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Weight Loss Goals? What Weight Loss Goals?

The day after making a yummy salad with locally grown produce, we sent out for pizza, wings AND cookies from Salvatore’s Pizzeria in Herkimer. On the brighter side, I can give another shout-out to a local business.  On the darker side, my weight loss goals become merely weight loss daydreams.

It was Steven’s idea.  No, it really was!  I did not try very hard to dissuade him.  In my defense, Steven’s appetite is so capricious these days, when he actually gets a yen to eat something, I feel I ought to encourage it.  Additionally, we like to support a local business.  Stop laughing at me for rationalizing!  As if YOU never eat pizza (you know who you are).

Where was I?  Ah yes, feeling full and happy.  We got a small garlic pizza with sausage and black olives, chicken wings Siciliano, and two large chocolate chip cookies.  I had one slice of pizza and three wings, and, yes, I ate a cookie.  I make no promises regarding the leftovers.

We got delivery, which is always prompt and friendly.  Many of us have been sending out for food more often since the pandemic.  You can get that little frisson of virtue from supporting the local economy.  We are not sending out as often as we did in previous months, so I felt happy to do so today.

I am planning an extra long run tomorrow.  Additionally,  I still have a salad and other vegetables in my refrigerator.  I will get back on the path to my weight loss goals!  In the meantime,  I confess to having enjoyed this evening’s little detour.

Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant is located at 650 1/2 W. German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.  You can Like them on Facebook.  I certainly did!


Salvatore’s for Supper

Today Steven and I decided to help our local economy and one of our favorite restaurants by ordering in.  Eating a delicious dinner we did not have to fix was strictly by the wayside.

Steven called Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer and ordered lasagna, which is on special on Thursdays (I never like to call places on the telephone).  When Steven asked what they had for dessert that two could share, they suggested chocolate spoon cake or strawberry cheesecake.  I voted for spoon cake! Yum!

Delivery did not take long, and we were soon enjoying our food.  Alas, I did not take a picture.  That’s a habit I have never gotten into: taking a picture of my food before I eat it.  I know others do, because I see it when they share the pictures to Facebook.  I think it is supposed to be a good dieter’s thing to do, because it makes you more aware of what you eat.  So much for my weight loss goals!

It was a delicious supper.  I encourage everyone to support local eateries by ordering delivery or take out.  I’m going to make a list of local places for us.

Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant is located at 650 1/2 German St. In Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.  You can check out their specials on Facebook.


Planning Ahead After Not Planning Supper

How about a fast shout-out to one of our favorite local businesses instead of my usual Wuss-out Wednesday.  It has not been the best of Wednesdays for me, largely because my body kept thinking it was Thursday. I hate these time warps, especially when I have to keep reminding myself that I am NOT one day closer to Friday (those of you who work weekends,  don’t hate on me, just substitute “next day off” for Friday).

When I came home, my husband Steve told me he had not gotten anything out of the freezer for supper.  I suggested a few meals, but I pretty much knew where he was headed.  I only felt bad for making a delivery person come out in the rain.  Then again, these are the hazards of the job.

We called our beloved Salvatore’s, getting chicken wings Siciliano and a small antipasto salad.  The good thing about these choices is (1) I can take leftover salad for my lunch tomorrow and (2) I can grab a leftover chicken wing tomorrow after work before we hustle off to rehearsal.  You see how I think ahead.  You might almost suspect I have my act together.  Nah!

Salvatore’s is located at 650 1/2 German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.


Yum, Not Lame

In lieu of my usual Friday Lame Post, I shall give a brief shout-out to a local business: Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Herkimer, NY.

Our original plan had been to go out for a fish fry, but I am, what a surprise, not feeling well.  Yes, I’m as sick of feeling this way as you are of hearing about it. Let’s not dwell on it, shall we?

It is Friday during Lent and I am kind of, sort of Catholic, so I didn’t want meat.  I suggested a large garlic pizza with peppers and mushrooms, and an order of calimari.  We don’t technically need a large pizza for just the two of us, but I like how thin the crust gets.  Then I get leftover pizza for breakfast.  Yum.

Delivery was astonishingly prompt.  It usually is from Salvatore’s.  That is one reason we often let them come to our rescue when we don’t feel like cooking or going out.  The other reason is, of course, yum.

Wow, I guess there’s not a whole lot else to say.  How embarrassing.  Then again, perhaps my readers would prefer to stop reading a silly blog and get back to enjoying their Friday.  I know I do (yes, yes, I’m writing not reading right now; don’t be didactic).  Happy Friday, everyone.

Salvatore’s is located at 650 1/2 German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.  Their website is




Dither then Dinner

I shall begin my blogging week (we’re all agreed that the week begins on Monday, aren’t we?) (I KNOW some of you just said, “I never agreed” with a snotty sniff) with a shout-out to a local business: Carney’s Corners in Herkimer, NY.

I had several good reasons for wanting to send out for food on Sunday.  To begin with, I did not want to leave the house. I also knew that part of our order could be a salad, leftovers from which would form part of my lunch today, so I would not have to make one.  These two reasons dovetailed rather nicely, because I did not have any salad fixings in the house.  Additionally, I lacked several ingredients for the delicious dinner I would have liked to make, if I actually felt like cooking (I was ambivalent on that point).  The last consideration was only a partial reason.  I am pretty good at making something acceptable with what I have at hand, and I often get into cooking after I start, if I wasn’t in the mood to begin with.

I still spent the morning and part of the afternoon dithering over whether I ought to leave the house, go to the store, and make dinner as well as a salad for lunches. I felt it was the right thing to do, but I had my doubts about my ambition holding up till I got everything done.  It would be discouraging to buy salad ingredients and not make the salad.  What if the stuff went bad before I actually made the salad?  Then I would REALLY feel terrible!

Eventually we decided to call Carney’s Corners for delivery.  We got a large roast beef sub and a large chef salad with ranch dressing.  Yum!  Delivery was prompt, the price was reasonable.  What more could I ask?  It was a delightful part of my Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Carney’s Corners is located at 232 N. Washington St. in Herkimer.  Phone number is 315-866-7191.


The Red Apple Delivers

A local restaurant recently made a comeback, so I thought I’d give them a shout out.

The Red Apple on Main Street in Mohawk suffered a fire. They were boarded up and blocked with stern yellow tape for what seemed like the longest time. The OPEN sign perched mockingly in one window. Well, why wouldn’t it be there? When there is a fire, the operative thing to do is GET OUT, not worry about turning the sign over to “Sorry, We’re Closed.”

I drive by the place almost every day after work and was pleased to see first when clean-up had started and second when they had re-opened. After they helpfully left a menu on our front porch, I suggested we order delivery.

From the appetizers we selected Crab Rangoon with Cheese Wontons and Fried Scallop. The rangoon we usually get but had never tried the scallops. For our entree we went with General Tso’s Chicken. That is one of my favorites, although I’m never sure exactly how much you’re supposed to pronounce the T. A friend of mine just asks for “The General’s Chicken,” really a very sensible way to order it; I’ve never seen another general on a Chinese menu.

Our dinner arrived in due course. Steven tried unsuccessfully to keep Tabby from greeting the delivery guy (I was no help; I was busy doing an anacrostic puzzle). The food did not disappoint. The scallops were yummy, and the crab rangoons were some of the best I’ve had.

Another menu was included with our order. I looked at it and saw another dozen or so things I’d like to try, particularly from the Thai Style Cooking section. Oh dear, just when I was thinking I ought to cook for myself a little more often.

Red Apple is located at 10 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY, telephone 315-866-1788, fax 315-866-1833. They are open seven days a week: Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday noon to 10 p.m.