on Sunday, April 10, I go to Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY, for a St. Baldrick’s Day Foundation event.  Yes, I am going to have my stupid head shaved (um, “stupid head” is how Steven and I generally refer to our melons, ever since the infamous day when Steven lamented, “I hit my stupid head!”).  I have been asking friends, family and co-workers to sponsor me with donations that will fund children’s cancer research.  They have responded with generosity and not a few jokes.

A few friends have even promised to come to Arthur’s on the day with me.   I’m thinking we will have some food, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and possibly post a picture on Facebook.  I’ve been bald before.  Some people think I look kind of cute that way.

Of course with baldness looming ever closer, my hair has responded by looking pretty damn good lately.  A co-worker thought I should dye it purple while I still had it, so I picked up some stuff that adds streaks.  I really like the purple streaks.  What am I thinking, getting rid of this crowning glory (no, really, that is how some people refer to hair).

What I am mostly thinking is that my earrings will show up better.  You know how I love my earrings.  Oh, I know, I am supposed to be thinking about how it is such a good cause and how maybe one day we will find a cure for cancer and I can feel I was a small part of it.  Am I really that profound?  Not usually.

In any case, if anybody wants to donate to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, my website is  And any local readers who want to make their way to Arthur’s in Dolgeville on April 10 at 1 p.m., come on down!


It’s Still Scattered Saturday After All

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: people who go on about their health woes are tiresome, yet here I go.  Now it’s a cold!  I have a crappy, sicky headache and a sore throat.  I feel like crap!  I can’t write a blog post when I feel like crap!

Well, apparently I can because, well, here I am.  I got myself out the door to go adventuring earlier.  I drove all the way to Dolgeville, NY (preview of coming attractions).  Then I came back home and have been nursing myself, not very successfully. Now I want to get the blog post typed in and published before Steven comes home from work.

I intend to cook some rainbow peppers, yellow onions and sweet sausage.  That will not make much of a cooking post, however, because I’m just going to throw them all in a casserole dish and put the casserole dish into the oven.  Then we might make sandwiches (sammiches, as some say) using French Peasant Bread from Heidelberg Bakery in Herkimer, NY.  I mention the bread just to give my post a little local flair.

Ooh, and I just remembered that the sausage has a local story too.  I stopped on the way home from work yesterday at the Mohawk Village Market.  They have a regular old-fashioned butcher department.  All the meat there looks wonderful!  I intend to return soon for some absolutely beautiful London broil and perhaps stuffed pork chops.  Yum!

As I walked back to the meat counter, I saw a Little Library.  There was a doll house and bookshelf filled with books.  You could take one, leave one. I’ve heard of these Little Libraries but had never encountered one, much less in a store.  I found three books I wanted to read.

“Can I take these books and bring books back at another time?” I asked.

“You can do whatever you want,” the lady behind the counter assured me.  “Bring them back, keep them, bring others in, whatever!”

You can imagine my delight.

Mohawk Village Market is located at 24 W. Main St., Mohawk, NY, phone number 315-866-3344.  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Fresh Air! Times Square!

In Dolgeville, NY is an eatery called Green Acres. I have never been there, but it is an object of some interest to me because of the name. You see, the theme from the TV show Green Acres is quite a source of entertainment for my husband Steven and me. We used to sing it at karaoke. We quote the lyrics at appropriate times (and a few inappropriate; we’re that way). We even used a re-written version switching the male and female parts to audition for a musical at Ilion Little Theatre (I did not get a part).

All this by way of introduction to a silly work story I offer for this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday.

Joanie, who lives in Dolgeville, goes to Green Acres sometimes. Marshall always wants her to take him. The place is only open in warm weather, so it is a sign of spring when I can start asking Marshall has he been to Green Acres and asking Joanie if she has taken him. Yesterday, spring came for me.

“Hey,” I said to Marshall, “Green Acres ought to be opening right along here.”

“Last weekend,” he told me. “Joanie’s already been.”

“And she didn’t take you?” I was shocked, shocked.

“She didn’t even bring me anything! I asked her to.”

“Not even a napkin? That’s what I would have brought you.”

“I’d have taken it,” he said. “A souvenir!”

I duly reported the conversation to Joanie today. I also told her I was going to write a whole blog post about how she refuses to take Marshall to Green Acres. She was OK with it. She even said she was willing to take Marshall to Green Acres, as long as he was buying. I neglected to convey the offer to Marshall. I think he’s more likely to see if next time Joanie brings him a napkin.